How to create a coherent Art Style for your GAME -

How to create a coherent Art Style for your GAME

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How I created constraints that would define the artstyle in my 2D sidescroller. Could be helpful if you are having trouble maintaining a consistent aesthetic for your art assets, where your look consistently keeps changing as you continue developing your game.


  1. Hey! Great video. Had a question about the palette, it's 3 colors or more than 3? If only 3, how do you achieve the other colors exactly? Like there's a couple of different greens in this level, but you just showed 1 green in the palette.

  2. I am very conflicted, man.I love how concise your videos are, but I'd love to hear you expand on these topics… I'd also love to see your process…

  3. I have done so many courses about defining art style. You solved my problem in less than 5 minutes. Thank you!

  4. thanks for sharing.. love your content! i'm just at the lets make art stage now that coding is at a point.. tks!

  5. Hi, I'm José, an illustrator from Peru and I'm trying to learn how to illustrate for video games. Glad I found your channel. Your way of working is very interesting, your advices are very useful. Thanks, please keep uploading content.

  6. Thanks for the video! Love that it is short and to the point. I have subscribed after watching 2 of your videos. Look forward to more content 🙂

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