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In this video I’ll talk about game art ! How to get started, the tools I use, ways to stay motivated and how to improve your artistic skills !







Draw cartoony characters :

Paint game characters :

Create pixel art :

Game animation basics :





  1. Bully: You're bad at drawing lol.
    Me: You can't even draw.

  2. gooooooooooooooooaoaaaaaaaaaaaoooooaoaoaaoaoaooaaoaod

  3. I love your attitude towards improvement on a subject like art <3 epic video! Thanks 🙂

  4. Aseprite also seems to be a good tool for spriting.

  5. this is very inspiring and you just made me want to draw more about my game i'm designing (just art) called Deep Hollow, it's kinda like limbo mixed with hollow knight. comment or like this comment if you like my idea or if you want more info about it, ok bye now!

  6. I dont get why peopke spend all their live savings on ps while i got a free cracked one easily

  7. I have just paid for your course, this is just what I was after. Cheers, great work

  8. Okay I clicked on this for a tutorial and got this cute speech as a bonus, I needed this THANK YOU!

  9. It’s fun to watch this because I’m the contrary, I have years under my belt as an artist, but I just recently got interested in game making. And by recently I mean I haven’t done any, the closest was a video.

  10. ok but the examples from when you started are already good

  11. For some reason I can never start making a game unless I made art for it. I just hate seeing simple blocks moving around in a game prototype

  12. It's videos like this that make me watch your channel on a daily basis. Thank you.

  13. Advice: buy the Huion Kamvas 13 its a little cheaper than 350 USD and it has a screen so you dont have to look at your main screen and build up the skill

  14. Hey Noah I have a question and I know it's probably basic and I have read up on it but it's leaving me real confused as different people say different things. I want to make a mobile game and I'm confused about the art and it's resolution. So I chose 720 x 1280 because 360 x 640 is the most common resolution for mobile devices but now I don't know what resolution to make my sprites at so that it looks crisp and clear. I'm using Godot engine and currently using sprites at 1440×1440 resolution and scaling it down to fit in the screen. I've read in some places that say I should not scale down sprites but if I make the sprites at lower resolution then it doesn't look clear when trying it out. I'm not using pixel art. So how do I choose resolution for sprites and how do I handle scaling on devices with higher or lower resolutions ?

  15. What type of art style do you recommend, and do art styles build on each other or will it be like starting from the beginning each time your change styles? For instance, does pixel art help you get better at vector art or drawing or 3d modeling?

  16. I swear your videos manage to put me at ease. I'm seriously trying to get into developing something, but I keep running into a wall. But now I think I've got an idea on where to start. And I'm also gonna try to come back to this channel to learn more.

  17. Thank you! I'm doing a Secret Santa Game Jam, I made a cute little animal for the player to play as since the giftee likes animals 😀

  18. Thank you for this video, actually explained the process of creation rather than just listing art styles and tools! Also very motivating. I can't imagine I'll ever be an amazing artist, but I feel more capable of learning how to make something that works for me.

  19. I know how to code, but I don't feel any kind of accomplishment when a bunch of simple blocks and line are moving,
    I wish I studied digital art, but then I wouldn't know how to code either. dang it.. I wish I could live forever to master these both amazing skills..
    I'm in a state of slump now.

  20. You're so motivating and inspirational, don't change. You make me realize I'm my own enemy. It's a work in progress.

  21. thanks for this video, awesome game art!!

  22. Chill, man. Sticks with eyes is NOT a game art 😉

  23. 3:19 "Grab a pen and just start drawing"
    Well I have aspergers syndrome and that makes "just drawing" impossible. I do have many reasons to make pixel art though.

  24. Just realised my profile pic is basically the same as yours. 😉

  25. this is the best video ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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