Parasocial - Chilla’s Art (FULL GAME) -

Parasocial – Chilla’s Art (FULL GAME)

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Chilla’s Art is back with a brand new game. This time you play as a Vtuber who is being stalked in Parasocial
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  1. 6:40 jack is the only man on earth who could sleep with my mom without me getting mad about it.

  2. Ofcourse a jap, and
    Rocking that razer pink collection
    This is too real lol

  3. This is like a Fears To Fathom game! It literally sounds like an r/letsnotmeet story made into a game, and I'm acutely uncomfortable like 27 minutes in.

  4. I really enjoy this one. They have awesome games.

  5. 50:22 Jack described what it’s like being a women or girl simply existing in this world. It’s not “all men” but it’s “which man”.

  6. 50:22 Jack described what it’s like being a women or girl simply existing in this world. It’s not “all men” but it’s “which man”.

  7. Is someone who loves horror games and Jacksepticeye I love how he’s kind of becoming a horror channel.

  8. Hey I’m not sure if people have noticed, but with that one guy in the cafe, the one who was like “Hassaku, where have you gone? You haven’t finished teaching me yet?l…” Wasn’t Hassaku the name of the private investigator in the Closing Shift game? I think this person must’ve been his underling…did anyone else notice this?

  9. 33:15 know I’m late but the part police are the enemy is super dark. It not only psychological conditioning connotations but kidnapping too. Yeeesh creepy

  10. Seriously how hard is it to like a video 1.8mil views and 58 likes make it make sense?

  11. the 3 genres of chillias art games
    survival horror
    woman simulator

  12. My theory is in the Chilla universe Chilla is an underground human trafficking operation making videogames like the one she played, and The Convenience store, based around the lives of their victims. Like the stalker made Nina play a videogame about herself maybe Asuka is unknowingly promoting a game that connects to the crime in their own town.

  13. when the dude ran into the elevator omg 😭😭

  14. “Love how this game makes you paranoid about everyone being creeps” so it puts you in the mind set of most women?! 😂

  15. I felt so bad when she started getting hungry. I've been in situations where I've been too scared to get food and its awful.

  16. 2 minutes in and Jack’s already figured it out

  17. 25:52 nooo Hasaku-san was the detective in the Closing Shift game!! That’s so sad 😭

  18. Not going to lie… When jack got the first ending i couldn't shake how the heck the ex boyfriend knew to be in her room with the building manager. I was literally screaming "BUT HOW DID HE KNOW" Takes a stalker to know a stalker 😂😭

  19. Pretty sure anyone should notice is that when Jack was getting the first ending, Asuka was supposed to be kidnapped after leaving Nina behind and the first ending felt like Nina still blocked her (even so, Asuka could have been kidnapped if Jack had called her for help during the first ending) But still, even if it doesn't make sense, the game is horrifying but chill to see Jack plays horror games!

  20. I just started this video but having already seen manlybadasshero's playthrough of this one i know EXACTLY what scene spooked the shit out of sean in the intro 😂

  21. "i think someone is trying to kill me and they live in that house [nextdoor]" -Jacksepticeye, while actively leaving his floor while his front door remains wide TF open

  22. so many of chilla art's games can be basically summed up by "it REALLY sucks to be a woman sometimes"

  23. Seán playing Chilla's art:"Is this supposed to be like, all men are creeps?"

    All women everywhere:"just girly things"

  24. Game: 'Food menu'
    Jack: 'Oh the mood fenu'

  25. My friends a Vtuber, I told her to play this….should be interesting 😂

  26. this and buymymorningcoffee thing doesn't go well together. just sayin

  27. Moral of the story is dont download shit from rando sites.

  28. Damn Jack has a fantastic intuition! I appreciate his empathy for female stalking victims. It's a scary place for women and girls…

  29. If i could be Seans friend naturally that would be lit ngl but it true

  30. Bruh id be putting my furnature agasinst every entryway

  31. the game that the views sends you is helping a woman. it is him kidnapping you and avoiding the police while doing it.

  32. I think this will be the one time I actually disagree with jacks perspective. Stalking is wrong period but being "friends" with a steamer or trying to have private conversations with creators streamers or anybody really isn't being "parasocial". I would stray away from the word friend in this topic because that's why people are so antisocial I don't think anyone knows how to properly make friends anymore. I do however agree that trying to form serious relationships with random people well known or not and they are uncomfortable your are pushing boundaries you shouldn't be and I can definitely agree there. no hate pls seriously just my opinion.

  33. This game reminds me of Perfect Blue, if anyone has watched that before

  34. Hi Sean, vtuber streamer here! It's impossible to stream your face while vtubing even if the app crashes. You would need to have a source to stream your camera directly into your streaming program which you don't as a vtuber. So even if the program crashes, the only thing that happens is that the character goes poof. I am still pretty scared about identity stuff though and this game definitely fed those fears lol thank you for yet another amazing playthrough!

  35. I’m just imagining Nina’s canonical vtuber voice to be an angry irishman


    James (the guy from the coffee shop who warns you about how the coffee starts tasting off when things are gonna go down, and how the said coffee is now tasting off), is some kind of harbinger entity god thing that tries to warn victims of incoming tragedy before it’s too late. Or is just straight up God.

  37. Oh my god this is perfect.

    The game is PERFECT at getting under your skin, even if your just watching somebody play it.

  38. Wait what ADHD med kills your appetite? Any of them?

  39. "It's okay, hes not gonna want to come in here because it's 40 DEGREES CELCIUS!" that got me good X'D

  40. I was stalked by a guy I smiled at in passing on my way to school. No idea who he was, never met him before. I was just in a good mood that morning so I smiled at him. It’s scary how little it takes for someone to resort to stalking.

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