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Sorry for the lack of vids homies work kicking my butt. Unlock the secrets behind the superheroic deeds with TV Man. Delve into the origins, explore character arcs, and discover the unexpected plot twists that have defined this digital sensation. Join the community of TV Man enthusiasts and become part of the ongoing heroic legacy!


  1. That's a cool ass game, also your drawings are amazing hands down 🙌

  2. Omg i love ur videos so much you are my idol!!! I love when you post!!❤❤❤❤❤❤

  3. how did this get in my recommended

    anyways this is interesting!

  4. I love puss and boots, it's a pretty good movie better than most of the movies nowdays

  5. Who needs sleep 🥲 came here to watch asmr to sleep but nvm that

  6. Amazing! You inspired me to get drawing again and I'm so happy I started drawing again. Please don't stop making videos I love your art!

  7. You draw good… Just as good as me… How…?

  8. Cheek! I love your art sm! I have been inspired to use roblox as my drawing program because of you! Do you have an Instagram or anything? I really wanna follow u on other social platforms!

    Edit: forgot to mention that I believe you are EXTREMELY underrated!! Even though you don't have as many videos as some other YouTubers I think your channel is great! I love your content and the amount of personality you put in your videos! I watched all of your videos and wanted more lol! I can't wait till your next upload keep up the amazing work! I hope you are very successful in life and I believe you have truly amazing potential as an artist and a content creator!!!!! I hope you see this comment and it motivates u to keep being awesome!!! :3c

  9. the pic of shinji over asuka at the beginning was foul bro 💀

  10. I was inspired by your drawing videos and I was drawing in spray paint and when I was drawing some girl came and asked if she can draw me I said sure then she came back in a few mins then I was lagging the she wanted to kick me off and when she prepared the vote this mother fuvker called me a homophobic

  11. i was crying when i watch puss and boots it's just to sad

  12. I often have 3 sketch layers before moving on to line art XD
    Sometimes ill end up making the 3rd sketch into the line art

  13. Wait ima think I know who u r but I don't know who u r

  14. Hey does kreek give you all his robux if he does lol

  15. So ur telling me when someone drew FAT beside my drawing i could of just moved it lol

  16. yeah final drawing looks so good i love you your such a good youtuber and could you do anther live some time soon i wanna try join 😀

  17. Ur so talented tbh and so good at making people

  18. Hi cheek I'm new and I think ur underrated u should be a verified YouTuber :DDD

  19. Your boyfriend is kreekcraft 😅😅 i know pls face reveal

  20. did anyone realise cheeks avatar at the start looks like it has a double chin?

  21. bro back then i didn't know u but im in this video😭 how ironic

  22. i would play this, but i just got banned from this game just now. it says my drawings are being moderated and i can no longer play and i wasnt even drawing anything inappropriate..

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