Martial Artists REACT to Iconic Fighting Scenes in Video Games | Experts React -

Martial Artists REACT to Iconic Fighting Scenes in Video Games | Experts React

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Expert martial artists Gemma Nguyen and Yoshi Sudarso react to some Iconic Fighting scenes from famous video games.

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Gemma Nguyen:
Yoshi Sudarso:
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  1. We're was the rdr2 fights there some of the best in gaming

  2. Fun fact: the mocap for Kratos is the late Shad Gaspard. May he rest in peace.

  3. love your videos gamology! extremely informative and fun to watch as always.

    Also, does anybody know the intro song, it is very catchy

  4. What was the game after the Halo fight

  5. I slept on a majority of these fights, only stayed for the most badass fight of them all. The Snake vs Ocelot fight.

  6. It's funny how impressed they are by the Chief/Locke fight.

    Fans hated it because it's so slow. They should be so much faster, and have so much more weight behind their attacks, given they're both around half a ton in armour, but said armour drastically increases already enhanced abilities.

  7. What’s the game after halo?

  8. They need to react Asura's Wrath..They will leave them speechless

  9. Please show us the entire Snake vs Liquid fight T-T

  10. I'm really sad they didn't kept watching the mgs4 fight until the moment when ocelot and snake kiss each other

    reaction pls

    reaction pls 🔥❤

    reaction pls

    reaction pls

  15. "I would never take my shirt off in a fight cuz thats like an extra layer"

  16. Can you please tell me the game name in 8.52 and later every gamer after that . Please i have have gaming pc i want to play

  17. If they knew the basic lore with halo they would have call bull crap on that fight. Like you expect them to fight like captain american and buck but maybe faster with the power armor suits?

  18. 7:48 Cortana's our concern now, Siri . I dont know what this game is about but it sounds like cortana and siri are planning to take over all other voice assistants.

  19. YeA ItS a FRonT KiCk hE SouldVe WeNT uP NoT BaCK

  20. Calling Spartans Robots is the worst thing you can say to a Halo fan.

  21. The bubble gum while upside down picture was the coolest martial arts picture I’ve ever seen.

  22. In Norse mythology all of Odin's children were invulnerable, true invulnerability not the Superman/Wonder Woman version where they are still weak against multiple things. Though each of them had 1 thing that could effectively strip their invulnerability but you had to ensure it got into their blood. But even without the invulnerability most Norse gods were nearly impossible to take down.
    Baldr and Hodr being the gods of light and dark could manipulate their physical forms into that of their power (light for Baldr and dark for Hodr) and either restore their bodies instantly or prevent physical objects from connecting at all.

    The game says that's Baldr that Kratos is fighting but by this point Baldr was "dead" and waiting in the underworld for Ragnarok. Who Kratos was actually fighting was the Mad God. Though not a child of Odin his body could heal virtually any injury at will and couldn't feel pain. Kratos learned that taking him head on was bad.

  23. Idk if he’s the original actor for the blue power ranger but that’s my favorite power ranger

  24. "This is like an alternate ending for Breaking Bad"

    I knew it, Nanomachines were Blue Sky Meth all along

  25. Back in when I lived in Stockton, I constantly got into fights so, my older friends taught me Muay Thai

  26. Karate is a useless fight style and serves no purpose

  27. If no one's answered yet, which I doubt by now, the Mortal Kombat character was Jade

  28. Halo Spartans are genetically enhanced supersoldiers, with badass power armor on.

  29. You cut off at the part where Kratos puts Baldur in a choke hold!

  30. someone probably already said it but there is finally a question somewhere i can answer so here goes; the halo armour is called 'mjolnir', only spartans may wear it for a very specific reason. it takes your bodys desires into account the moment you think about it (done with a chip in the users head), which means even considering how seriously ripped the person inside is, and trust me they ripped, the armour will continue to move faster, stronger, and more responsively than the person could typically do. the armour is basically a robot soldier, worn and piloted by an actual soldier. the suit is holding itself up for the most part, and the spartans are given basically a super soldier serum (or at least john was cuz his was early model). so its basically selective breeding to get the soldier, giving them a massive buff so theyre even more perfect, then putting them in that armour so make them even stronger. its real interesting when you look into it

  31. 7:47 That's because both characters were physically modified, and trained to the extreme to be prepared for any war and against any opponent that comes in the way.

  32. Fun Fact: Baldur from GOW 4 is also Upham from Saving Private Ryan

  33. Ladies and gentlemen – the hipster martial artists, we bring you!!!

  34. An agnostic man wearing arabic clothing says:

    8:25 does anyone know what game is this??

  35. That Halo fight should’ve been insanely fast even with the armor becuz Spartans (the fighters) are cybernetically enhanced

  36. I think they should react on dbs broly fight

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