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I Made a Pixel Art Program… In a Game Engine?

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In this video, I go over the process of how I created a pixel art drawing tool inside of Unity! We also take a look at how pets work in-game.

Vibrant Venture is a 2D adventure platformer game featuring a quirky cast of characters! The game features four playable characters with multiple unique abilities that can be combined for extremely versatile, fluid and fun movement!

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Bresenham’s line algorithm:

Unity C# implementation:

Flood fill “Forest Fire algorithm”:

Unity C# implementation:

0:00 Introduction
0:44 Setting up the canvas
1:47 The first pixels
2:23 Adding colors
3:00 The RGB system
4:09 Brightness/saturation, color picking and grid toggling
5:09 Image movement algorithm
6:22 Line tool and flood fill
6:50 Undo and redo system
8:14 Saving and loading
9:14 Animating
10:13 Finalizing the system
11:02 Outro

Music used (in order):
– “Mario & Chill ▸ Odyssey ~ Synthwave Remix” by GameChops:

– “Weightless” by MARION music:

– “Instant Crush” by Corbyn Kites:

– “Accumula Town Lo-fi Remix – “Rainstorm Ramble” ~ Pokémon Black and White” by SuperiorSnivys:

– ‘’Fairy Fountain’’ by GameChops:

– “Traveller” by Atch:

– “Super Mario 64 ▸ Staff Roll ~ Mario & Chill” by GameChops:


  1. I dont understand any of the coding stuff but damn pats voice is so calming he could make an ASMR video and i would listen to it unironicly

  2. I bought the game, and I’m certain this shall be a great update!!

  3. This game is amazing but i only have 5$ on steam 🙁

  4. Will we be able to share pets through steam workshop at some point?

  5. Will the pets do anything in the full game or are they just a cosmetic thing? Think it would be cool if they boosted the amount of gems you can get in a level by 1.25 or boost a characters stats.

    If they’re just cosmetic, that’s fine. If I can make a Tesco with legs that can follow me around, I’m happy.

  6. so you are saying i can make a kirby pet?!?!

  7. Time to make a bunch of Antonball pets, and some Pizza Tower ones as well.


  9. Hey, Will vibrant venture ever have multiplayer? if you ever make multiplayer on vibrant venture i would recommend Photon pun 2, its really to use i have used in my 2 past projects.

  10. that moment when something he talks about in this video is EXACTLY what you need help with in a high school course you're taking…

  11. Can't wait until this releases! You should also implement pets in the Steam Workshop so players can post and import other pets or something like that…

  12. This game keeps getting better and better. Love it!

  13. How r u sooo good at coding all my games that I make in unity are trash

  14. you should make it to where you can enter the town
    I mean, how hard can it be?

  15. Amazing game, I bought! Totally satisfied. But I don’t understand how to get the super hard level.

  16. You should definitely do more of these! I love these devlogs!

  17. can you bring back Jade, Peach, Plum and Pomegranate (4 buyable characters in your old ROBLOX game)?

  18. Friend suggested the game to me. best purchase ever to be honest.

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