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Pixel Art Class – About Pixels For Games

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Hey, this is E2 of my new series on everything pixel art! In this episode, we discuss differences between standalone pixel art and game-specific art, with notes on game art constraints.



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  1. What if your sprite changed at each change in the background. For example you conveniently find a blue ice cloak to protect you before the lava level

  2. I'd wish you make the Krita full course, cause it's free.

  3. Seeing the video at the beginning was a trip… I literally just watched 5 videos in a row from the creator of that little pixel art game at the start and that's what prompted me to find your tutorials in the first place

  4. Ok that's kinda weird. I'm watching your videos since yesterday and started on my own little projects, where I downloaded a palett beforehand. I just figured out, that's one of your releases. Nice work.

  5. Wonderfull! Thanks for sharing… Great Share.

  6. To be fair, that highway scene at around 2:38 looks to me like it would work well as a background in a point-and-click adventure, where the camera doesn't move much if at all. Pixel racing games use roads like this, too. They create the illusion of curves by scrolling the background left and right during hblank (i.e. between displaying each horizontal line). Even the Game Boy can do this. It wouldn't work with this picture, though: The road and ground are too detailed, so you'd see those details only moving left and right rather than moving past. (I'm sure you already know that, of course, but I didn't see anyone mention it, so…)Love the channel, by the way. The fire and 8-way walk cycle videos have already been a big help so I'm making my way through the rest of the playlist.

  7. When you put 'hue based' complimentary colors at least, like red and green at the same value side by side they blend to make a form of 'grey' naturally in painting.

  8. It's refreshing to see in 2020s people are accepting modernized pixel art style. I've been using shaders and drop shadows etc. with pixel art since 2000s and people were so closed minded then. I would get hate comments from pixel purists 100% of the time.

  9. 9:50 even youtube's compression is actually struggling to tell between the colors

  10. hi bro do u have a copy of the pixel banner in ur stream

  11. Would you mind commenting on the sprites of Amiga 500 game "Gods" (1991) please. I can not understad its key features of success.I think it is the best sprites ever.

  12. Chat feed is a little distracting. Do you have an overlay for Pixel Art Class instead a twitch stream?

  13. Good stuff! Wonder though, where would the Shaded Outline fall into this and if looking a mockup of gamescreens in grey scale, when is the contrast enough?

  14. Hmmmm….but if you added the outline to Mario he would not fit in 8×8 tileset, right?

  15. You are officially my favorite person on earth now THANK YOU FOR THE TUTORIALS

  16. first of all I love your tutorials. But I got to say Thank you. Thank you for spelling colour the right way. Im definitely subbing now

  17. Hello Adam.

    If I want to make a background art for a video game console (PS4, Switch…), at what size do I open the Photoshop artboard to start designing it? Resolution and Dimensions. For example, Xeodrifter, this game has a different pixels dimensions, comparing the main character pixels and foreground pixels, with the background pixels. Thanks a lot.

  18. This is an amazing video. You are soooo helpful.

    Btw does anyone know how to get the color selection window to look like his? can't seem to figure out out to change the default display.

  19. Red and green don't go together? But they're complimentary colors lol?

  20. That outline shortcut in Aseprite was a hidden gem 😂 thank you!

  21. A classic example of using a single colour to highlight points of interest can be found in 1984s The Touchstone.

    The Dragon 32 only had 4 colours in colour graphics mode, and the game used the popular red/yellow/green/blue palette. The floor was always green (the same as the border colour that could not be changed), and the walls were yellow with red for shadows.

    Blue was the colour that was used sparingly. Your character had blue clothes, keys were red and blue, and treasure always had blue in it. For wall tiles, there were blue arcs showing where enemies would spawn, blue bars that showed warp points the player could pass through, doors had blue keyholes, and there were special wall tiles with blue marks on them that identified the start or end of a level.

    It just goes to show how important colour is when designing your tiles and sprites.

  22. What's the software you use to make the pixel art

  23. Everytime you teach way more shift and o wow this whole time I was doing it manually thanks a lot buddy you saved me loads of time from now on.

  24. Really appreciated the shortcut and of course, all of the information.

  25. How is twitch doing for you? Worth the time?

  26. Excellent tutorials man! Way to go so educational

  27. I like your youtube content and I've got some time to watch your videos.

  28. i square, if you have dots about the visual style of your game, try Pixel Art a bit.

  29. In the early days (early 80s for example) we used a lot of palette animation for effects such as water. Palette animation meaning that instead of the pixels changing, the palette itself would rotate so that the pixel colors in the rotating range would change without having to render the screen again (only the palette registers changed on the video card). By the late 80s we were already working with 24 and 32 bit graphics on the Amiga for example. We had ray tracing, video editing, etc while the IBM CLONE (PC's) were still using 2, 4, 8 etc colors. The 80s were great and that is where most of the innovation began as the people from the 80s became more prevalent in the industry.

  30. Your knowledge is amazing for someone your age. Are you sure you were not born in the 60s or 70s and simply aged slow? LOL.
    My background is programming (ASM/C++) and I am retired. My entire career was based on video editing applications, hardware, and graphics application development. So now that I am retired, I want to USE the technology to draw instead of developing the cool tools for a change.

  31. Thank you, I'm working on making a video game, so your tutorials are helping me a lot!

  32. Easy English com Flávio Vasconcellos says:

    I really love your videos, and you became an inspiration for me.
    And I'd like to know what is the name of that software you use to take notes, and see the references.

  33. great video, but sooo hard to concentrate on it with fast music in the background – please stop <3

  34. wow, these are really high quality videos. Thank you for all the knowledge!

  35. Damn i am a hardcore programmer and i came to make my pixel art better for my games. But man i could listen to you talk for hours, you bring and tie in Computer Science and Art how they are very relatable.

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