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I Tried Playing LIP ART 3D Games

Denitslava Makeup
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  1. •Something♥Unique• #noahdeservesbetter says:

    I may have been on eof those ten million downloads and i got addicted to the app lol

  2. •Something♥Unique• #noahdeservesbetter says:

    when i get loads of ads i just turn my internet off

  3. 𑁍Aloha!♡︎ #Road To 100 ♡𓆉 says:

    Her: Alright alright
    My 2 braincells: 6 feet tall and super strong 🥴
    (Finish the lyrics 🤭)

  4. 𑁍Aloha!♡︎ #Road To 100 ♡𓆉 says:

    Her: I don’t wanna talk to anybody!
    Meanwhile the 3.66million subs watching this :😪

  5. Why do I feel like she’s Russian or Ukrainian I just feel like she is it’s just her accent people might say that she doesn’t really have an accident but she kind of does

  6. Right after I watch this video I get the add of that game

  7. Me laughing the hole time dining I nearly died😂💀

  8. I played this game before it was.. Well.. You guest it! Kind of weird and FULL of ads soo.. I deleted it 😇 👍

  9. Amber Heard: My dog stepped on a bee
    Denitslava: I almost Spilled my tea

  10. put ur phone on airplane mode no add what can I say lol🤔

  11. We all know that inappropriate ad was episode

  12. The inappropriate game is probably episode lol 😂

  13. Other makeup youtubers playing these games: EW RLLY HARD. and the one person: WoW i RlLy LiKe ThIs!!

  14. Legendary sentence:”what could possibly go wrong?”

  15. This is my first time watching you and i already love your channel

  16. I think you look hilarious when you saw that “Inappropriate” Adds

  17. If you turn off the Wi-Fi on your iPad and play there are no adds

  18. I Questioned those games u played I have on of those games but I agree it’s no right

  19. this is so crazy. just when you said so we have to see an add my screen went to an add. what a coincidence!!!!

  20. Legend word-"What can possibly go wrong"🤣🤣

  21. Pop it I love pop it and games and your videos

  22. I play this game all the time and I am great at it

  23. This was hilarious it was very enjoyable 😂🤣😂

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