How To Make A Game Alone -

How To Make A Game Alone

Thomas Brush
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Intro 00:00
I Made Constant Changes 00:30
Free Goodies 01:43
Too Many Tasks 02:13
Constant Disappointment 3:03
It Doesn’t Have To Be This Hard 4:00
What “Solo” Really Means 4:59
Going Full Time Indie 6:00
Conclusion 7:20


  1. im sorry but this was a fucking speech and not a learning experience you taught me zero and helped me none.

  2. Hi, am senior high school graduate and i really want to be a game dev, am planning to take the bsemc course which has a game dev program, i just want to know if it's really worth it?

  3. I am a young person learning game design from the internet and I am trying to do it alone because there are not many people around me interested in this job. You talked about the thought changes in game design in a part of the video and I totally agree, as a game developer I may have changed my mind dozens of times or trashed the projects I have been working on for months, maybe I am not a very professional designer but hearing the same things from someone else made me think a bit, maybe we should think the same thing, maybe not worry too much. I can't give a clue, but maybe seeing the video will help me rethink some ideas..

  4. so to make a game i have to slave away at it for years
    get lucky
    get handed 100k over night.
    got it👍👍

  5. I am extremely centered and I have the clearest idea I could ever imagine, everything planned and sorted out, everything seen from a place where I can keep things simple and to the point, I don’t struggle a bit there, I can manage art super well and people love my artstyle, I’ve got fans and all, what I lack is .. programming, I don’t know a single fking bit of it and I’m struggling with the most basic things, I’m studying hard on my own because I and many people want what I offer

  6. You gave me a fantastic idea with your webinar on making money before you even launch.

    I dip into many hobbies.
    I can make some really good videos with Canva and other things. Some 3D modelling skills, animation, etc.

    My design skills are and I say this modestly because of low self confidence and uncertainty.

    Pretty good lol.

    So I can focus on that and maybe take out the countless hours modelling everything and maybe just slapping some assets together to make a really nice looking game.

    At first that felt like cheating. Like it was a ripoff to players if I don’t do everything myself. So thank you for that.

    I also am developing myself after years of very bad life choices in my younger years that left me basically crippled mentally and with tons of health issues.

    I am currently working in trying to start a personal development channel which is the one I am currently using with my 7 subscribers from crappy quote videos lol.

    I love working with blender and unreal engine.

    I can talk about my journey, give personal development tips and show how I use this development mindset to make my first game, start a business online and quite frankly make an impact on people to help them achieve more. This will tie everything I am doing together!

    It holds me accountable and keeps me going and it promotes me and my channel and I can use affiliate marketing like I have focused on in business and sponsors programs that promote that same passion or drive to learn and grow.

    Everything I am learning and growing from can be others fuel when they need it and my own fuel as well.

    It sounds stupid simple but when your 30 years old barely scraping by with student loan debt from a terrible college that left me hanging and $40000 in the hole and a father to a 3 years old and a husband working a very physically and mentally demanding job in a steel fab shop.

    Time and energy are at an all time low… If I didn’t have these hobbies and hope for the future….I would feel lost.

    When your focus is to build a life for your family you can be proud of and your not delivering, it is easy to fall into a deep hole.

    So being able to bring yourself and others around you up with your dreams is crucial.

    You actually are a very sincere human being and I see you doing just that and it inspired me to do the same.

    No more making crappy funnels or video plans to try and push mediocre products that may or may not work, trying to build games for the sake of just learning a skill and not jumping on the opportunity it brings because it “too hard to do it all”

    It’s time to be sincere, show all sides of who I am, what I know, and how I can help others with that and grow at the same time.

    Thank you for this video and that webinar.

    If I had any money at all man, it would be yours haha.

    Take care.

  7. It’s great to think that ai can help so much now with some of the roles like making concepts stories level designs and even some of the coding. Of course you can’t use ai for everything but if you are really struggling for ideas concepts or how to set it up throw some stuff at chat gpt even if it doesn’t give everything you want it can help to start your mind and give you ideas

  8. Its a real lonely road. I do believe thay there will be a reward at the end. Thanks for this wonderful vid.

  9. I'm planning on making a game with 2 other family members lol

  10. I obviously don't know your exact situation, but I relate a lot to your struggles with deadline-less motivation, or tasks that don't have other people depending on me.

    I have ADHD, and I find that the internet (and other people) are full of advice on how to stay organised, motivated etc., and personally a lot of it just doesn't work for me. For a long time, I assumed I was the problem, which just added on top of the guilt and shame.

    I guess my point is, some things are gonna work for you, and some are not. There's gonna be a lot of trial and error over the next long while, but don't let it get you down if it takes a while for you to get into the groove of things.

    Good luck, from one of your Danish neighbours!

  11. 3 mins in describes my whole life 😂 I've been doing to much for to long I going to have a break it's just a shame I can't book any time off for 3 weeks 😢 but at least then I should be in my new place😊

  12. I am actually a beginner in all of this and by chance i found this video before even starting anything. Im grateful for this video cause i think i would have made the same mistake. I am a student and my dream is to become an indie game developer i wanna know as much as possible before heading into this thank you so much for this video this really helped.

