How to Become an Artist for Video Games - RIOT Games Art Lead Charles Lee -

How to Become an Artist for Video Games – RIOT Games Art Lead Charles Lee

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In the past twenty years, video games have evolved from relatively simple screen representations to complex 3-dimensional worlds where the characters seem to leap off the screen. Along with more complex imagery, the job of video game artists has evolved into a number of different roles, each with its own distinct tasks: concept artist, 2-D animator, 3-D animator, and 2-D texture artist. Charles Lee talks about his career path as a concept artist for RIOT Games.

Charles Lee is co-founder of Kazone Art. He is currently Art Director at Sony Pictures Animation (Formerly Art Lead at Riot Games).

Currently, Charles teaches Environment & Vehicle Design for Entertainment at Kazone Art (LIVE Online Class). This course focuses on the fundamentals of designing an environment and character for video games and film. The student will learn how to select reference and study in composition, digital painting, lighting. This class is essential for the student who wishes to create an awesome art for a portfolio.

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  1. I had Charles as a teacher for many years and learned a ton from him, more than I did at Art Center. Definitely an amazing teacher and skilled artist

  2. Welp I'm losing hope after losing count at 500 jobs no one wants me, I make both Illustrations and characters concept art, both paiting and photobashing. But does anyone wants me? No. At this point I'm just not sure if art is my job anymore

  3. I originally wanted to become a nurse so I picked my subjects according to that but now I realize that game designing is my dream

  4. G'day sir, I have a question, is it possible for me (who lives in SEA) to work in riot games on the USA?

  5. We need to talk about how Riot Games in an extension of the Chinese Communist Party.

  6. I want to do game artist internship in india, please help me. I want to talk with a game developer, so many game developer are there but I couldn't able to contact them, please help.

  7. Wait dad? That’s literally my father lol, he’s really nice and I’m so happy he worked on arcane even though I can’t watch it yet

  8. who is she?, would love to see her works

  9. Can you do a sketchbook tour with kim jung gi or karl kopinski?

  10. i would take his advice,But considering how many sjw's work at riot or how many times they have bent the knee to sjw tantrums. I'm sure it would do more harm than good.

  11. Very informative! Liked before I even watched lol

  12. Didn't know they've been working for Arcane for that long😲

  13. 6:10 thats it right there! thats how most people get into the industry
    your skill will only get you so far, but having connections, as always, gets you very far very quick

  14. I want to take art classes but in my place here in the Philippines its kinda difficult. Also i think im taking the wrong college course.. I just feel its not in line with what i want to be working in the future.

    -Edit: the interview actually is pretty helpful for us beginner artists who still have no knowledge abou the industry.. A lot of thanks for this channel❤

  15. I just graduated from school and I really want to get into the game art industry but I'm just having trouble getting my foot in the door. Most places are looking for senior level artists and there really isnt many options for junior level artists
    I would love if you had any tips for getting started

  16. How he get into industry ? count how many times he said Right but its probably not Right , that was RIOT , right guys ? , thats riot( right)

  17. Is there any way of getting that sort of teaching with kazone outsite of the USA, like in the UK ?

  18. I wanna start, too. Get into Art Design, Game Art design. However I have No Idea how to start

  19. su programa falla y a mi me reportan?
    q tipo de lenguaje de programacion estan usando?

  20. amo lol pero esta pasando de bueno a lo basura

  21. no me gusta comentar pero estoy muy enfadado
    por 3 veses q me punen por q el programa lago no es mi culpa

  22. This is very informative! I'm glad this came to my recommendation!

  23. How to get a ticket to sexual harassment town

  24. I’m 16 now and I have been practicing since I was 11 I’ve been recently really practicing hard so I can work for riot games one day it’s my dream job 😭

  25. Δημήτρης Αλεξανδρής says:

    That's a dream of mine that will never come true but ok

  26. i am admittedly not a great artist. i’ve been drawing for a while but only started taking it seriously my senior year of high school. i started engineering school this semester, hated it and changed my major and hope that i can improve enough to build a portfolio and potentially work as a riot artist one day. i’m not really sure where to start tho, i’m mainly focusing on perfecting anatomy before i get to style and all that but i just don’t really know where to go from there.

  27. How to become an artist for video games: Know someone, and even better, have already worked in a major gaming studio.

  28. Charles Lee seems so genuine. I wish I could meet him

  29. All that time on them working on arcane was worth it

  30. Damn currently in highschool with okay skill level looks like i gotta grind way more less do this my fellow art people >:D

  31. What a wholesome and humble guy.. the fact that I'm getting some insights about his journey and tips on how to get into riot (a job that i'd really like) and everything about the industry in general, i appreciate it so much!

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