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Of Course Games are Art!

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The music in this video is from:
The ‘Earthbound’ (Mother 2) OST by Keiichi Suzuki, Hirokazu Tanaka, and Hiroshi Kanazu
The ‘A Plague Tale: Innocence’ OST by Olivier Derivière
The ‘Papers, Please’ OST by Lucas Pope


  1. Anything that can be mastered, is an art.

  2. I like gaming story like doom 2016: throwing it out of the window

  3. Your generalizations are starting to be frustrating.
    No, the music and the lyrics do not need to be emotionally coherent. Even though I thought it was hilarious I can't ignore the fact that you picked a deliberately discordant example because we Already Know "Bohemian Rhapsody" sounds Exactly Like It Does. You could probably still arrange lyrics with That Vibe to a different genre.
    Off the top of my head:
    The Sound Of Silence is actually super depressing but the music is all major keys except for the very beginning.
    CHOKE by IDKHOW is a happy upbeat song about how much you want someone to DIE. What can I say about DEAD by MCR
    Beautiful Trauma by Pink is a song about how we romanticize the garbage that happens to us and you're SUPPOSED to infer that's a terrible thing to do despite the tone of the instrumental
    I could probably come up with more if I tried but i don't have the energy to go through my entire library rn.

  4. If every game was like Papers Please then yeah games would be art. 99,99% of the time tho. it's a product. An interactive toy and the deeply deeply insecure gamers end up aggrandizing this hobby 24/7 and why there's so much toxicity and manchildren in the scene. If you spent the weeking grinding in some MMORPG and your friend went to art galleries and read books sorry to say but you aren't the one who got more cultured from the experience.

  5. TLOU2 isn't art. It's SJW propaganda garbage. Not worth a purchase.

  6. I always wanted to see a man with a pig's head playing Here Comes The Sun. Thank you.

  7. The loud music has really ruined this video for me.

  8. In loads of pieces of art in other disciplines, intentional dissonance between 'lyrics and music' or other similar functioning elements in media other than music has been used to enhance the art piece in incredible ways. Can you name a game that makes good use of intentional 'ludonarrative dissonance'? Perhaps to bring across confusion or disassociation?

  9. It's interesting you brought up Amnesia as an example contary to Plague's Tale. When you play in normal mode, the moment you realize that
    – no one can see you in the dark;
    – you can sit out nearly every enemy in some dark corner looking at the wall until it literally vanishes;
    – and you don't really need any light whatsoever (if you can ignore the distortions on your screen), as getting to the "…" state of mind just makes you crawl for a couple seconds before returning to normal;
    it just becomes a walking simulator with practically no danger.

  10. This video suffers alot from stating a political opinion and pleasing the developers of the game….

  11. >Starts with a song from Earthbound

    Me: I'm convinced, games are art.





  12. If your videos were pretentious you wouldn't have 100k+ subs. Your videos aren't pretentious because you make the video games/movies the star of the show rather than talking about yourself a whole lot. You're actually a great script writer

  13. It is important to mention something about ludonarrative relations: there is a third state. You can have harmony, you can have dissonance and you can have indifference. While games usually always have both narratives and ludic components, if nothing in the experience of playing calls to attention their relationship, then ludonarrative is simply not an applicable concept.

    I can have a game about killing and a story about saving, but so long as during the game's run time nothing calls to attention this contradiction, then the dissonance is not an actual part of the narrative experience, thus from a narrative standpoint it is largely irrelevant. Any relevance it may have comes post-factum, or at the very least under scrutiny, and is relevant to literary analyses more so than to narrative or gameplay.

  14. Although I'm 2 weeks late I can recommend a game called Hylics 2! It's a really good game that is made fully with clay and looks great with decent combat. It's an RPG that is full of life, animation, enemies, and environments. And the music is also great.

  15. Is art created for the audience, or for the artist that made it?

  16. I appreciate the nuance a lot, it's refreshing to see someone criticize a game but still recommend it at the end!

  17. Tankzilla1 Games, Guitar, and Random Shit says:

    A little late but I agree games have always been art.

    I believe in your Postal 2 video you said something about it probably not being the type of game you would show someone to prove that games can be/are art(granted you did say you liked it irrc). I didn't make a comment then because it was the middle of the night and I stumbled upon your channel I think. I just wanted to say that with art there are going to be things that are harder to explain that it IS art to some people.

