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This is the first episode in a series that will show you how to make pixel art game characters, from the idea phase, to animation all the way to making sprite sheets and importing it all into Unity !

Today we’ll take a look at how to draw pixel art game characters using photoshop !
Here are the steps we will go through to bring our creation to life :
1) Idea and sketch
2) Outline
3) Main colors
4) Shadows and light
5) Details


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  1. Thank you! I didn't know it's so easy and fun!!

  2. Do you do private lessons. I am trying to get ahold of you. I will pay you hourly.

  3. Personally I use Piskel app instead of Photoshop for characters, items, etc as it is a LOT more simple to use. Nonetheless, great tutorial

  4. I want to create pixel art that's the same size of undertale characters, any idea what dimensions that would be?

  5. Ah pixel art, such a cruel mistress… I love it. So satisfying to create things that look like things with tiny dots.

  6. ótimo vídeo , só não do like por que não sei falar inglês

  7. You've helped me a lot! With your help and some other youtubers' help, I've published my first game 'Smart Maniya' on play store. If you guys have some time please try it. Thank you for everything.

  8. can you make a vidio not using photoshop or is photoshop the only app you can use because i dont have it

  9. 0:14 Pixel art is a medium, not an art style. There is no one pixel art style, there are many. Besides, an art style is a style for a medium. If pixel art was an art style what medium would it be in? Digital? Digital is not an art medium, because we have stuff like vector as a medium and that’s digital.

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    HE Loves you! Come to HIM!🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂

  11. Damn man, you make really good tutorials. You understand how to teach other people information. Well done

  12. I have a challenge for you. Take a game jam game and turn it into a full fledged commercial game

  13. I don't know why YouTube can link a game mentioned once in a video like you can make an entire video without the game your playing being picked up

  14. Been using PS since 1996 and I am at a loss as to understand how, at 4:48, you managed to get another window (of your sketch) to float above the window you were working in (!)

    One thing I have always loved about @Adobe applications are the number of different ways of being able to do things and discover completely new techniques! I look forward to this being explained … anyone?

  15. when I do import my pixel art asset it comes out super small, I know that it's a 32×32 that's why it's super small so then how would I make it bigger?

  16. Sir plz make a video about pixel art

    How to set phn background actually sizes and sprites perfectly plzz sir

  17. Awsome video but one thing I would like to point out is that insted of changing the colour from lighter to darker shade, just shift the hue to a yellow shafealong with it.


  19. How to draw pixel art: just draw good art with a small brush 4Head

  20. This was so helpful, thank you! My question is how do I make the image big enough to post on Instagram, etc.? When I save the picture, since it’s only a few pixels wide, it’s so blurry and im not sure how to convert it. Thank you!

  21. 3:50 – What brush tool are you using to get that effect please? It's like.. it smooths for you and whatnot? Thanks o>

  22. god damn it this is so frustrating. it's always the very simple things, clicking display pixel grid shows nothing. what gives?

  23. I don't have photoshop any alternatives I could use ?

  24. 1:58
    Noah: For the purpose of the video ill be usiing 32 x 32

    Me: For the purpose of my sanity ill be using 16×16

  25. Hi I'm making a metal slug-like game but I can't control the foot and torso animations.
    I try to put a game object and inside 2 with the sprite of the feet and another with the sprite of torzo but I can not help me make the script and the animator Controller since I am almost 6 months learning to use unity and I also learn to program

  26. idk if anyone will reply but are you doing this with a mouse or are you on a ipad

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