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Missing Children | 行方不明 – Detective Japanese Horror Game By Chilla’s Art ( ALL ENDINGS )

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Video contains a full playthrough & all endings of Missing Children | 行方不明 a Japanese horror game from creator Chilla’s Art that has you doing some detective work to find out what happened to a group of children.

Game Info:

“Or should it be found children.”

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  1. I hate how Mizuki's Mom is the main jumpscare in this game.

  2. you know what makes me subscribe to you? the way you ay ANIME everytime lmao

  3. still confused about the grandma.. and who is that black person at the end tho?

  4. i have been watching all the chillas art gameplays you have, they really need to fix the lighting, it gets pitch dark sometimes without a reason

  5. I love whenever he plays a Japanese game and there is a phone he would always respond with moshi moshi

  6. i have a 16 year old doggy and she mostly sleeps all day so the doggo here is accurate hehehe

  7. A man with a very weak chin!!! Ohh the horror!!! Hahahhah

  8. Who the flip gets drowned a few inches in the water while raising their hands up at the sky like they were trying to do a swan dive? I thought it was supposed to be horror, not comedy horror.

  9. I like how every time he sees anything related to anime he just goes "anime…"

  10. The lightning in these are still weird. I don't know why, the flashlight is erratic. The environment and the janky characters make up for it.

    Bit of a fetch quest there.

  11. Ah I'm loving all these Chilla's Art game videos by Manly a good switch from my normal RPGMaker game video

  12. Does anyone understand what happened in the good ending? who/what is in the trash bag/body bag sitting to the left of the girls? Is that a girl in the middle, or is that Mizuki's boyfriend?

  13. if only you knew what it's like to have parents fighting all the time…

  14. Really liked the subtle spookiness in this one… Didn't expect one part and it really unnerved me

  15. 1:27 Is this set during the younger days of Sato, the rival of Miyagi?????? :O

  16. I wish that, like this game's protagonist, I could solve my problems by completing random sidequests.

  17. Completely missed the dad standing in the shadows

  18. “This one is specifically about a detective” the way he said that just GOT ME 😆😂😂😅

  19. T-pose cop is the most terrifying ghost I've ever seen

  20. Hey MBH, would you mind creating a Chilla's Art playlist? I have been trying to find one but I think you don't have it yet. I love putting you as my bg while I work 🙂

  21. The forth person in black was the grim reaper to busy playing with the wind mills to kill them when manly showed up

  22. just wanna say that his "meeoww" 2:01 makes me feel things…

  23. I was wondering if anyone could tell the artist was behind the piano pieces played throughout the game? This game was really something else, very emotional and real. The music helps too.

  24. It's sucks when your parents don't like each other and end up hating you because of it. Oh well. I'm okay ^•^

  25. I like the games that focus on telling the story through environment. Those shoes really shook me.

  26. Man, that second girl triggered memories. I had a friend with a terrible family. He told me all about the stuff his dad did and how his mother didnt bother or try to stop him. It wasnt that she was afraid. It was more she didnt care and sometimes sided with his dad. It got so bad that 1 day, he shot himself. At least, that's what I think because they never let anyone see him. On his facebook post, his parents expressed their regret, how sad they were and how they never saw it coming. I got so angry because they acted like victims, got everyone's sympathy, yet They were the reason he did it. They just dont want to face the truth. Or maybe they do know and if anyone found out, they would be arrested. I despised them for taking my close friend. I felt with survivors guilt for a year, wishing I had done or said something. He always said it wasnt that bad and how he would move out at 18. He never got that chance. Even if his parents have a change of heart, it's the 1 thing I cant forgive them for. And I dont think I will ever will. You took my friend because of your abuse. Your religion, god, whatever you follow may forgive you. But that wont give me back my friend.

  27. Less a weak chin and more a case of pancake face.

  28. 31:12
    Considering the kitchen's condition and how the child reacted when asked about their parents, we can assume the kid hasn't had a proper meal for a while now. They were definitely living solely on dog food. How can someone treat their own child like that? I think the grandma's ghost was there to look after the child; I find that somewhat heartwarming.

  29. When I heard Manly's, "Oh no." when he saw the dog, I felt the sadness in his voice.

  30. 21:46 – In MCU (Manly Cinematic Universe) Lore, “Ghost T-Pose Cop” is a supporting character with various roles throughout the series, later revealed to be the long lost brother-in-law of protagonist “ManlyBadassHero”. As a stereotypical New York Cop who plays things ‘by the book’ and hates ‘those dang kids and their ANIME’, he serves as a foil to Manly, who considers him “Useless!”, and the two have come into conflict on many occasions.

    First appearing as an antagonist in Season 4, Ghost travels to Japan as the American representative to InterPol in the wake of the infamous ‘Shibuya Incident’, where he is assigned as Lead Investigator. In the course of his investigation, reports of a suspicious individual seen snooping around several high-profile crime scenes reaches his ears, and Ghost is convinced that he has found the culprit behind the mysterious happenings in Shibuya. Despite repeated attempts to apprehend the individual, he mysteriously vanishes without a trace approximately 20-30 minutes after appearing, much to Ghost’s chagrin. Unbeknownst to the detective, the suspicious individual snooping around crime scenes he is pursuing is none other than ManlyBadassHero looking for secrets while playing Japanese Horror Games. After an extended game of cat and mouse, Ghost and Manly eventually put aside their differences and join forces to solve the ‘Shibuya Incident’ once and for all and unlock the True Ending.

    In the Season Finale, as thanks for his assistance in bringing the culprit to justice, Ghost allows Manly to escape, saying, “Listen here, Manly, I’m a Cop. I do things by the book, see? No snooping around sticking your nose where it don’t belong looking for ‘secrets’ and watching your ‘Anime’. I don’t approve of that nonsense. But today, well, you’re the real Hero, kid. Now, Ima go T-Pose in this corner, and when I turns back around, you better be gone. And if I ever sees ya again, I’m throwing the book at ya- you got it, kid?”

    Only then did Ghost realize that he was alone in the darkened alley. Walking over to where Manly had stood mere seconds earlier, he spotted a small scrap of paper fluttering in the breeze. It read, “Thank you for watching. I’ll see you later. And take it easy.” Squinting, Ghost glanced at the bottom of the paper to find a crudely drawn cartoon figure. Shaking his head, he walked away, grumbling to himself:


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