How To Make Game Graphics When You're Bad At Art - Devlog 2 -

How To Make Game Graphics When You’re Bad At Art – Devlog 2

Let’s Talk Game Design
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Game design in practice, with the second Devlog episode for my as-yet-unnamed 2D platformer that I’m making just to get something up on Steam!

IN THIS EPISODE: How do graphics work? How do you make good graphics when you can’t draw at all? What is contrast? How do you use contrast in game design? Why is Tommy the best Power Ranger?

All of this and more, on Let’s Talk Game Design!

Ultralounge & Werq by Kevin MacLeod



  1. Man u are so different from other game devs I ever seen imagine using click team fusion engine and paint .net

  2. If you wanna know how to make some springs by the way, when you overlap the spring, make the jump strength and maximum y velocity higher. When you hit the ground, change the jump strength to the default. Just a tip!

  3. I love the concept of this series. Talk about game design concepts using your ongoing project as a template, with some humour thrown in. Hopefully it catches on. 🙂

  4. Dont know why but the gray background looked better that made the scene really simplistic and clean

  5. The singular issue I have with the background is that the light beams end. If I were doing it I'd probably make them long enough that the player can never see the end, but eh.

  6. Great work! For the lighting maybe you can add a central light, like in Thomas was alone. Preferably a soft-light(made by a soft round brush), it gives the game a nice lighting effect, and maybe don't move the shadow's, eye's follow motion! I'll be following along on the series, Best of luck! Make a Discord server for suggestions on the game!

  7. Instructions unclear,
    ended up with a beautiful art style but trash code.

  8. This channel deserves millions of subscribers, his sense of humour and the content of the devlogs are amazing

  9. This video was awsome and i LOVE your style of humor, u just earned urself a sub

  10. As a fellow dev with no art bone in my body, I approve this message. 😂 really good tips, thanks!
    I think the different colours will work well to differentiate between levels!

  11. Wow amazing progress from really simple shapes and technics. One thing i would recommend is making the light beams go through the entire level instead of just being cut before the ceiling.

  12. I'm pretty sure your game graphic advice is applicable even if you can draw

  13. I totally liked the black background… It was really stark and contrasting!

  14. I honestly prefer the grey background. Maybe u could make it an option in the settings?

  15. imo the solid blocks should be like a black filter or just straight black

  16. the background color could change with the levels

  17. I cannot let the like button of a video with a dude which is a fan of Bob Ross unclicked.

  18. You should be able to separately change the color of the background and trail

  19. I really love how confident you are with your decisions. Many other dev logs give a sense of uncertainty and willingness to change based on viewers opinions but you seem to trust your own judgement and I think that's a great quality. Love the humor and the game seems great.

  20. <– my face when you dont really like the colour orange

  21. Hue shifting the yellow to orange would make it look nicer

  22. a player dying doesn't mean that a level isn't fair, dying is a part of learning the game.

  23. Paint.NET is the greatest art program and if you disagree you're literally just wrong. It's not an opinion it's a fact. It's feature rich, has support for plugins, and is BY FAR the most intuitive art program out there

  24. Subscribed because it's a gamedev channel❌
    Subscribed because of the humor ✅

  25. You're not too old, Power Rangers is for the young kids.

  26. This Man: orange and yellow suck
    Me: Aaaand Subcribed

  27. i like the black background as it reminds me of mininalist flash games from when i was a kid however i enjoy the new one as well

  28. Damn that whole power ranger thing just for to lead into the new color 👍

  29. Late to the party, but I just found your channel and it's terrific!

  30. How can ı do path mark like this game? .(red line )

  31. red decreases contrast with the blood u spill
    theory: do every zelda 1 dungeon color

  32. Ya know, I think graphics is really important. And this video is useful for exactly that. Really cool. (Not binge watching)

  33. You should get a translantor set it to polish and call cd projekt red

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