How to Become an Environment Artist for Games -

How to Become an Environment Artist for Games

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When I was just a kid, I always found myself enamored with the beautiful sprawling environments in video games I played, often entirely forgetting my current mission and allowing myself to get lost in the sprawling grass fields, breathtaking architecture design, and admiring the smallest details of these beautiful environments.

It was this deep childhood appreciation for the art behind the games that drew me to Video Game Art as a career.
Now if you’re watching this video, you’re probably in the same situation I was in all of those years ago. You want to learn How to Become an Environment Artist for Games.

Video Edited by Nicolo Bacialli
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  1. Super excited to announce the release of my brand new Unreal Engine Environment Art course! All 13 hours of content are only $49 forever. (Also comes with a coupon for my 3D Coloring Book course too)
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  2. Awesome, I'm an indie game dev and I'm only 15, I just wanted to check out what it takes to become an actual environment artist

  3. "How to Become an Environment Artist for Games" you dont since everything is outsourced to china, india, and S korea nowadays.

  4. Wait so which ones are Hard Skills and which ones are Soft Skills?

  5. I want to become Environment Artist for Games. And im always learning and improving with great inspirations from Pinterest and youtube.

  6. I can't stress enough how important unwrapping skills are, especially for environment artist. Understanding such concepts as "overlaps" and "trimsheets" are essential.

  7. I heard you can become an environment artist by planting a bamboo forest in your backyard.

  8. Damn. This should be the de-facto video for all 3D Environment Artists.
    It assembles everything I've been learning for the past few months in under 15 minutes.
    Great job.

  9. Would be good if you define area of expertise and categories of skills

  10. Anyone else read the title "how to be environmentally racist "

  11. I'm seriously shocked you did not mention Modo when you spoke about the 3 modeling software. However This video touches deeply and totally one of the same situation right now. Setting back listening to where you started brings me back to my memories LOL Oh do I have them. Lost a lot of battle matches due to me reviewing environment art. Example are "Fanboy and chum chum shows, Hale, Rachet and Clank. Banbicot, Tekken and a lot others. I need guidance and careful pacing to get to where I need to be in this skill set. I remember in Halo 1 when playing on teams I'd be the driver at times and I remember getting out of the Wart Hog right and just wandering around leaving the game and in aww about the structures and how they are built and the theming of the sets for game play for hours LOL so I know what you mean and this is my mission and glad I found you somehow on youtube to help guide me through your courses. Man I am on board for sure. I also am a musician and wondering how to add this at some point to my production. I work with Cubase and Nuendo for the music and play all the instruments to create scores including sound designing as well . So at some point I think this will be helpful. I have so many ideas swarming around in my creative head and it's so frustrating that's where my ideas are trapped for right now. Great video and everyone here viewing this knows and understand we all start at some place, Thank You Stylized Station for making this video for that childhood memory you've resurrected in all of our hearts starting when one crayon on my wall drawing "Wile-E Coyote Super Genius" LOL.

  12. How did u know that I wanted a video on this topic?🤔 Please make more videos for Game Artists

  13. After 2 years of working in product design, I'm starting as an environment artist in a small indie studio. Your videos have been extremely helpful, to say the least. Thank you Stylized station ^^

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