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I Made a Game with ONLY AI Art, & No One Noticed

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Pixela – AI Art Search Engine:
Seamless Texture Checker:
Synty Low Poly Ancient Empire:

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⌚ Time stamps for key topics ⌚

– 0:00 – Using AI Generated Art in My Game
– 0:51 – How to Create AI Art
– 2:58 – Advantages of Using AI Art
– 7:39 – Unity Asset Store Black Friday
– 8:31 – Disadvantages of Using AI Art
– 10:59 – Creating a New YT Logo with AI

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  1. I don't understand the pushback against AI art in games. If I were an artist for video games, I would no doubt utilize AI. AI plus manual polish will be the way to go for anyone who isn't a luddite stuck in the past.

  2. Can we make complex animation blendtrees with using dots . In a very optimised way

  3. I remember thinking the scale texture on the zombie heads was a strange choice… now I understand! Also… first!?

  4. Yeah AI can be useful here, I’m waiting for similar and easy to use alg but for 3d models – ofc alg for pc users, not for Google/Nvidia workers with tons of servers 😁

  5. i noticed that the art was wack, but i assumed that that was because programmer

  6. Great video. Thank you! 👍🏻

    It's great that we developers have access to this new tools… I think that a revolution is starting right when we see ourselves able to Generate 3D Models from Text (and 2D & 3D Art) as Input, in a matter of seconds or minutes. Then things will become easier for every Indie Game Studio (in regards to the Art department).

  7. We assumed it was bad programmer art, guess it was bad programmed art <3

  8. Out of curiosity how'd you setup Stable Diffusion? My setup is a AMD Ryzen 5900x on ROG Strix X470-f with RX6900xt. Still wrapping head around how to setup with this setup as its not made of commonly used gpu.

  9. This is not meant to be offensive in any way, but I am not sure how else to word it. It's not so much that no one noticed, it's that most folks watching your videos probably didn't care enough to notice if it was AI generated or if you made it in paint, as they were here for the code. That said, it's still good that it was brought up and explained, because it is quite useful.

  10. Tbh, You 100% got me with everything except tombstones. I noticed something was off with the tombstones, because the pattern was… too weird. Although I was almost certain it got randomly generated and THEN cropped in exciting spots… I think that "It's not the point of the video" made all of us ignore the no essential parts, as we are mostly to hear about DOTS details 😀 I think the experiment would be much more "100%" if you made it in "look at the game I made," It would make us look at it as the product, not a guide.

  11. Hey this exactly the technique and tool I used in my tutorial series too! Much better than any programmer art I've ever made, glad to see other people using these tools

  12. I think AI art is fantastic for indie developers. As it develops devs can have access to free AAA, unique assets for their games.

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