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Japan vs USA – Playstation 2 Game Box Art

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The Video Game BOX ART you see often depends on where you buy it. This video will compares the Japanese Box Art to US/North American Box Art on the Playstation 2. More MetalJesusRocks: Subscribe!


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  1. I have to agree on the Final Fantasy covers.Mystical yes,but clean too.It's very fresh.
    Dark Cloud…yup,agreed also.Just WOW! No comparison really 0_0

  2. Even though we lose a lot of good games, I'm glad that our covers actually look very artistic (with few exceptions: dark cloud have the same as the american) and somewhat "beautiful" to look at.

    For what I notice, most of US game covers focus on the characters more (ICO cover is the main example, but also Final Fantasy games have that) while Japanese and pal covers tend to focus on the atmosphere of the game rather than the characters: I read a special issue on a game magazine in which they said the same too. 

    Not saying ours are better, but I'm very glad our covers have that "artsy" feeling to them!

  3. ff12 Japans cover art is the same one as in Australia 

  4. I'm just curious about the cover differences: why, exactly, are they different depending on the region? Are the designs supposed to appeal to the market, do different branches choose the designs, or what? Anybody got any thoughts on this?

  5. The Pal Shadow of the Collossus cover is by far the superior one…

  6. Australia got the japanese version of ico. but not shadow of colossus 

  7. I honestly thought he was going to say "they chose to focus more on Kosmos' and her butt" as the cover zooms in…

  8. In South Africa we have some Japanese covers, like Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy, and then some US covers like Jak & Daxter. Real weird.

  9. As for characters looking angry on US covers and the same characters looking happy on the Japanese, the best example of this (even if it's not PS2) is the Kirby series.

  10. Wtf for the ICO game, you can clearly see that the ladder isnt even connected to the structure on the japanese version covers

  11. Silent Hill 2 J cover art is a save point

  12. The Uk covers are same as Japan i know final fantasy 12 is as i own it

  13. Agree with Kaiger, the EU/UK versions tend to be similar to the Japanese covers.
    I bought the original limited edition version of Ico (with the postcard art) and the styles are fantastic, almost Dali like.

    On a side note, the Genesis/Megadrive had some serious different cover arts for regions, a lot of their Japanese covers look fantastic while the North American releases looked quite generic (Look at the Japan box Art for both "El Viento" and " Shadow Dancer"compared to North America as a prime example).

  14. why does it feel like you were trying to much not to be somewhat racist

  15. I think it's interesting that the Japanese version of Psi-ops was published by Capcom. Midway was the company that owned Mortal Kombat at the time, a direct competitor to Capcom's Street Fighter (at least in the U.S.).

  16. Looks like Rachet and Clank are going for a reverse angry Kirby syndrome.

  17. Japanese covers looks so much cooler then NA in all the systems.

  18. well most of this list i don't own expect final fantasy 10 12 ans spy hunter i know about ff10 and 12 but it is very interesting from us and japan. When you talk about japans art to us with hot shot golf they like to focus a lot on anime in my opinion

  19. Here in Europe we rarely have our own custom covers. Usually we get or Japanese or American version. One big excample of this are ICO/SotC games: on the first one we got the japanese version (much better) but on the second one we got the american one.

  20. Ratchet & Clank, And Jack & Dexter Are 2 Dead Giveaways Of The North American Stress Level Vs. Japanese Stress Levels. You Can See It In Their Facial Expressions.

  21. What is Rush's Geddy Lee doing in a Psi-Ops cover art???

  22. I actually prefer most of the american "angry" covers. Unless you get in an "angry" mood, you will never beat a tough game.

  23. Also, european covers coming…………. someday?

  24. Silent Hill 2 UK box art was the best . In fact another interesting fact is it is one of the few games that never got released in the traditional plastic case that is until the platinum edition was released .

  25. I'm actually a new subscriber . And I love your stuff on here. Makes me wanna spend money collecting lol

  26. the resident evil covers are alot cooler in japan

  27. I would love to see more of these videos especially with guest like Reggie for Playstation and Kelsey would also be great since she has so many imports. A video with the three of you. For nostalgia propose I would like to see games from the Gameboy and Playstation.

  28. I would love to see a second video on this more PS2 games pal Vs USA Vs JAP love the idea MJ love the PS2 videos buddy

  29. I am sure that Japanese cover of the Psi-ops is done by the guy who draw SNK box covers.

  30. Well, I was saying on the Snes video that MJR is wrong : European coverts are the same as the US ones. But here on PS2, on the only game I own, FF XXII, we have the same as the Japanese !

  31. Japanese box art is way better than its NA counterpart…
    weeabooism continued

  32. The cover of silent hill 2 in jp is the save point

  33. Show cosmos and her motorcycle? Yea… weird way of saying "dat ass doe" 😅

  34. the cover of ico is inspired at the paint of de chirico italian artist of the 900

  35. I think that the best Silent Hill 2 cover is European one. Even more mystic than other ones.

  36. Why didn’t she just title of this video “I like Japanese cover art better than North American cover art”?

  37. I absolutely adore the Box art on the PAL and NTSC-J versions of Persona 3 FES. The NTSC-U version kind of ruins it. The game is amazing but if I'd live in N.A., I don't think I'd ever pick up a physical copy of it. Just look at it.

  38. How can someone say that the USA cover of ICO is "ok"? That is one of the worst art cover ever made. Is so fucking generic that hurts!

  39. surprising you didn't show crash bandicoot ps2 games

  40. metaljesus said someone looks out the namco window, can someone point out where??

  41. The Japanese covers for the Uncharted series are amazing

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