How To Add Cover-Art For PS2 Games On Multiman! #PS3Jailbreak #PS2 #multiMan #PS2Games -

How To Add Cover-Art For PS2 Games On Multiman! #PS3Jailbreak #PS2 #multiMan #PS2Games

Nagato’s Revenge
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Hello everyone, welcome back to my channel! For today’s tutorial/guide I will be showcasing on how to add cover art for your PS2 games on Multiman! If you guys did enjoy this video please be sure to leave a like and subscribe to my channel for daily modding tutorials just like this!

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• Modded PlayStation 3 that is on Custom Firmware
• Latest version of Rebug CFW
• Latest version of Rebug Toolbox
• FileZilla FTP Client *Or any other FTP Client*
• Any cover-art for your respective PS2 game
• USB Stick that is formatted to FAT32
• Latest version of Multiman or WebMan
• Paint or Photoshop to resize your cover art image

Downloads/Useful Links:

REBUG 4.84.2 Custom Firmware CEX-DEX:
Rebug ToolBox:
FileZilla FTP Client:


Deank: For developing Multiman File Manager.
Rebug Dev Team: For developing REBUG Toolbox and REBUG CFW.
Aldotools: For developing WebMan.

Video Credits:

Nagato Revenge: For making this guide and tutorial!

Music Credits:

Nagato Revenge – I am Nagato prod. Terio

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  1. I cant get a single solid answer on how to do this for ps3 games.

  2. Awesome … freakin worked great! Thanks for putting up the vid man!

  3. really did not think this was going to work thanks so much bro

  4. Is it safe to rename .iso files with the rename option in Multiman? Or is there any chance of the iso corrupting or something?

  5. hay does this also work on ps3 hen because I use the ps2 iso launcher Rebug Edition and I also have Multiman or does it only work on a complete CFW ps3 ?

  6. Hey bro jus wanna say I respect ur hustle man, keep going

  7. I already knew about placing jpeg files in PS2ISO folder but I have the game "Harry Potter & the Chamber of Secrets" which shows an image saying 'No image found'.If I load my list with webMAN it does show the cover I have saved but MultiMAN & IrisMAN don't.I have tried extracting the ISO file & adding the cover image to the folder then recreating the ISO both on PS3 & on my PC but it still doesn't show my cover imageAnyone got any ideas as to how I can fix it in MultiMAN & Irisman?

  8. Nice updated video layout bro ! Still waiting for the cleaning and thermal paste video 🙂

  9. Will the cover art also appear under the games tab in the xmb?

  10. Are these the neccessary dimensions for every ps2 cover? Because mine aint loading up on webman or multiman at all

  11. problem for me is all of my games are named iso.bin.enc and i cant things to work nor do i now where to put the files

  12. Do you got one for psx games one of my games won’t show

  13. Do u need the games on the ps3 internal HD? or can u add cover art on the ps2 games on your external HD? Because I swear I did it in ManaGunz a while ago but now just the games on the ps3 internal drive are the only ones showing up.

  14. What's the correct dimensions for PS1 games?

  15. alot of my cover art gets replaced with (cover not found) after some time or it dont load period. whats up with that?

  16. I added a ps2 iso game on my ps3 hdd a couple years ago and the image art was automatically installed but I don't remember how I did that. And I am 100% certain that I didn't have a .jpg file cover-art for it. It just automatically found it, and I wanna remember how to do that again. Can anyone please help me with that? Thanks.

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