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I Made a Pixel Art Program… In a Game Engine?

Semag Games
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In this video, I go over the process of how I created a pixel art drawing tool inside of Unity! We also take a look at how pets work in-game.

Vibrant Venture is a 2D adventure platformer game featuring a quirky cast of characters! The game features four playable characters with multiple unique abilities that can be combined for extremely versatile, fluid and fun movement!

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Bresenham’s line algorithm:

Unity C# implementation:

Flood fill “Forest Fire algorithm”:

Unity C# implementation:

0:00 Introduction
0:44 Setting up the canvas
1:47 The first pixels
2:23 Adding colors
3:00 The RGB system
4:09 Brightness/saturation, color picking and grid toggling
5:09 Image movement algorithm
6:22 Line tool and flood fill
6:50 Undo and redo system
8:14 Saving and loading
9:14 Animating
10:13 Finalizing the system
11:02 Outro

Music used (in order):
– “Mario & Chill ▸ Odyssey ~ Synthwave Remix” by GameChops:

– “Weightless” by MARION music:

– “Instant Crush” by Corbyn Kites:

– “Accumula Town Lo-fi Remix – “Rainstorm Ramble” ~ Pokémon Black and White” by SuperiorSnivys:

– ‘’Fairy Fountain’’ by GameChops:

– “Traveller” by Atch:

– “Super Mario 64 ▸ Staff Roll ~ Mario & Chill” by GameChops:


  1. can you stop being awesome for like one minute?

  2. Since a pet is called there is no escape does that mean i can only stay here?

  3. If you do plan on making programs like this maybe make a main company name like semag games could be to do with games but like if you ever plan on making softwares, merch or whatever, you could make a main name like Semagnix or something idk i suck at names lol, it was an idea that popped in my head

  4. This is fascinating to watch! I really enjoy making tools like this for games. I recently did a level editor for my own game.

  5. You know….. this would make a very good mobile game?…. Anyone?

  6. this game is nice like the roblox one

  7. It would be amazing if they added some of the characters from the old roblox version

  8. This dude made an entire interactive pixel art system
    so players could make their own personal pets

  9. I love watching these!! Please keep making them! 🙂


    i will surely want that pet. L shaped chef kawasaki 2020

  11. This is amazing! I personally don't know how to code (other than a few lines demonstrated from youtube videos) It looks fun and interesting to see come to life!

  12. I'm here by Koneko. The purple hat guy looks like Koneko TBH. Nice game.

  13. i wanna play it but its paid 🙁

    it literally looks like sonic forces but with unique characters and started as a roblox game

  14. Amazing idea! 😀 I've a similar coding idea which the player can make their own characters by built-in pixel painter, and your works really inspire me to work on it because the result is so cool.

  15. It would be cool if u could do a animation for going up hills

  16. Just a request can you make it so you can make custom sprites for the character if anyone knows how to do this already respond to this

  17. This game looks simulator to another game I play, is it a fan game?

  18. How about making a simple game i engine and publist it on playstore

  19. e will the game get updated on gamejolt?

  20. im probably going to make a community creation about that ufo lol

  21. Any chance your Pixel Art editor could end up on the Unity Asset Store? I'd love something like that.

  22. please make a tutoriel i need this.

  23. You should make something like this for After Effects

  24. You should add mobile support for iOS and Android… and add a free demo for the users (like me)

  25. Everybody gangsta til someone creates the baby Metroid.

  26. I've always wished devs would do something like this. I always wanted to make my own Terraria pets in game as a kid lol. Really cool work.

  27. it'd be pretty cool if we could change the character textures too, love the video though!

  28. Holy cow this was one year ago?!? I remember this like yesterday!

  29. about the when you explained color limit 255, so if the limit is 255 then why in the explonation it was 256 or am i stupid?

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