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  1. As a non artist none of these impressed me

  2. Another way to impress an advanced artist, getting money

  3. Where did you learned to draw and some tips too pls and ur art is rlly great ngl ❤❤

  4. How to impress any artist:


  5. Step one:

    Knowing how to draw realistic –

  6. Im an digital artist. I am not included

  7. I was pretty impressed with the first ones but the fact is I am an artist😖

  8. What’s the song name for the Intermediate artist I love that song

  9. How to impress a pro artist

    draws 2 eyes perfectly

  10. How to impress any artist draw a straight line

  11. As a nine year old artist it only impressed me at the creative portaits and over

  12. How to impress you're parents.

    Draw a stick man

  13. Come back to me when you get the facial features right. No amount of shading or paint can save you from absolutely screwed faces with unproper structure. Please study russian socialist realism or late renessiance.

  14. Nah the beginner artist ain’t gonna be impressed…they’ll be depressed.

  15. Me- a beginer artist but all of them had impressed me ❤😐🫢

  16. How to impress any artist:

    Drawing the other eye perfectly

  17. I wasn't impressed with any of those, I think something wrong with me 🤔

  18. As an advanced artist who is riddled with adhd, i am impressed that you can finish drawings

  19. As a beginner artist everything impressed me ><

  20. I’m telling you we’ve all drawn the classic Lime Lips ✨

  21. How to say you're on shrooms without saying ur on shrooms

  22. the realistic objects part is so true 😭

  23. everybody is an artist in their own way

  24. This dosent impressed me because i am already the 1 stat

  25. r u useing this as an excuse to show off your work? smart why didnt i think of thatXD

  26. How to impress my classroom: draw a circle! XDDD

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