How to make 2D Game Art (my simple process) -

How to make 2D Game Art (my simple process)

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  1. Always lovely to remember that Noa and Liam work side by side all the time 😀

  2. this looks easy and all until I remember I draw with mouse :')

  3. The art is like a storybook.
    It looks great!
    ♧4-20th-2021, Tues.

  4. This is one of the best 2d art tutorial ever.. Thanks for this Noa

  5. Does anyone know what he meant by the all in one shader pack, I've never seen that 6:29

  6. I wonder, do you animate your characters frame by frame using this method? or do you use the bone thing in unity? which means disecting your character in ps right?

  7. I like your art and style. So nice and unique ! Great great great work !!!!
    But it's not so easy to do, even if it seems to in your videos.I Probably need much more practice

  8. That was the best game art video on Youtube I have ever seen! thank you so much I really love your inspiring video's thank you!

  9. Thank you so much for making this! I always do my silhouette-based stuff in illustrator with very clean and sharp lines, this video made a whole another art style seem a lot more approachable.

  10. this video really helped me because I'm pretty bad at making art and want to get better

  11. you should tone down the background color in Olobollo, it might help make the players more visible (:

  12. Plss noa make a series game making tutorial ..Pls??

  13. Amazing artwork
    Your game styles are unique

  14. It's really interesting to see how you do your art. It's very unique and eye catching.

  15. Great stuff, as always! Love your art style and it’s really cool to see a more in-depth look at your creative process 🙂

  16. this is the first time I see him use the Spanish setting in photoshop for a maybe British person

  17. Can you explain more about the shaders you use?

  18. Olobollo! Sounds amazing and fun! Stay unique 👍

  19. Try saying OLOBOLO 5 times with a straight face 😍🤣💖

  20. Youre art style loosely reminds me of Edmun Mcmillen's art style. And I think thats a good thing 🙂

  21. thanks Thomas for 25% but its still more than half of what I make a month 😀 that is hard so spend soo maybe one day… 😀 not now

  22. can you please provide tutorials for creating 2d assets

  23. I really like this art style because it’s very broad. Some of the people you drew at the end looked very cartoony and with some lighter colors could look fun and from some Disney show. While some others looked like they were from a Tim Burton film. With your style you can make anything you want without it looking out of place because it all fits together so well

  24. Can you please make a tutorial on how to make bombs and throw them

  25. Thanks for the tutorial! Even if I am designing in colour, it is a good idea to start with silhouettes, that way my characters will be distinct and recognisable in shape before I fill in the colours

  26. hard to be colorblind to be an artist, I'll stick with strengthening my coding skills.

  27. I always wanted to learn something like this from you. You have such a distinct art style.

  28. I got an add for the full time game dev on this video

  29. I love your style Noa! 😍 All of your art is so beautiful and makes for some stunning game scenes❤️

  30. Hello, how can we find these "UV effects" on 6:20 and the things above of it?

  31. Why do I keep expecting you to achieve… seamlessness

  32. how did you just drag and drop layers from photoshop to unity?

  33. wait when i use brush 31 it is much smaller help plz!

  34. I'm not used to 2d arts, but I did my game arts from a 3d software. Took inspirations from this vid.

  35. I love those atmospheric effects and the image you created for this tutorial. I would love a story game in that kind of misty world, would be fabulous ! 😉

  36. its physically impossible to dont recognize your art, its so unique, even when you try different styles, its still easy to know that you made it

  37. such an amazing style. instantly recognizable.


  39. I love your art style, Maybe I get my own art style in base of yours!!! Thank you very much for this video

  40. Check out the cartoons I made thanks 🙏 for the help

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