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  1. i relate to holly’s desire to put the gavel in her mouth more than i have to anything in my entire life

  2. Adam: pays 40 for two yellow paintings
    Adam: puts up two green paintings for action on his turn meaning if the next player puts up a green painting his yellow paintings will be 100% guaranteed to loose him money unless someone completely misplays.
    Brilliant play is what I’m saying

  3. “Art is… a squirrel who just found out she’s pregnant.” – Sully 2022

  4. Like carly I to like to play board games, get weirdly flustered and get stressed out at the idea of spending money

  5. Very glad to see the physical safe back!

  6. 5:53 Jesus, why did I find this hilarious – probably the combination of Awkward Adam and Wheezing Sully
    Edit – changed the timing

  7. i want to see carly and rosie in the same video now 😂

  8. This is my favorite episdoe yet! I really love to see more Carley and Holly and Sully! the chaos was amazing!

  9. Adam: This is a game I'm bad at. Me: It's not the only one….*looks at chalkboard*

  10. The childlike innocence of holly with the hammer is great

  11. "I feel like a cowboy" would be a great T-shirt.

  12. Please play this one again, you were all having such a good time!

    Also thank you Holly for committing to the gavel-grab right at the end 😀

  13. Don't normally comment but this is one of your best videos ever, Carley on drugs is hillarious

  14. Good to know this about Carley. Murder? Oh yeah, fine, deal with that every tuesday. Modern Art?! This is so stressful!

  15. when Carley made that gesture, I instantly understood what she meant about feeling like a cowboy. shootin' from the hip regarding bids and all that, intuition and quick thinking

  16. I watched this whole thing and I still don't understand the rules of this game

  17. When holly but the gavel in her mouth I just thought of the tik tok that goes I want to put in my mouth. don’t put in your mouth it dangerous. but I’m looking at and my brain just goes nom nom nom. you can’t eat that but nom nom

  18. Adam looked like he was about to flip the table and possibly Holly.

  19. People lived in poo a lot more in old London than the west.

  20. Watching this at work and totally died with the "you have no hope" bit. Kept it under control till then but that one was too much. Looked like an idiot laughing at "nothing".

  21. What a beautiful mess this game was. I felt like a cowboy just watching it

  22. I guess Carley is not big on more casual games:D
    Carley: so if I sell these 2 paintings for x I have 76% to get a 8% profit margin
    the others: I like paintings and swinging this tiny hammer

  23. For as much as I adore Sullivan, the video's thumbnail really should have just been Holly with the auctioneer hammer in her mouth.

  24. "Going once…" [tap] "Going twice…" [tap tap]
    [Furious Adam noises]

  25. I really didn't expect this episode to go so hard

  26. Gonna hazard a guess here and say this was an after lunch game?

  27. If only Sully’s acting career was as successful as his art dealing…

  28. Between his no-nonsense attitude during this very silly edition of BGC and his impeccable cap game, I think it's clear that Laurie is the BGC Dad you've been waiting for all along, guys.

  29. 42:07 best bit! I love when Adam and Sully start amusing themselves mid game

  30. How fun it is playing a board game directly relates to how much you enjoy the company. This seemed so enjoyable..some thoughts during this episode:

    Adam getting into (also being annoyed by the gavel bit, hilarious). 31:55

    Haha, what is going on Carley?. How can someone be so cool and outclass everyone at Blood on the Clocktower (while decorating cakes), and still lose there mind in such a major way during a silly auction game. 38:27

    Lots more fun moments in this episode, loved it 🙂

  31. I see where the concept of "paying the bank is always better" comes from, but that's an idea arrived at from the wrong perception. When you're the auctioneer, paying someone else for something isn't an option, the alternative to paying the bank is GETTING paid.

    If a painting is worth 70 dollars, and someone pays you 60 for it, you've made a 60 dollar profit. If a painting is worth 70 dollars and you pay the bank 60 dollars, you only made a 10 dollar profit.

    I think the confusion comes from the idea that the paintings are the goal, that you have to acquire paintings to win the game, so it's best to get paintings in the way that gives other people the least money. But the reality is that getting MONEY is the goal, so it's almost always better to have someone else pay you for a painting, because ultimately what matters is how much money you have, and that's usually more profitable.

  32. I've never seen this before but it was the most hilarious long form content I've seen in years. Maintained my interest for almost 2 hours and was constantly entertaining the whole time. Not a single dull moment. Felt like I was joking with friends at a sleepover and we've all been awake for hours. I'm a huge fan now. Time to go watch the full backlog

  33. Easily the best episode. What a journey you’ve subjected us to.

  34. Let’s do a realistic number player count being 3 players… I need more friends.

  35. OK, I'm going to share a thought that has been on my mind and I think I'm going to get absolutely roasted for it, so please disregard if you disagree. The slogan/catchphrase "…to show YOU how much fun board games can be!" worked well during lockdown when it was "…to show YOU how much fun board games can be even under the restrictions of lockdown". But nowadays, it sounds like you're selling to an audience that either a) don't already like board games or b) don't have that much fun playing with their friends. But I wonder if that's true – I bet you that a large part of your audience already love games, that's why they're watching. So then it sounds like you're saying "my groups of pals is more fun than your group of pals." Which I don't think is the intent.

    Even a slight change like "to share how fun board games can be" sounds more inclusive and less like someone who knows a lot speaking to someone who doesn't.

    Okay, that's it, please downvote me now.

    PS I love the channel, have been watching from the very beginning, and eagerly await each new video. X

    PPS can you tell I work in brand and marketing?

  36. The energy in this video is so bonkers brilliant.

  37. I can't wait til you all play Décorum! Roommates finding a way to make their house contentedly livable for all. I can see the NRB screaming and wailing already. 😉

  38. This episode is cursed, but like in a fun way

  39. Great game. Today I learned that Adam has no artistic taste.

  40. " out with the old bits , in with the new bits"
    Bottom surgery clinic tagline

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