[How To] Add Cover Art and Themes to Open PS2 Loader (OPL) .9 for USB PS2 Games Tutorial - revartsgaming.com

[How To] Add Cover Art and Themes to Open PS2 Loader (OPL) .9 for USB PS2 Games Tutorial

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Adding art might be a novelty factor, but it looks damn cool! Watch video to learn more.
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  1. Hello , No problem with me in the themes or covers but my problem is in the "ul.cfg" file,
    as u know,every game has it's ul.cfg file so when i want to put games on my flash drive i put only one ul.cfg file then open it ,and paste the contents of the other ul.cfg files of other games. then i open my PS2 and insert my flash drive , the games appear but they don't work but only black screen is appeared and till now i can put only one game on my PS2 .. hope you understand me , waiting your respone..

  2. I have a folder titled ART on my USB stick, inside are JPEGs, one is titled SLUS_212.69_COV (for Bully). In OPL when i scroll over Bully all that comes up is the filename SLUS_212.69
    Where is my cover art?

  3. BTW i've copied the ART and THM directories to the memory card, but I also have the on the root of the usb stick. ultimately i would like to have everything but FMCB on the HDD to free up memory card space

  4. No, I understood everything very well, thanks!

  5. Why isnt themes working as they should? if you look at the pics on sksapps there Usb/eth is visible on the top on most themes like the noobie theme. but it wont show on that either

  6. Is there any theme that works in 0.9? your themes does not work properly in this video.

  7. Excuse me sir, do you know how to add the information to the games? I mean I downloaded a theme and when you select a game it sends you to another screen.. "Info", where you can see the cover and the description

  8. hola tienes que usar usb extreme y lo abres y en la unidad que tienes el juego o montado en ultraiso un juego iso ejplo por la letra H luego si DVD O CD seleccionas y luego buscas la letra de la USB y si has instalado un juego anterior en la USB alli t aparece por ejemplo pes 2013 en un cuadro ya esta instalado y donde dice game pones el juego q vas a meter a la USB ejplo fifa13 y start no tienes q meter juego por juego convertido y solo seleccionas donde tienes el primer juego que metiste

  9. i got one question i have all my games installed to the hd thats connected to the network adapter but when i copy the cover art to my usb thumbdrive they wont show up with the art.Btw i use the thumbdrive for my emulators themes & they work idk if im doing something wrong ty

  10. Ooh ok how do this since not showing under my computer?

  11. my open ps2 loader find just one game because there is afile called ul.ufg please help me how can i make opl shows more than one games like you please help

  12. Ok I know im posting on alot of your videos but I got a quesiton…I didnt use USBextreme to put my games on a hard drive I just renamed the ISO and placed them in the DVD folder…How would I go about adding the art and theme to it?

  13. Can this be done if the games are On the Hdd inside the ps2 Phat?

  14. i got he art names right folder named ART  put it on my usb but its not seeing them n opl 0.9 it does see all the themes i put on the usb hmmmm gotta look into this a little 

  15. how do you install cover art when connecting usb hdd to ps2, because i tried it and didn't work

  16. can you give me the link for the gta san andreas iso or torrent

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