[How To] Add Cover Art and Themes to Open PS2 Loader (OPL) .9 for USB PS2 Games Tutorial - revartsgaming.com

[How To] Add Cover Art and Themes to Open PS2 Loader (OPL) .9 for USB PS2 Games Tutorial

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Adding art might be a novelty factor, but it looks damn cool! Watch video to learn more.
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  1. I want to ask you a question?
    in which standard are you studying………

  2. This video is awesome, great job, the themes worked like a charm but the art covers are not visible at all, i've put them in the ART folder and nothing appeared, btw my games freeze whenever a long cutscene appeares is there any way to fix that ?

  3. thxxxxx ,it workssss 100%%%%%%%

  4. i cant boot my apps on OPL?can u help me to figure it out???

  5. MEN!!!! You're The Best! Thank You!!!! :), i wish that i want to watch your video that i've request to you

  6. In every time i turn the play station on free mcboot logo show then automatically opl start how i can fix that

  7. Can't believe i was missing something so simple! (Should've been obvious) Now i can use my theme

  8. How come when i install theme there is a few stuff missing as well as cover art?

  9. hi
    how you can install 3 games in usb ………….
    for me if i install two games in the same usb i can play just one and other one is hidden or something like that………….
    pleassse …. how you do that……….

  10. In opl 0.8 cover arts is fine but with themes I do like you in opl 0.8 settings but I can't find theme Ice but I have already in shared folder/THM/thm_Ice/inside of thm_Ice background but I can't find 

  11. can i install games to hdd but keep cover art on a usb

  12. Thanks for the vids, I watched your Install and Use FHDB 1.93 Noobie Package for Fat PS2 Tutorial so I could do away with using my HDAdvance 3.0 disc to load games from the internal HDD.
    Now how can you add the artwork to the internal HDD to show up in OPL ?

  13. Something I also noticed on your video, when you changed themes the cover art did not show up, and it should, I have the same problem.

  14. some games you just cant make them work on opl like mgs2sol or sonic unleashed or tekken 5 how to solve this can you upload a video what is the problem is the games to big but others load like tomb raider anniversary so what is the problem with some games and dont load or load only game screen and stop please help by the way great job you do here 🙂

  15. Hi
    How can I add apps on opl I tryed avry thing put I can not do it pls help
    And u save my ps2 in some time so thank you so mach

  16. Please help i cant download any cover art when i click the Download Files button it shows a white page with text

  17. why doesnt some one make a theme that represents the ps2? nice layout and shit.

  18. there is an app on pc to make all these stuff ^ automatically.. but i forgot it's name if u can tell me i'll be grateful.

  19. how I can made my own logo with  my name and other stuff ???
    and can I do it on usb advance and extreme too or it just on opl only ???

  20. can you give me the link of these folders i haven't i have just system and vmc folders

  21. What did you do to the ul.cfg. And how do you do it so I can pick more than one game on the ps2 loader screen

  22. excellent videos!!! I did the research years ago and had a hacked ps2 going all tricked out and i'm pretty sure you were envolved then too, thanks bro

  23. i cant open sksapps website.. i wonder if they have alternative site.

  24. Assalaamu Alaikum,Thanks Bro,Helped Me Alot!!!

  25. Hey Bro,The site in your dircription is not opening!

  26. COVER ART WONT show up on screen the SLUS_XXX.XX_COV.png was labled correctly too. i did turn cover art to On in setting.

  27. does the cover art have to have the same name as the coresponding ps2 game? like okami.iso and okami cover art

  28. thanks. Guys I have ps4 theme for opl some how I m not able to post the link here kik me(username: Destroyer.18) for link

  29. what max size external hard drive can i use with ps2 without y cable

  30. how do i end up changing the theme. i do exactly like in the video, but when i go to display settings and try to change the theme from opl, doesn't move like nothing is there.

  31. hey bro I have 500GB external hard drive. is it compatible with my ps2 slim?

  32. You don't have permission to access /SKSApps/SKS/sksapps.com/index742d.html on this server.
    Server unable to read htaccess file, denying access to be safe

    Additionally, a 403 Forbidden error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

  33. It doesnt work and i followed everything you said in the video! It doesnt show up! Now what?

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