Photoshop: How to Create “RED DEAD” Video Game Cover Art -

Photoshop: How to Create “RED DEAD” Video Game Cover Art

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Photoshop CC 2019 tutorial showing how to create the cover art of a themed, “Red Dead” action-adventure, video game. The theme in this tutorial is “Red Dead: Ancient Rome”, but you can choose whatever theme you’d like.

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Paper Texture:

Crisscross brush stroke:

“Chinese Rocks” Font:

“Bebas Neue” Font:

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  1. Love the tutorial.
    You explain it so well and easy to understand.
    Liked it, subscribed, love the video

  2. Hi ฉันอยากให้คุณสอน โปรแกรม illustrator ฉันชอบ แต่ทำไท่เป็น ขอบคุณ

  3. Always with a great new job.Thank you.

  4. Thank you so much for your detailed telling.

  5. ليش صعب الأمور في التحميل اول كان سهل

  6. love it..leaned so much from you over the years

  7. Great tutorial as always!!! What a great communicator !!! thanks for all!!

  8. Can u make a video on how to make glossi balck background plz thank you I learn a lot from you

  9. The toturial is great but one driver didn't work so can u upload the files in another site plz 👌❤

  10. 4:49 I have no "clipping mask icon"
    I have a panel that says "learn"

  11. How do I use the font file? I'm brand new to photoshop, I got the trial just to do this so far.

  12. Thanks for this! A great tutorial and really easy to follow. Even I managed it! 🙂

  13. Looks like I'm going to be changing the Facebook "Tình" banner, this is wicked cool!

  14. Now I can make Red Dead Redemption: OwO Edition

  15. Nice tutorial!!
    Can wait the see Driver San Francisco cover
    Do it plz

  16. Whit this color gradient my photo is ruined 🙁

  17. Hi Marty. Great tut as usual, but I wanted to ask you if you had a solution for a side effect of the photo to drawing technique which bothers me some. I see it in this vid, although it's not so bad here, but also in many "comic/cartoon/oil painting" type PS Actions sold out there and when I use trace in Illustrator to produce a vector drawing effect much the same as in this tut. The absence of a smooth transitions between different hues, and particularly skin highlights, results in what I think looks more like a topographical map with ridges and valleys, than a comic book effect. I have never found a decent way to get over that and wondered if you did (I don't remember it from your previous tuts). Anyway, very useful video nonetheless.

  18. Hello there! Nice job on the video!! 👍 I think that you should take a look at smzeus[.]com!! It could really help you grow your channel!

  19. much sadness, oil paint isnt working, my video card isnt advanced enough

  20. I think the main trick is on the gradient and the bar should be different for different types of photos or mine just really didn't work out

  21. Really cool, I'll try to make one of Thomas
    Shelby 🤨

  22. Hey man big fan but I do have 2 questions
    1. How do you add more than one photo into the one thing so you change over to the other photo if that makes sense
    2. What Photoshop are you using is it a 2014 version or later one plz I need to know so I can do this
    This would help me out if you answered

  23. This is amazing! Followed the instructions and came out with something awesome!

  24. 5:12
    I have a problem, and that is white is on the far left and black is on the far right.

  25. love this one, thank you for the tutorial. this video is really helpful for me. i can do it for filling my quarantine days.

  26. why does mine look so bad, it's just large blocks of colour?

  27. Bro i need the main gladiator and the other gladiators plaese

  28. I'm sad because people unfortunately are looking for ridiculous things like challenges or songs and dancing and they don't look to this great

  29. So if you know what this app is could you teach how to do it in PicsArt

  30. is the link for the Crisscross brush stroke broken? its the only one that appears as a black screen for me

  31. I have got to be doing something wrong, after I posterize it, the photo becomes so dark. It looks nothing like how yours does.

  32. I really learned a lot from you today, thank you. 🙂

  33. Thank you, I really appreciate this tutorial!! You are amazing!

  34. I know this video came out in 2019 but I still wanted to thank you really much! ❤️❤️ Your explanation was very easy to understand. I am inexperienced but thanks to your video I was able to do it too! 😍

  35. Finally I can make Clint Eastwood a canon character

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