My Game's Character Art Sucked, So I Fixed It ( Blood And Mead Devlog ) -

My Game’s Character Art Sucked, So I Fixed It ( Blood And Mead Devlog )

Lost Relic Games
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My art sucked… it’s true.
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In this devlog I show the full process of how I fixed the character art in my game Blood And Mead

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  1. Could be cool if inside the skull of defeated enemies the glowing red light for there eyes sort of stays there momentarily and fades away before the skull disapears

  2. @Lost Relic Games
    I don't have a background as a game-designer but as a journalist (5+ years experience at high level). After watching three video's on your game I would like to warn you of something a lot of designers forget at this level. Is your game good and fun? To some extend, graphics does play a big role, but you gotta see the state of your game as a prototype still. What does your game do with it's gameplay that hasn't been done before? Or how does your game differentiate itself from gameboy titles 15+ years ago? Game designers have one flaw, and that is that they have tunnel vision on the design itself. So feedback from a designer will generally involve designissues. But a journalist and consumer will see all these steps you make, and just throw it on one big pile, and in front of that pile is the gameplay. If the gameplay is mediocre, the artwork can be a 10/10, but the game is still mediocre. This means it is important to look at the viking era and implement various elements into the gameplay that stick true to your world.

    If you want a good example. Compare the first Super Meatboy to the sequal and compare them. If you figure out the order of design between the two games, and why the first one arguably is way better (still) your know the lesson to push the gameplay in your own game. Because in Super Meatboy, the gameplay is more important than anything else in the game, first.

  3. Hey, looking great! Just 1 thing, if he is a viking then maybe he should have blue (or green) eyes? Not a lot of Skandinavian people with brown eyes, atleast not in viking times.

  4. Enemy variety, with new problems to solve. Too frequently new enemies in games are just health sponges. You need to solve this with more enemies than what you have or it will get boring fast. Unique problems the player has to solve is the key. Awesome work.

  5. One sad thing is that it strongly reminds me of those Ads for trashy mobile games…

  6. Feedback: Consider changing the symbol on his shield, it has strong neo-nazi connotations. (Yes, I know has another origin). Otherwise, thanks for some great videos.

  7. Looks sooo good! Keep it up! Hyped for the final product

  8. I think you should update the blood particles. It obscures the action scene and it looks like a bunch of flat circles. maybe a bit less blood with some more fluidity would be a nice touch

  9. I loved this. It brought the game from something I thought was interesting but didn't really consider getting to something I will definitely consider purchasing.

  10. This looks sick now! Would def play. One thing, the shield looks kinda like its facing us, not the enemy on his left or right. Kinda looks like a circle PNG Appearing on screen. Love this ip!

  11. This definitely bumped up the selling price for this game.

  12. The ground and the objects around the enemies should be splattered in blood/whatever liquid comes out of them. For a few seconds at least.

    More particles and effects! Both around your character and the enemies when they move or attack in certain ways.

    Maybe you could implement within ground effects like the misty looking thing in dead cells. I still get the flash game feel in some parts, especially with the ground yet I don't know what exactly you could do to fix that.

    Great work though, the game has been improved so much since when you tested it with that other dev.

  13. I noticed that the Archer still has no eyes, and also making his hands and bow shake a bit just to let the player know that the archer is about to fire

  14. I think your characters by themselves look great, however i think they still fade a bit into the background. This has to do with lack of contrast and saturation. Keep doing great stuff really inspiring!

  15. I feel the hat should be a separate object, parented to the head, that could occasionally pop out to show the character's eyes and head. Like after the spinning attack he could sometimes readjust the hat. That would also open the door to the hat being upgradable / customizable.

  16. The character model looks so much better but i would say the new hand looks a bit too small compared to the weapon hand. Reminds me of the ''caretaker'' from the scary movie series lol.
    Game really does look so much better though.

  17. This is a really cool idea! The visual style is beautiful well worth the upgrade. It's motivated me to continue with my monster collecting game.

  18. Oh my god. It would be so cool once you've killed an enemy to pick up his skull and use it as a weapon.

  19. The game looks pretty fun and this update you've done makes a huge difference. I know it's probably still placeholder but the music needs work. It sounds a bit generic right now. I think "Viking Castlevania" is the direction to go here for the soundtrack.

