New Chilla's Art HORROR Game! - The Radio Station | 深夜放送 -

New Chilla’s Art HORROR Game! – The Radio Station | 深夜放送

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The Radio Station – Japanese Horror game playthrough
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  1. Mas nagugulat pa 'ko sa sigaw ni gloco kaysa sa jumpscares HAHAHAHA🤣

  2. I remember leaving our wifi on just to watch this live. Miss these days ❤

  3. Seeing his name on the screen… He's so cute!

  4. HAHAHAHAH pag may namatay sa chat di daw sya reposible hahahahaha

  5. Laruin nyo po HANAKO | 花子さん a game by "Chilla's Art"

  6. Yung brightness yung binabaan instead of the film grain. hahaha! dilim sa umpisa eh. haha!

  7. like the urban legend tominos hell, i can't still forget the other one called the 'purple mirror', it says when u can't get the story out of ur brain, u r cursed and going to die at the age of 20, welp 2 more yr to go for me ig ?

  8. 20:45 Put it inside please,if Chris would hear this,he might say,"That what she said" 🤣

  9. Watched this live. Papanuorin ko ulit hanggang sa makatulog ako hahahahha

  10. Umay d ko alam na may stream si gloco 🥲

  11. Ikaw pala nag mamaneho kay truck kun idol gloco isekai

  12. Damn, it always night time when shts happen every single time.

  13. i recommend the horror game You Must!! same dev ata sa summer of '68 orrrr yung ibang chapter ng Dark deception hahaha mahaba chapter 4

  14. Finally some chillas art game😌

  15. 47:49 siraa eardrums koo 😂 awits naka full volume pa nmn ako sabay earphonee hayp 😂🤣🤣

  16. gloco singing the mettaton theme while driving in some creepy uphill road will always never not get me vibin’

  17. Yung exhaust ng sasakyan parang hindi pang truck eh HAHAHAHAAHHA

  18. 30:09 gusto ko lang naman manood. Bakit may gantong music pa, kala ko magsasalita lang 😫

  19. yo you should play "Beware" a car horror game that would be good 🙂

  20. 47:47 grabe sakit ng tenga ko!! (naka headphone ako full volume)
    Tapus gabing gabi pa, gulat na gulat ako. Napasigaw ako, yan tuloy nagising mama't papa ko taena pinagalitan ako.😭

  21. "lookin like john lennon there SHEEESH" u got me

  22. 2:06:16
    Gloco happily driving:
    ghost: hello-

  23. this game is indeed giving me hibbie jibbies hahahahahahahaha

  24. hahaha gague lagi ako nagulat sa mga jumpscare

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