How to Make Game Art When You CAN'T! -

How to Make Game Art When You CAN’T!

Jonas Tyroller
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How do you make game art when you’re not an artist?
How do you create sprites for your game when you can’t draw?
How can you get awesome graphics when you’re just a programmer?

Earlier or later you’ll need some art for your game! But let’s be honest: A lot of game devs can’t draw. We can’t come up with awesome color pallets and we don’t know how to create the slickest sprite sheets.

In my opinion beginners just need to try a ton of different styles and in order to do that you’ll have to find an efficient way to do so. Best case scenario: You procedurally generate different art styles directly in engine. This way you can just wait for a style you like and go with that.

If you create further design variations on that and iterate your results, you’ll hopefully manage to gradually improve the overall look of your game.

Making a good looking game with awesome graphics is definitely tough, when you’re not a professional artist. If you put in the time and the effort, it’s definitely possible, though.

Also try to get some feedback from friends and others in order to evaluate your design ideas. That’ll help you to stay on track and take the correct decisions for your indie game.

How do you create the graphics / sprites for your games? Let me know in the comments.


  1. i know how to art, so why did i watch this, idk, stop asking me.

  2. That art ,damn! I started having hallucinations after watching it.😵😵

  3. Most unique and useful advice on youtube 👌

  4. Yep you are right like working with noa calis (blackthornprod) game jamsss😏

  5. I liked the AI face visible in the floor of your level. I felt that represented the idea behind your game better. And instead of solid colours a neon like theme could work really well. Closer to the same design with the face (timestamp 1:00).

  6. I too zuck as an artist!

  7. If your making games then your an artist, maybe not a visual one but video games are an art form

  8. 1) You sound incredibly similar with the twins in superjail.
    2)Thanks for video, now i know how my game will look like if i make one.

  9. lol it so great to see how the game graphics improved, to how it is now

  10. this is hilarious, watching this knowing what the modern Will You Snail looks like

  11. I like the more minimalist one with the fuzzy looking outlines

  12. Can someone explain me how to Code if I can't? im an artist and I've been drawing sprites for the past year, I want to use them for my project, I tried to code on Unity BUT ITS JUST FRUSTRATING, it never does what I want it to do, or it just does not work at all, I need help

  13. Somehow I feel like Will You Snail would have been better if it stayed as a cartoony rage game

  14. The two ways of creating art for your games :
    1. Create colored cubes like Dani does
    2. Create neon Art


  15. Me: is an artist I just want a way to save time and cheat…

  16. i actually love to do graphics for games. i suck at programming tho

  17. I've always said you only need 2 things as an artist: the ability to tell if something looks good or bad, and the patience to keep going until it stops looking bad.

  18. It was 'Will you snail?' ? 😶 now it is on next level.

  19. the answer is simple just dont make a game 🙂

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  21. 西行寺 幽々子 『SAIGYOUJI YUYUKO』 says:

    It's a lot more helpful when you have watched a lot of photoshop tutorials and you mess around with it a lot. Then when you make art for games, it becomes easier to make the art in GIMP or PS especially when you have experience with those programs. I used them to make memes and stuff, like the deep-fry effect, which can actually be useful for making game graphics sometimes. lol

  22. or just use the placeholders as a great game developer once said “it doesnt matter if your game looks trash if its fun its ok i mean its not like theyll care”

  23. Looking at old videos for inspiration on my tower defence game

  24. Knowing what you are going for is very important, because it basically dictates the entire art style. I never noticed this but I do this automatically.

  25. What a start……. and this method apparently works pretty well over time cos…. Will You Snail graphics right now are unimaginably epiccc

  26. i like, i can't say this really answers the question much of how to make game art when you suck at art.

  27. I'm lazy to watch the video, but I use Blender to generate 2d graphics :"D

  28. I just want my game to look like a game.. I have completed prototype but its just made of cubes and materials using only colors. 😞😞😞

  29. Bro u didn't tell how to make art actually. I can't use any other software except MS Paint.

  30. Im actually a mediocre artist and been digitally drawing for 2years
    still feeling i cant

  31. i want to make something 2d that is not
    fricking pixel art

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