    With paintings the seemingly blank canvases or one to two color paintings with just three shapes. Also the splashing paint onto a canvas. It's hard for some to see then as art because "anyone can just paint a canvas one solid color." Yet it's still art and always will be. Children's book are probably not what anyone would show someone to say that literature can be art and have deep and meaningful stories. Yet they still are art and often have some sort of meaning other than funny story.

    Music, there are sound like random noise, as it is, but has some sort of reasoning to it. Back to games, Postal 2 some might not deem it as art because it appears to be senseless killing. However it's still art, I believe you mentioned something similar to that and that was the point of the video but still might as well bring it up.

    Basically what I am trying to say is that sadly no matter what we all do someone out there is going to deem something to not be art, however what you are doing is amazing. It's tough especially since everyone's definition of art is different.

    Personally I don't believe there needs to be any specific meaning or purpose to something(designated by the artist) that was created to be art. The reason I believe this is because we all find a different meaning in everything. A person can write a novel and have a line in there just for description of a room and you will find someone that swears the writer has a deeper meaning behind the blue drapes. Obviously an exaggeration but still true.

    We find our own meaning in art and that's kind of what makes it that much more beautiful. One last thing, video games being art also includes some of the not so great games, the worst rated game is still art, may not be wonderful to play, may make people cringe or feel motion sick, but there is still some sort of meaning we can see out of it and probably a meaning the original creators had and as such it is art. Basically we have to take the good and bad all together, if all games are art then even the bad ones are art.

    I am tired so sorry if none of that made sense, it is about 1:30 am and I've been staying up for no other reason than I can't sleep.

  18. Grayfruit mentioned you and ludonarrative harmony on one of his streams!

  19. why you censored the pink floyd poster? it was so cool

  20. I still can't hear ludonarrative without then saying to myself "Ludonarrative disco biscuits" RIP Totalbiscuit.

  21. I'm sorry, now I have Bohemian reggae stuck in my head

  22. It makes me feel off everytime you attempt to suppress and hide from anything remotely negative. It doesn't feel right and almost non-human.

  23. I see you’ve never watched/heard Jamaican Rhapsody

  24. Saying video games aren't art is like saying fast food isn't food

  25. Mother 3 is art, Super Mario World is art, Lego Indiana Jones is art, Red Dead Redemption II is art, games have always been art, is just that before it was overlooked by older people because "it's only for children" (just like animation is still overlooked). But now most AAA gakes have blood and swering so now people like to say they play games because now people say it's art

  26. you just became one of my favourite youtubers!

  27. typin before divin into the video so i wont forget to comment
    a while ago, when explainin what counts as 'cultural text' [not sure what english equivalent would be im sorry] aka what were allowed to write about in our essays and such, my teacher specifically mentioned that video games dont count as such because blah blah theyre not an art form and are mass produced [as if movies, tv shows and books, all eligible, arent as well], while im not a hardcore gamer or anythin and cant afford a lot of things i wanna play [although im makin small steps towards expandin my library whenever i have the funds] but i absolutely love games as a medium, so i kinda promised myself to talk about games at least a little bit whenever i know one that features a theme relevant to the topic, just to prove a point, and be slightly annoyin but thats not too important 🙂 shes the 'old hag' type of person you dont want to interact with more than necessary, so i dont think shed be convinced through a proper discussion unfortunately

  28. Now i argree with you, however art is something you interpret. So the topic you discuss talks about the wrong thing imo. Its still a good video though

  29. First AC did this very well. I might be biased because I'm a fan of the franchise, but damm, Ubisoft did a good job with the unique way they immerse you in the role of Altair and its world. Sadly, later entries abandon this approach IMO.

    I don't care about gameplay, this game's artistic and aesthetic vibe. This was fantastic and I'll definitely replay this game someday.

  31. This is what my Senior thesis is about, so thank you!

  32. The MOTHER 2 song used is called "Deeper into Ness Subconscious". You´re welcome c:

  33. Yeah, well, pumped up kicks is an insanely scary song if you ask me. It’s also really upbeat. Dissonance can be really impactfull. It just needs to be used with a purpose

  34. Games are Art but Game Developers aren't Artists. They're too obedient to the companies they work for to be thought of as artists. If a company employed teams of Painters to paint paintings but they were told to follow the general narrative and never rock the boat and they acquiesced to that (acquiesced is probably a generous word here) you wouldn't really think of them as artists. You'd just think of them with people with a skill.

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