Making an Animation for my 3D Pixel Art Game -

Making an Animation for my 3D Pixel Art Game

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One of the benefits to making my pixel art game in a 3D game engine is the ability to very quickly build and iterate on animation assets. Among other things, it allows the player model and weapon models to be swapped very easily.

Animating convincingly in this style is a little different from typical 3D game animations, but with some guidance and experimentation I think I found some techniques that look promising.

I still have a lot to learn and improve on when it comes to character animation, but my current abilities should be enough to begin prototyping the gameplay ideas I have in mind.

0:00 intro
0:24 references
1:38 animation first pass
3:16 importing and previewing
4:05 smear interpolation
4:47 animation second pass
6:03 secondary motion and tweaks
6:57 final animation
7:05 conclusion

Chinese subtitles generously provided by twitter user @hugo48224093

lofi geek – give me
lofi geek – souls
lofi geek – real


  1. this looks amazing, i really love the design of the character and everything, super inspiring

  2. my goodness I looked at your character and jesus! how beautiful this pixelart style together with 3d

  3. How the hell did you do this! My brain explodes with possibilities seeing this tech in action, this is exactly what I've been looking for :O

  4. If you get this Please give a full step by step tutorial on making a pixel art game with character creation and fighting and spells and all that.
    I am trying to make a pixel art game but I have no experience.

  5. cant wait for the next devlog, this looks so good

  6. If he is "Relative Beginner" then i dont even know what i am….. maybe a newly planted potato seed…

  7. This is gorgeous and incredible man, keep it up, very excited to see what comes next

  8. If this game comes out, im buying, definetly.

  9. What is the name of the program that I use in the video to make the attack animation?

  10. this is genius. I wanna do something like this someday

  11. I'd like to ask a question..
    Is it possible to do 3D pixel art on Unreal Engine 4 as well?

  12. another shitty pixel art game… how original…

  13. For anyone who couldn't tell, the 3D animation software he is using is spelled "Cascadeur". All too often these pro teachers take for granted how hard it can be for someone who just doesn't know the name, or the right button to click.

  14. 7:04 The transition from animation software to game was very smooth.

  15. A YouTuber called Randy is programming something similar to yours from scratch in his latest video.

  16. Второй киборг Человек-Сидр says:

    Beauti full Stu ff😍

  17. This is the type of shader I've been looking for, literally better than anything I have found in the Unity store. Where do I even get started with making one like this myself?

  18. You're video inspired me to come up with such a good idea that I think I have to pursue some game development so I can see it become a reality

  19. i always wanted to make a little game but I have no idea where to start

  20. Can you please guide us how bear with me game were made it's a very interesting and awesome game along with it's characters everything is very interactive character move and animation please make videos on it thank you.

  21. Damn, how did you accomplish that pixel effect in your game? Can you make a video?

  22. how do you get the "3d pixel art" aesthetic? Please explain

  23. I’m working on a 2d platform and I’m trying to create a basic idle motion any tips

  24. one guy did this is like a day, yet AAA companies still today releasing games with mad motion and walking styles

  25. Yo I remember using your profile picture but a little different.

  26. I'm so in love with this type of art. But I'm confusing. How do people call this type of graphic in-game? 2D pixel art game or it's a 3D model with some kind of pixel rendering engine?

  27. what program is he using to make the animations?

  28. This is beautiful. Do you have a video on how you made the 3d-to-2d art effect in detail?

  29. nah this is way too crazy. sell this as a package and you will get rich

  30. Great work! Can I ask? What fbx software did you use?

  31. Bro please tell me you plan to make this game available to the public🙏🏻 This is so beautiful!!!

  32. What is the game name ..?? Looking soo cool 😎

  33. Shit… Man, really? How did u do this pixel-shader for 3d so perfect?!

  34. Man how did you make your 3D pixel art what program did you use ? Can we get a tutorial on character design

  35. did you create this engine or is it the unity with propixelizer?

  36. What’s the name of the character animation software? Sounded like “castavail”? Looks cool.

  37. I miss your content man! Hopefully you are doing well!

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