How to make 2D Game Art (my simple process) -

How to make 2D Game Art (my simple process)

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  1. Can you suggest any books for beginners

  2. Blackthornprod's art : Minecraft
    My art : Block miner craft world

  3. Thanks so much for this! I'm an artist who needed some tips on art for indie dev, and this was amazing 🙂

  4. Fajnie, że coś widać jak tak wykonujesz 50 rzeczy w pół sekundy… VOTE DOWN!

  5. Do you have any tips for making realistic art? For example a real looking person or something? 😆

  6. Finally, we can rip off… I mean take inspiration from your art!

  7. I just watched thomas brush then saw this sponsorship. Nice vid

  8. my comment is sponsored by blackthornprods video! :DDD lol but you are pretty awesome. if i had a yt channel i would ask you if you would sponsored me tph.

  9. Black thorn prod has a really really unique art and I have also applied your art tips to my art style great job noa , keep creating 😺👌👌👍👍

  10. Me: watching how to make game art being a pixel artist at 2 am

    Also me: yes

  11. Finally got inspired to pick up my drawing tablet again, thanks for this!

  12. Really good and cool but I liked the cute art style more

  13. Finally! A video that helps me! Because I suck at making scenaries for my games! Thank you!

  14. Finally! The secret has been revealed.
    Pretty Awesome Tips!

  15. Great Video! Thanks for sharing your process!

  16. awsome video man 😀 pliz make a tutorial about making minimap

  17. new to photoshop, how do you export single layers to unity? if that is possible.

  18. your photoshop is french c: and guess what… i am french ! ^^

  19. Wha- I searched for this yesterday, how is it possible?

  20. Even tho im terrible at art class, I feel like I can do this easily. Blackthronprod is a great teacher! Thanks man.

  21. please how to export the file from PS to UNITY ?

  22. Need more video like this❤️……! Because everyone teachs code, and now I know how to code for a simple 2D game. But from the art side my level is 0😞

  23. Can you please give the discord server invite link for 2d action Udemy course
    I have recently joined it but the invitation link is not working

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