Mob of the Dead and the Art of Writing for Games -

Mob of the Dead and the Art of Writing for Games

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After mixed reactions to their first major change to the Zombies formula with Tranzit, and similar reception to the follow-up with Die Rise, with Mob of the Dead the hype for Black Ops 2 Zombies was revitalized and the direction was set for the next two and a half full games.

“A Zombies Retrospective” is a series in which I play through each Call of Duty Treyarch Zombies map chronologically, and analyze its place in the series.

Call of Duty: Black Ops II
Call of Duty: Black Ops III
Call of Duty: Black Ops 4
Silent Hill 2
A Bronx Tale (1993) dir. Chazz Palminteri
Escape from Alcatraz (1979) dir. Don Siegel
Goodfellas (1990) dir. Martin Scorsese
Reservoir Dogs (1992) dir. Quentin Tarantino
Silent Hill (2006) dir. Christophe Gans
The Sopranos S3E2 – Proshai, Livushka (2001)
Mob of the Dead – “Where Are We Going” Trailer
Mob of the Dead – Official Trailer
YouTube Video Footage – “Jason Blundell ARRIVES… w/ Something Very Special! (The Reveal)” from JCBackfire ()

“Promising Relationship” Kevin MacLeod (
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  1. Best zombies map imo, not too complicated, no unfair/tedious mechanics, great wonderweapon, great Easter egg, Easter egg isn't necessary to get anything you couldn't get normally playing, great map design, great aesthetic, great characters, etc. There really isn't a single thing wrong with the map as it is.

  2. Last time I watched this channel (maybe like a week ago) you had no ads (under 1K subs) and now you’re at 6.6k 😳 your videos are finally blowing up eh? Good shit man

  3. Between my cousins, I'm the only one who favors this map
    My cousins feel like the map punishes you while buried gives you an easier time

    If there's anything I'd change about mob of the dead, it would be that you can hold all the plane parts at once and you'd only need to build it once

  4. Already got me excited for your next map analysis!! Keep up these awesome videos!

  5. For having such a small follower base you make great quality videos with a ton of research amazing work keep it up

  6. I’ve been waiting patiently for this one and I can’t wait

  7. Me and the boy have been playing a bunch of Zombies we all live your videos and discuss them every weekend when we get together to play thank you man

  8. Great video bro!!! Keep em up!!!🔥 This series is amazing!!!

  9. Still to this day, this is the only easter egg I have bothered to complete. Clearly they did something right.

  10. Most played map for me, it is just great all around.

  11. Tranzit: one way forwards
    Die Rise: two ways forward
    Mob if the dead: every room has 2 or 3 new rooms to enter
    Buried: one way forwards
    Origins: spit paths, reconnect & complete first loop or to the mound, then the church, then collect-athon & a unique wonder weapon for each player

    Seems like the different lead designer had a large role in the changes we liked most to be honest.

    I don't want to be mean to game creators that have passion, but replayability needs options not linear, and the realistic characters would have been cool if not compared to the obnoxiously hilarious original crew.

  12. Since finding your channel, I’ve been super excited for this episode, thank you

  13. I love watching your videos before bed or during my break at work, they're well put together and not to long. keep up this great work!


  15. You're making me want to plug my Xbox 360 in again to play Zombies

  16. Hey man much love for putting this retrospective out. As a kid I never got past a CoD after Black Ops 1, so it's real interesting to see this culture I rubbed shoulders with for such a short time in such a digestible form. I look forward to the videos on future maps because it's all more or less new to me, and while there's videos that exist to analyze the plot there's very little out there about the community history and gameplay side of things.

  17. these videos are really enjoyable when im playing games while watching youtube

  18. The most impressive thing about this map is that it's a multi-generational fan favorite. A lot of us that were playing zombies in our middle/high school years still have fond memories of this map and may consider it a favorite AND younger players who weren't playing zombies at release have gone back to it and fallen in love with it. Unlike some of the other older zombies maps, Mob has stood the test of time entirely off of its quality and design rather than nostalgia.

  19. Another amazing video, we all appreciate the effort you put into these! Looking forward to the next one!

  20. It’s nice that not everyone is forgetting zombies! At least this way we can reminisce on the good old days to help pass the time over the next two years until the next game lol

  21. Huge props for bringing up the concept behind creative leads and how they aren't the sole reason behind greatness. And never before have I wanted to play Mob of the Dead more than I do after watching this video! I missed out on it during its launch, sadly, but now I understand why it is so beloved.

  22. While I'm not the biggest fan of Where Are We Going, there is this immortal moment where my friends started the song and after that were waiting for me on the gondola and I couldn't find the damn thing and got mocked the entire time by them just saying "Where are you going?"

  23. Buried is my fav map can’t wait. You should talk about how Jimmy zielenskis ending is the rictofen and the maxis ending is the blundell

  24. Just discovered you and your videos are AMAZING, the only problem I have with them is that they aren’t longer! Keep up the awesome work!

  25. I hate this map for basic reasons map layout was bad no good training spot and every 2 second you going to face to face with zombie. And setup Tedious more than anything yes late game you become OP but only interesting thing that keeps you going wonder weapon when you upgrade to acid it becomes auto pilot mod easy hit the floor and thats it. Finding items and get to Pack a Pubch take years other than that its good but these problems huge. Thats why I love BO1 most.

  26. Ive been binging all your zombie videos and this is some great stuff man! you have a lot of great points and the vids are very engaging. Keep it up!

  27. Nobody noticed his last sentence was "the golden age of black ops 3" ???😂

  28. Mob of The Dead was absolutely lit. I think that map made me much better at Zombies.

  29. Thank you for these videos man, love the classic zombies content!

  30. I still get chills down my spine whenever you do the ee and it says "Life Over" instead of "Game Over".

  31. I’m honestly looking forward to a Zombies in Spaceland analysis from you, but I’m worried I won’t get to see it.

  32. I’m honestly looking forward to a Zombies in Spaceland analysis from you, but I’m worried I won’t get to see it.

  33. My favorite thing about Mob is that it's way more friendly to solo players than previous maps. Older maps were just generally easier with more players, and then in TranZit even opening PaP was a hassle if you were alone. On Mob the game gives solo players a bit more of a chance by giving them three afterlife charges. Plus all of the stuff in the map except the main Easter egg could be done solo.

  34. Mob of the dead was one of the coolest maps ever, yet played almost as bad as Die Rise. 100% a bottom tier map.

  35. Motb + orgins>>>>>any other cod zombie maps

  36. So excited to see buried, my all time favourite map

  37. I hope you make a zombies timeline video! The story is cool but really hard to follow along with the harder and longer easter eggs

  38. When I find a whole channel based on doing retrospectives of CoD zombies maps that are well done: “Ain’t that Swell?”

  39. 40 seconds in and I can say this video already is extremely in accurate. Did you make up things to go along with the story of this video??? NO one was worried about the future of Zombies when BO1 and BO2 was out. 🤡

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