Making Hyper Casual Game Art -

Making Hyper Casual Game Art

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In this video, Trey Smith shows how he creates art for his hyper casual games like Phases, The Line Zen, and Wall Switch.

Download the Pixelmator and PSD file’s he made here:

The Line Zen:


The Line Zen:

Wall Switch:


  1. There are just too many of these and i do get that is currently trendy so people just are gonna cash in to this,but this is just rather low effort games that most of the time just fill in the entirety of the app store meanwhile some good quality games just rather get ignored most of the times, people dont put love or effort into these type of games there should be more games with intriuging gameplay and intresting mechanics.

  2. Brillant Trey!! (I nick named you the surfer guy) 🙂 but I like the way you design things in games very good approach and you find the simplest ways to do things as well which makes you brilliant. Its like the old saying goes work SMARTER not HARDER 🙂

  3. ok watching many of your videos I am posting a question that is open to anyone to answer, but which do you recommend to use for vector art Pixelmator, Affinity Designer or Affinity Photo? I have not interested in photoshop and paying a subscription fee thats why I am only looking at those products 🙂 But what do you guys thing which is worth the money more?

  4. Omg so many ads of this guy. He's already milked all the money from hyper casual games and now he's giving out the secrets 🤦‍♂️

    Oh no btw this guy owns Build Box too

  5. Hoe much cost does it take to build with hypercasual games

  6. please focus more on the game mechanics. I think people will figure out the art, but thanks for the upload

  7. Hi, your transition looks so fluid and effortless and i'm sure its for consistent training… what application would you suggest for a beginner with windows OS to get familiar with the editing tool

  8. Hi,
    As I can see you guys are investing on your book publishing, Instead of this you should have to make a online Videos step by step from ground up to master. So that we can follow every step by watching videos and make a real world games. And also make a video on how to publish app on play store, Advertising and all.

  9. As much as I adore helping develop games on mobile, I do have a titanic, massive issue. The thing that makes me mad about hyper-casual games is that they are time passers, and not legit games. Sure, on one or two you have a little bit of happiness from it, but when I go to the App Store, I expect to see games. Masterpieces of gameplay and things quilted together to entertain rather than pass time. I expect grueling difficult tapestries of challenge and reward

  10. How much will I make for creating my app?
    What percentage of my creation actually belongs to me once my apps created through your software ?

  11. Just got BuildBox and SoundBox… Since I am a 5 year user of Unity, let's see how good they really are for speed.

  12. Buildbox isn’t running on my PC just installed, uninstalled, reinstalled and all I get is a white box no editor just blank white…can I get a refund or some kind of compensation?

  13. Give us a free trial of the app.
    I am requesting

  14. Wow when i opened the vid, a BUILDBOX AD popped out, WOW, JUST WOW a video with its own add

  15. Yes let's show people how to make the cancer that is shitty mobile games with no depth or challenge.

  16. This guy sounds like a guy I know from a tv show but I don't remember.

  17. this is the art I am here looking for the coding style i mean how to give levels and motion I learned something but I'm disappointed

  18. Hi what is version you have and thanks in Advance =)


  20. I smash u if you dare to see me in ad of any vid

  21. R u usung pixelmator or pixelmator pro?

  22. hello

    how can i fix this error
    : ( can't connect to server )
    * firewall is inactive

    * hosts file does not contain any blocked buildbox link

    * biuldbox 2.3.3

    * windows 7 64bit

  23. Great work Trey, can you do a tutorial on if a particular object goes out of screen then it's game over. Not the character. Can buildbox do it

  24. I tried this technique in Photoshop. Doesn't seem to work like it does in the video unless I'm doing something wrong. Used Photoshop's pen tool.

  25. GameZBoost Gaming Platforms and Solutions says:

    This is so cool 🙂

  26. I didnt know Benedict Cumberbatch can make games ?

  27. what is the best programming language for android games???

  28. AQUA Softworks - Hyper Casual Mobile Games says:

    Great video Trey, yes indeed simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Keep up the great work.

  29. "we published this game when it first came out"

  30. Hey Trey i jus wanna say ur app works great love the easiness GOODWORK

  31. great. I wanna know the name of this tool?
    anyone know?

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