Mob of the Dead and the Art of Writing for Games -

Mob of the Dead and the Art of Writing for Games

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After mixed reactions to their first major change to the Zombies formula with Tranzit, and similar reception to the follow-up with Die Rise, with Mob of the Dead the hype for Black Ops 2 Zombies was revitalized and the direction was set for the next two and a half full games.

“A Zombies Retrospective” is a series in which I play through each Call of Duty Treyarch Zombies map chronologically, and analyze its place in the series.

Call of Duty: Black Ops II
Call of Duty: Black Ops III
Call of Duty: Black Ops 4
Silent Hill 2
A Bronx Tale (1993) dir. Chazz Palminteri
Escape from Alcatraz (1979) dir. Don Siegel
Goodfellas (1990) dir. Martin Scorsese
Reservoir Dogs (1992) dir. Quentin Tarantino
Silent Hill (2006) dir. Christophe Gans
The Sopranos S3E2 – Proshai, Livushka (2001)
Mob of the Dead – “Where Are We Going” Trailer
Mob of the Dead – Official Trailer
YouTube Video Footage – “Jason Blundell ARRIVES… w/ Something Very Special! (The Reveal)” from JCBackfire ()

“Promising Relationship” Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 4.0 License


  1. 4:14 LMAO My girl had NO clue what you were talking about she's only played WAW and BO1&2 zombies

  2. Definitely my favorite map of all time, staying up way past the time i should trying to get the plane parts, RIP Ray Liotta i was supper obsessed with Billy back in the day lol

  3. Your channel is genuinely so underrated. You have some really good & interesting takes, and your video production is super good. Lot of passion put into your content, and isn't just focused on being loud & annoying like a lot of big creators.

  4. I've enjoyed all the videos up to this point and always appreciate another retrospective on one of my favorite game modes. Thank you for the nostalgia

  5. Mob of the dead is better than origins.
    Fight me.

  6. One thing I love about Blood of the Dead is how they expanded on Brutus as a character.

    And the fact that Nolan North did a fucking fantastic job for the cutscene. You can hear that emotion.

  7. Great analogy,mob was probably my favorite zombies map of all,not counting call of the dead

  8. I recently revisited bo2 about a month ago. I spent a majority of the time on mob of the dead. I just wish they would remake mob😢

  9. Die rise was my fav I made sure I had that dlc pack on what ever system I had.. something about that map just fascinated me

  10. So happy to see this video posted, excellent job on the video and showing everything special with the map. Also adding the Easter egg song at the end was just perfection 👌

  11. So mad that this wasn't in my recommended and that I've only just seen it

  12. On the topic of thematic cohesion (something this map excels at), here’s a few examples of that!

    -The ghosts in Afterlife have electric powers since that’s how they died.

    -To deliberately enter Afterlife, you must shock yourself to death.

    -The protagonists, in both life and limbo, are attempting to escape a hellish place and trying to gain their freedom.

    -Brutus can put the perks and box on lockdown and essentially revoke your privileges. Not unlike a warden.

    -The perks and Pack-a-Punch are all glitchy and hazy, except Electric Cherry since 1: The other perks come from another realm, and 2: Chronologically the other perks shouldn’t be invented for another decade or so. Time itself is out of wack.

    -The Devs said the Blundergat was inspired by the island’s Civil War history. From that, it’s safe to assume the Hell’s Retriever comes from its Native American history. The two Wonder Weapons only make sense on Alcatraz.

    -The three dog heads are a reference to Cerberus, guard dog of the Underworld.

    -Electricity and fire are recurring visual motifs, a reference to how they died and the flames of Hell respectively.

    -When Weasel gets downed and talks to himself, he says “You’re a survivor”. To break the cycle, this must be true.

    -The escape plan always fails, like in real life.

    -Finding a spoon behind a poster is a nod to a classic prison escape trope.

    Sorry this is so long, but I think it goes to show how well thought out all of this was (with maybe some happy coincidences along the way).

  13. Just binged all your vids and subbed. More please. Lol

  14. Ay when you get to bo3 we all wanna hear your breakdown on zombie chronicles as well!

  15. I like Blood of the Dead more. Mob brought good changes to zombies overall, but I never liked afterlife or pack a punch

  16. i knew ray liotta was in this game but i didnt know ralph from soprano's played weasel i knew i liked both those characters

  17. This just popped up in my recommended, fucking fantastic work, deserves a sub from me
    Maybe a retrospective on Buried could be cool? It's been my favorite map for almost a decade now, oh how time flies

  18. this shit is fuckin bad lmao. I'll stick to WaW goblin-boy

  19. Mob is the definition of masterpiece. Words can't explain how amazing this map is.
    Personally I think the EE is too easy but objectively it's great because it's accessable for a large audience.

  20. Mob is the best map in zombies hands down

  21. Mob's big thing it did better than every BO2 map before it feels like it's actually just the fact that it allowed you to grab more than one part. That's it. That's all it took to make the BO2 ideas work

  22. Your content is quality man it deserves so much more views keep up the grind

  23. Yoo I can wait to you continue this series, it's amazing

  24. I've recently came across your Channel and you are the best. Such nostalgia with every video. I'll be waiting for the next map, perhaps buried. Good job and keep up the work, love this series.. you brought Back my childhood memory. I'm currently 19 so these videos give me that joy as If I was in 2012 playing only transit because I had no internet. Don't stop making these vids

  25. 9:30 "Multiple Youtubers Careers" 1 youtubers career, Mr. Roflwaffles is literally teh only one listed in the entire list of videos lmao, not that im hating him, he's great but not multiple

  26. Before Mob of the dead I preferred Left 4 dead 2 but I was instantly into Mob and bought BO2 as soon as it dropped

  27. I really wished this was part of zombies chronicles but instead they hit us with "we have a different plan for mob" and made blood of the dead on bo4, and idk what it was about bo4 zombies but I didnt enjoy it and blood was differently hard but I barely played it too. I want to play this map again so bad but playstation doesn't do backwards compatibility either

  28. I think the multi path intuitiveness really helps hammer home the narrative. All paths lead down the same end. You can forge your own path but it all ends the same way. Really puts you in your characters shoes.

  29. went to alcatraz recently with my girl. i literally was walking around as if i was there before (technically i had been) the island is actually beautiful, took my breath away. the MOTD is genuinely so similar to irl alcatraz its crazy. i wasin the showers area and got goosebumps because ive always felt showers in MOTD was spooky

  30. Imo (which is just that, an opinion) if you thought tranzit or die rise were bad maps then you just sucked at playing zombies because you were used to 3 mechanics in the game and any more was to much for you. I was very young when bo2 was out and those maps were the easiest in the game.

  31. MOTD is a fantastic map… when you leave it alone as it's own story.
    It sucks when you try to shove it into the rest of the zombies timeline.

  32. Still my favorite map of all time. A masterpiece

  33. Easily my new favourite content creator

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