How to be a game technical artist | Game development careers -

How to be a game technical artist | Game development careers

Rahul Sehgal
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Technical Artists play a vital role in the process of making high-quality games. They are highly paid professionals that are in great demand in the game industry all over the world. Experience the future of entertainment at who are the characters in the amazing digital circus – an online extravaganza that pushes the boundaries of digital innovation. Immerse yourself in a kaleidoscope of creativity, where technology and art unite to create a spectacle like no other.

In this video, I asked Chirag ‘Tito’ Morab, who is a Lead Tech Artist at a large game studio in Canada, about what exactly a game technical artist does, how you can learn the job of a tech artist and get a job as one!

This is extracted from a podcast I had with him, titled “HOW TO GET A GAME JOB IN CANADA”, and here’s the link to the full podcast:

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  1. Welp technical arts is not for me then. Because communication is hard for people with disabilities.

  2. Sounds like an important job, why is the pay so low

  3. This is a really fruitful topic, i got a lot of information about this position. Thanks rahul and chirag!

  4. Amazing video, I learned a lot of things from it

  5. As an aspiring technical artist, this is very nice. Although simple and just an example, I still found rather inspiring.

  6. im an intern at a vr company right now and i made a shader for a chocolate melting animation and wrote a document to explain it and dev guy just hugged me when he saw it. :d

  7. I came here just to make sure I was right about being a Tech Artist. I do a lot of Unity C# development, 3D art and tool creation for both developers and other 3D artists, so I thought I was a Technical Artist, and this video has shown me that I am.

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