Photoshop: How to Create “RED DEAD” Video Game Cover Art -

Photoshop: How to Create “RED DEAD” Video Game Cover Art

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Photoshop CC 2019 tutorial showing how to create the cover art of a themed, “Red Dead” action-adventure, video game. The theme in this tutorial is “Red Dead: Ancient Rome”, but you can choose whatever theme you’d like.

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Paper Texture:

Crisscross brush stroke:

“Chinese Rocks” Font:

“Bebas Neue” Font:

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  1. When I use the Oil painting and follow your instructions, for some reason my results are absolutely nothing like yours.

  2. Hi i need “Bebas Neue” Font link is no available…

  3. Such a good tutorial, exactly what I was after, turning me an my band mates into seedy cowboys hahaha

  4. the tutorial is so easy to follow! thank you!

  5. I'm updating my laptop in a few months, I'll finally be able to use Ps… Thanks for this tutorial.. It's simply my favorite game..

  6. Very nice work Marty, was hoping for a tutorial like this

  7. This is a really good idea, and very interesting! I love this tutorial. You are really unique, Marty. You are always very clear, precise, talented, and you're not a chatterbox like many YouTubers.
    Your videos are always well made. It's always a pleasure to watch your video tutorials — Thank you very much for that, Marty.

  8. Is there a way to get the Oil Paint effect for those of us WITHOUT that option in our versions of photoshop? I can't remember if you made a tutorial on that.

  9. Superb as always Marty! Always clear and concise, great tutorial.

  10. Incríveis e sensacionais teus tutoriais!!!

  11. Great as usual
    But ، when you added the texture to the text , why did you do all of that stuff
    And not added it as bg with multiply blending mode ??

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