How to Make Game Asset Art with AI (Free and Easy) - Stable Diffusion Tutorial 2022 -

How to Make Game Asset Art with AI (Free and Easy) – Stable Diffusion Tutorial 2022

Albert Bozesan
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Follow the guide to get Stable Diffusion for NVIDIA GPUs (sorry about the guide’s name, I hate it, too):

Other methods of installation:


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  1. I’m a graphic designer and I love AI but this, this makes me feel some type of way and it’s not a good feeling 🫠

  2. This is quite interesting. It would also be interesting if one could find a set of YouTube videos explaining how to code something like this.

  3. Incredible. Thank you so much for sharing your process. ❤

  4. confused when i downloaded and opened soft soft . I couldnt find any good and informative video for beginners to help

  5. Enjoyed this, should turn it into a mini user submitted series 😀

  6. Great tutorial, but why is your Chrome in German? 😀

  7. idk putting the name of artist as prompt is just so disturbing, you sound like decent guy but damn..

  8. I’ve been experinting and posting I tNice tutorialnk I’ve gotten pretty ok for my first year

  9. i have a small question
    in the guide on step 2 its says "Clone the WebUI repo to your desired location" where i find this WebUI repo??

  10. Riders on the storm!! This is incredible! Subscribed

  11. Someone help me get this working I have no experience and need help

  12. Wow, this surely won't cause a generation of lazy and untalented indie developers to come 😀

  13. It's hilarious how many people think that AI art is a fad. Even as rudimentary (compared to what is to come) as it is, it has become yet another tool in the kits of many artists and, really, anyone who wants quick, free assets with no IP strings attached.

  14. Just insane. Stable Diffusion has to be a dream. It must be April 1st. My brain cannot handle how a computer can create beauty!

  15. I'm really struggling with watch time, but I'm not giving up! 🙏💙💙

  16. Is it possible to create sprite sheets with AI?

  17. AI Image prompting still in that computer-nerd-garage-DIY-pioneer-phase. ^^ Can't believe that there ist no big corporation that shuffed all of that simply into a wide spreading App for mobile devices. 😃😃
    Google is doing it's own project at the moment but is just waiting with the release. But I wonder that they have not already released somekind of toy with that technology.

  18. This is pretty disgusting. You're using the work of real living artists to generate from. You're litterally stealing their art.

  19. Is there a website to turn these into 3D models using AI? That would be game changing

  20. Ohh can it do more abstract things like a ground dirt texture or tiles?

  21. Are there potential license issues using copyrighted work as training data for ML algorithms?

  22. This method of passing the ball back and forth between AI and artist looks like the future of 2D art taking shape to me.

  23. When it comes to AI will there be copyright issues of the art? I'm just asking since this is my first experience looking at how AI can be a tool

  24. really cool to see a detailed process, thank you for the help!

  25. pls make tutorial how to install and use ai with ui

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