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Of Course Games are Art!

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The music in this video is from:
The ‘Earthbound’ (Mother 2) OST by Keiichi Suzuki, Hirokazu Tanaka, and Hiroshi Kanazu
The ‘A Plague Tale: Innocence’ OST by Olivier Derivière
The ‘Papers, Please’ OST by Lucas Pope


  1. 'Maxwell's Silver Hammer' was the original 'Pumped Up Kicks'

    You can definitely use ludonarrative dissonance effectively. I think MGS2 is a great example of that, but when the ludology seemingly has nothing to do with the naratologly beyond "there's some bad guys", that's when I lose investment

  2. Games are Art but Game Developers aren't Artists. They're too obedient to the companies they work for to be thought of as artists. If a company employed teams of Painters to paint paintings but they were told to follow the general narrative and never rock the boat and they acquiesced to that (acquiesced is probably a generous word here) you wouldn't really think of them as artists. You'd just think of them with people with a skill.

  3. Yeah, well, pumped up kicks is an insanely scary song if you ask me. It’s also really upbeat. Dissonance can be really impactfull. It just needs to be used with a purpose

  4. The MOTHER 2 song used is called "Deeper into Ness Subconscious". You´re welcome c:

  5. This is what my Senior thesis is about, so thank you!

    I don't care about gameplay, this game's artistic and aesthetic vibe. This was fantastic and I'll definitely replay this game someday.

  7. First AC did this very well. I might be biased because I'm a fan of the franchise, but damm, Ubisoft did a good job with the unique way they immerse you in the role of Altair and its world. Sadly, later entries abandon this approach IMO.

  8. Now i argree with you, however art is something you interpret. So the topic you discuss talks about the wrong thing imo. Its still a good video though

  9. typin before divin into the video so i wont forget to comment
    a while ago, when explainin what counts as 'cultural text' [not sure what english equivalent would be im sorry] aka what were allowed to write about in our essays and such, my teacher specifically mentioned that video games dont count as such because blah blah theyre not an art form and are mass produced [as if movies, tv shows and books, all eligible, arent as well], while im not a hardcore gamer or anythin and cant afford a lot of things i wanna play [although im makin small steps towards expandin my library whenever i have the funds] but i absolutely love games as a medium, so i kinda promised myself to talk about games at least a little bit whenever i know one that features a theme relevant to the topic, just to prove a point, and be slightly annoyin but thats not too important 🙂 shes the 'old hag' type of person you dont want to interact with more than necessary, so i dont think shed be convinced through a proper discussion unfortunately

  10. you just became one of my favourite youtubers!

  11. Mother 3 is art, Super Mario World is art, Lego Indiana Jones is art, Red Dead Redemption II is art, games have always been art, is just that before it was overlooked by older people because "it's only for children" (just like animation is still overlooked). But now most AAA gakes have blood and swering so now people like to say they play games because now people say it's art

  12. Saying video games aren't art is like saying fast food isn't food

  13. I see you’ve never watched/heard Jamaican Rhapsody

  14. It makes me feel off everytime you attempt to suppress and hide from anything remotely negative. It doesn't feel right and almost non-human.

  15. I'm sorry, now I have Bohemian reggae stuck in my head

  16. I still can't hear ludonarrative without then saying to myself "Ludonarrative disco biscuits" RIP Totalbiscuit.

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