  20. Please roll a native SteamOS/GNU+Linux version, Unity supports it!

  21. Wow this makes a huge difference, it looks amazing so far

  22. I’ve just discovered this project and I can see you are going places! As an amateur game dev this just inspires me to match the quality and love you have put into this game, keep up the good work!

  23. I'm so impressed with the work you've done. Your game is coming together in the best way possible. However, I am even more impressed how the when given the right kind of feedback , you listen and think, and then if it fits, you implement it in such a beautiful way. Great work! I'm excited to play it one day.

  24. Would rather play this than metroid dread, great work👍

  25. I would love to play this game! I think the game lacks pop in terms of color. The colors looks washed out or grayish.but i think thats easilh fixed with on the user's end?

  26. This game looks great. Not sure how this escaped my notice but it’s on my wishlist now though.

  27. I wanted to say that I liked the original design better, but in comparison side by side, I prefer the new one. I still like the old fingers more though. The animations are cool. What if, later in the game, you can pick up a new beard style, that unlocks a new skill/power? Maybe as a limited time power up? Maybe adding two small braids on the side, while keeping the bigger middle one, or changing it to two bigger ones, depending on the power up.

  28. I really liked the old art more, even the background, it gave me the feel of like and old flashgame on miniclip but with way more depth to it, now it feels like a whole different game

  29. Wow. To be honest, i did not like the first version very much. But this is kinda cool. Keep it up!

  30. Very cool! but why only Windows and Mac?!?!?!?!?

  31. Looks very windy in your game and yet the (fabulous) beard is still. Just a thought.

  32. I absolutely want to be on the same level you are on in terms of game development, your game look seriously cool (for a guy like me who is into vikings and 2d platformers lol). Maaan, all I wanna say you are definitely my new inspiration guy for learning game dev stuff. specially since you still make content nowadays and I HOPE you don't quit soon.

    also not many people know how hard game dev actually is specially if you are working in a small group or solo, you said that "very rarely can you make a change in a game and not have it impact something else, one thing always leads to another" which is absolutely true!

  33. Quick question: As you progress through the game, will there be new armor/outfit items to unlock to equip to help improve the look? Loving the look of the game so far! As for the eyes, I liked the idea they're hidden. Maybe later in the game, the helmet comes off in a fight showing a scarred face? 🙂 <3

  34. The only issue I have with the animations now is that he does not hold the shield. It just appears in ahnd when blocking. Him always holding shield in left hand (as not to obscure the body) and weapon in right would have been much nicer.
    The beard-braid sticking out from under the beard also annoyed me, it's like only the neck beard gor braided, but overall nice improvements.

  35. Wow, it's really coming along! I notice that when you're fighting groups of enemies, it can be hard to see what's going on. You may want to do something to make it clearer to see when an enemy is attacking. What would happen if you had an enemy move up a layer towards the camera when attacking?

  36. Any chance this comes out on iPad with controller support? Hate away PC Gamers.

  37. That new art direction is fantastic, I think the enemies look cooler than the hero of our story, which isnt a bad thing. My problem is with the combat elements, they need more weight to them, maybe a little more chunk. Also when hitting that spindle it should sound and feel like hitting wood, maybe a little screen shake(nothing overboard) and sound effect will help. It's the small things that add up to the whole.

  38. This is so beautiful. This is the first of your videos I've seen but if you're still looking for observations on the character, maybe the shield is a little flat or clean compared to the new character. Maybe adding a cut in the wood or a shield boss could make it match the extra detail more?

  39. First thing that get in my mind was "it would be nice if character develop thru game. From thin to buff".
    I personally liked that old style. More cartoonish and silly. Closer you are to realism, more obvious are things that are not real…

  40. I have been following your videos and the dev journey for some time now. Just added this to my Wishlist. Keep up the good work. 😎

  41. Very nice style! The one thing I would still change however is the nose.

  42. Ok…. first time here, very impressed!
    Is there a kickstarter ?
    Do you have testers?

  43. we had a game made for us (delta force community) the dev got recruited elsewhere 🙁 but now redjakestudios is hireing 11people to build the game unlike before it was only 1 person but he had it easy as there has always been a playerbase hanging around for 20yrs now.

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