  13. thanks so muth for al the help you give to me and other peaple

  14. Hey, Thomas! Just watched this video today. Had a question if you still check these: is there any concern that, when using assets, several games will end up looking or sounding the same due to having used the same assets?

  15. I'm going to make a 2d game and by the time I'm sixteen I'm going to be rich thanks some much for the advice

  16. Thank you for the words of advice. I've been wanting to be a game dev since I was playing Combat on the Atari as a kid….it's just never happened. Life has consistently gotten in the way. Thanks for reminding me not to give up and that these things are still possible.

  17. I finished my BS in Game Design right before Covid happened and still haven't been able to land a design job, meanwhile I'm stuck at my desk job knowing all I want to do is design a game. This has helped give me the push to pursue it more! Thank you!

  18. I’m a 17 year old. My far fetched dream is to do it all. Music production, film script writing, filming, audio engineering, clothe design and animation. But only 3d game animation. It’s a far reach but I know I can do it.

  19. So your solution is to have money? … Gee thanks! I'll remember that when I get some! -_-

  20. Awesome video! Listening to you talk about how you kept changing the story, spending weeks changing the logo, and creating audio you never used sounds very familiar… ADHD.
    It's actually easier to steer away from this once you know you do it. I calling it "Loading".

    When I'm unsure about something, instead of taking a step back and assessing what the problem really is, I start fidgeting with things. I found creating a detailed map of ideas and picking 3 works best for me. Then doing a rough out-line for each and lastly pick my favourite. Then I can create a detailed plan from A to Z, goals, timeliness and so on so I can tell myself to stick with the plan. If I hit a bump along the way I assess the situation and look at my progress. If I feel I need to I step away for a bit, I'll come back and assess it again the next day. Sometimes the need to alter things is not related to the project itself.

    If I feel like I'm Loading I step back and ask myself why. 9/10 times it has nothing to do with the stuff I feel like changing! It's just your brain looking for a quick fix, that "aha" moment of dopamine.
    And the guilt that comes after month of wasted time is… well horrible.

    Done is better than Perfect.

  21. Thank you for this inspiring video. I always wanted to be a game developer but after watching this video I have realized its possible and I can do it. Because either way time will pass but those small victories count and contribute to the bigger picture.

  22. You are alone as an indie dev. Thats what independent means. But thats also the good thing about open source learning.

  23. As a software engineer and aspiring game dev, your contents are very helpful. I've been following your channel for years now and plan to send you an email lately to ask where can I found the video of you talking about marketing and funding as this is what I am lacking the most. Thank you for sharing your experience, it appears to me that all kinds of software development shares the same dilemma regardless of what industry specially for solo dev or someone that is working on their own product. Sharing your experience and struggles make this channel more humane and very relatable.

  24. Im a highschooler starting my game development journey, I've wanted to do this since I was 11 and honestly I think I keep trying to overachieve, thanks for this video, I'm currently trying to come up with some ideas

  25. I’m a 10 year old that wants to make a game in unreal alone this came in my reccomended PERFECT time

  26. I’m LITTERALY taking notes on this video, I have a lot of experience making games in unity and I feel very comfortable with the unity engine it’s self. I have been making games for about 7 months and all the ones I tried to make i either forgot about or just got very hard to work with because of so much stress and I have been working on all the games I tried to make by myself. I am just now somehow noticing just because of this video that I just can’t make a game by-myself it just won’t work for me. I also just don’t have enough experience with all those things on time stamp 2:13 . So I also just wanted to say thank you for kinda opening me to that.

  27. I have a dream to becoming a game dev i am 14 years old and learning c++ and c# for my game development.

  28. Man this is a great video! I've been wanting to make games as a Hobbie for a long time and this video is just super encouraging and just feels grounded in how we should have real expectations! Thanks for doing this! I'm excited to watch your other videos!

  29. Wanted to start making game instead of playing it…Saw this video in the perfect time

  30. I have the dream of developing games, but I don't have a computer, and here in Brazil, it's not so easy to have money for one, but I'm only 15 years old, so I might have a lot of time to get one, right?

  31. Wow watching this video is like looking in a mirror

  32. can i also become a game developer even though i know only a small amount of coding language?

  33. The trick is to reuse all the work done for a different project within the path of your career. Like job candidacies.

  34. You scared me for a moment. But then I realized, I planned two of these mistakes ahead, like building gameplay on to the story not the story around the gameplay. Also not building it solo, as mentioned at 5:00

  35. Making a game alone ? What for ? This is too difficult ?

  36. Idk, I think its important to make small games as your first games. So you get the gist of it, and then you also get the adrenaline whenever you completed creating a stage or whatever. I definitely will be discouraged if my first game is to be of a high standard, because I tried that on my first try. I had an ambitious puzzle game planned. I successfully failed miserably. I then gave up and created such a simple game, but after that first game (and 3 other mini simple games) I get the WOOHOO feeling again and again, till I am addicted enough to make a medium sized project. This time it took me one full month to complete and I am expecting to make 3-4 more medium-sized projects before finally committing on a huge project. I feel like if you are to ambitiously make a huge scale game as your first game, you are gonna get discouraged and not finish it..

  37. I hope my journey is helping you! Tell me about your solo journey below!
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