How to protect your art/games/creative work through copyright, trademark, etc... -

How to protect your art/games/creative work through copyright, trademark, etc…

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Hopefully this video is somewhat useful!

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Intro: (0:00)
Ways to protect your work (0:52)
Copyrighting (1:52)
Trademarking (4:34)
Patenting (6:16)
Inspiration or Copying? (6:37)
Outro (8:12)


  1. I am still drafting on my channel my art isn't official and if I do make cards that are not officials and will change are those pervious version are copyright?

  2. What abt Metadata? The files show the date of creation and any changes.

  3. Hey I know you’re not a lawyer, but in your experience or knowledge, is it legal to run a prototype with copyright art amongst a community to play test or is that illegal. The game would be making no money, it would just be for free play testing.

  4. What about a spin off of a game? Say perhaps the rules are the same/similar but the characters are altered with altered names? Would you still need to change the rules? Sorry for having so many questions.

  5. I have a son 14 years old. He has a lot of artwork spanning over 11 years. All of the same characters. The information he has on these is unlimited and I'm overwhelmed with where to start. I almost need a professional in the gaming, trading, or character development field to help with advice or direction. I don't have any experience or knowledge in this area. He is brilliant. I'm posting in hopes of someone providing advice.

  6. say i made a game and in said game i had a billboard advertizing a ficional comany do i need to trade mark that fictional companys name

  7. this really helped me! i was very worried about my stuff being stolen, but now i know i just have to watch out for lex lu- i mean, jeff bezos.

  8. How is copying bad, and referred to as stealing? That's literally how the human race has evolved. The west likes to create these artificial laws but have no problem bombing and stealing from other countries. They have no right to talk about what's moral or not based on their own actions 😂

  9. So, I’m a bit confused…do you need a copyright symbol or no? And if you don’t pay for an ACTUAL copyright can you still put the symbol or does the symbol not matter at all?

  10. I’ve made my own home made tag not at all copying you it’s about real life animals

  11. Very interesting and easy to understand video! This’ll definitely be useful for anybody looking to fully develop their TCGs into actual products, so thank you for making this video!

  12. Hopefully I’m not going to use this video for my game anytime soon, but if I do need it, I’m glad it’s here. Thanks Zack 👍

  13. thank you for telling me this. i was always worried that my peers and colleagues since it happened before

  14. So I’m making a board game/card game so it will be using a lot of art and text. I like in the USA, so the laws here are probably different on how copyright works. Basically after researching the general laws. Pretty much anything you make by default in the US art wise (art can be anything) is protected by a basic copyright law. But you can pay to have your copyright be formally recognized by the Library of Congress by paying money. With this, the main perk is that you can more easily sue people if they take your stuff.

  15. We were confused about this for our game. Thanks for making this.!

  16. That's it?! Dude, you just saved a ton of people.

  17. Hey Zack, I have a question. If someone (like me) we’re to use the idea of having two or more cards to combine into eachother to form one big card. That wouldn’t be stealing the idea of combiners from chaos galaxy if it had been originally done in games like YugiOh or the Transformers trading card game right?

  18. I am starting my own TCG about fantasy and i've taken inspiration and i am making all the stuff and i have a friend wich is helping me

  19. Social media timestamps are like the #1 best way to prove that something is yours

    Edit: also properly dated artworks

  20. That poster in the frame in the background is very cool.
    I like the setup with the plants as well.
    Very professional keep it up

  21. This very helpful I forgot that they used to do that with the envelope very useful for people who want to keep proof if they don’t own a computer and just purely wanna keep it on paper

  22. I don't know why, but the way you pronounce patent bothers me for some reason

  23. This is real copy of tcg or having unofficially tcg please reply

  24. If anyone should want help in protecting their cardgames watch this video. 😊

  25. It's great to see this info shared. Creators are always so worried about having their ideas stolen, but the best way to protect your stuff is to share it, not hide it.

  26. thanks! i'm selling my first cards and really needed this!

  27. When or do you have any holographic cards lined up ?

  28. Thanks you’re videos help a lot (I’m working on my own tcg journey to the end)

  29. Zack are you gonna a battle for the new starter decks the storms of rokah and the creations of Teklar battle please make a battle for the new starter decks

  30. Would you allow people to sell chaos galaxy singles?

  31. do you make and sell your own cards?

  32. Spitting nothing but facts. Really gotta be careful with homemade tcgs but from the games i've seen, everyone seems really unique.

  33. This is a great topic for a video. I've done copyright through the government with my creatures. It's about 75 bucks for a collection.

  34. "Trade marking cost some money"
    Me: ™

  35. Thank you so much for this extremely helpful video! I have been somewhat panicking about this very topic so having someone explain has been a very enlightening experience. Thank you again!

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