Making Hyper Casual Game Art -

Making Hyper Casual Game Art

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In this video, Trey Smith shows how he creates art for his hyper casual games like Phases, The Line Zen, and Wall Switch.

Download the Pixelmator and PSD file’s he made here:

The Line Zen:


The Line Zen:

Wall Switch:


  1. More videos on these topics please.😊

  2. you will needs to fixing it up on your links is expired or not found

  3. Took on a bit of a geode effect when you joined the spike layers. Very cool! I appreciate witnessing your process of designing an environment. Thank you so much, Trey!

  4. I still like your game phases and music of that game was really osm.
    BTW thanks for the article about free game assets websites in ur website.

  5. Nice video… U used these assets… Thanks for psd file.

  6. I'm really enjoying all these "How To" Tutorials that you and Zack are doing. It's really building up my interest with BuildBox. Thanks and keep them coming!

  7. Cool video, thank you! When you bring this into Buildbox, does BB use the layers to enable the parallax? I don't think I completely understand how you take this asset and make it part of your game. -Thanks!

  8. Trey gets like 10 ideas a minute, no wonder he's a good game designer. 🙂

  9. how can you call buildbox game engine the only thing u can make is jump and fwd with million of bugs, and the price WOOW!!!

  10. Thanks for the video.. I learned a lot and I will try it using photoshop

  11. Are those vinyls behind you? 100 points gained xD

  12. Hey Mr. Trey, I am having a question, that I just designed a play button but when I export that as png on the edges of that circle there are line showing up just like pixels. I am sick of that I can't create a finished image can you guide me please. I am using illustrator and I am a windows user.

  13. software name where he designed that background?

  14. Why do we not get the option to make html5 games! with the price we pay for the software?!

  15. Appstore is for pc. doesnt he mean Itunes store?

  16. I wish I could like this 1000 times! I feel like I learned so much.

  17. Next time you need a costume you can just use some blue ink on your body and face and say you're an avatar… You look a lot like one, lol

  18. cool video. Thanks Trey. How would you actually go about importing this to Buildbox? You would kinda need to import every element separately, right?

  19. Instead of the book would've really preferred an online course

  20. Hey i m a beginniner which software is this

  21. 🙌🙏 please make a video about how to export a buildbox game in api 26 please please

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