How to make 2D Game Art (my simple process) -

How to make 2D Game Art (my simple process)

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  1. If you do it, it looks so easy and effortless….then I try…..and cry 😉

  2. How do you use different color in layer mask, only white grey and black are available

  3. Just by looking at your art,i have already thinked in a way to make a diferrent but similar art style.Thanks!

  4. this might sound stupid but do you do ur art with mouse or by hand?

  5. What game engine or software do you use to make your games?

  6. hi sir! what if i want to create a big 2d world in photoshop! so how i can create a collider on a layer what i want ? i mean if i use tilemap to create world in unity! that not work for a big map from photoshop!! so what i can do!

  7. im a comic book artist. but i wanna make a games with it. where do i start?

  8. I am using android
    What software are you use in background desine ❤️

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