How to make an isometric pixel art tileset for your game -

How to make an isometric pixel art tileset for your game

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In this tutorial for beginners where we’ll be looking at how to make an isometric pixel art tileset to use in a game. The tutorial shows how to make a very simple nature tileset that consists of tiles for grass, dirt, sand, stone and water. You can use the same principles to elaborate a tileset with a different theme.


(00:00) Intro
(00:22) Palettes
(01:00) Planning the tiles
(02:01) Grass Tile
(05:35) Dirt Tile
(06:33) Sand Tile
(07:11) Water Tile
(08:08) Stone Tile
(09:44) Sprite Sheet
(12:10) Outro
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  1. what software did you use? it seemed really convenient for you, is there anyway to make experimenting with these tiles as easy in piskel? please respond im dying over here

  2. Hi, how do you set up the grid? Do you just copy it or draw it as well. Thanks

  3. I suck at art but i think pixel art is fun and its super cute too

  4. In fact, this is the best isometric pixel tutorial for beginners, especially the background grid, if you are a developer who wants to design assets for your own game, it will definitely be very helpful

  5. I saw your other isometric pixel art vid and it was so great I went to see if you had more! This was so great, getting to see your sped up process- seeing you go with the flow and make shapes and try things and erases things and try something different was inspiring, and made me feel less bad about not being able to get all the shapes I want quickly. Just gotta have fun and tinker and try things!I also wanted to request, and totally understand if it's not on your agenda/radar, but more isometric art videos would be incredible! These two were both of such high quality that it left me wanting more! Shorts even would be a great option if you want more channel visibility, just like how to make this shape in 60 seconds. Anyways, whether you do or you don't, I'm incredibly grateful for these two videos!

  6. hey there? how to tile a seamless wall in isometric perpsective? the grass is easy, but I am wondering how to tile a wall , brick wall with some moise looking ,thx.

  7. Hey there! Being a musician – developer – insane human – and artist, I started work on an isometric style game recently and your video (the previous one too ofc (: ) helped me so much! thank you very much

  8. Muchas gracias por el video, estoy empezando en esto y fue de gran ayuda!

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