How to actually create an Art Style for your game! -

How to actually create an Art Style for your game!

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This is a moderately comprehensive guide on how to create an artstyle for your game. Even though this mostly covers examples of 2D game art, both pixel and Handrawn, the principles will apply to 3D games as well.

I haven’t named any artstyle genres such as pixel art or cell-shading, because at the end of the day I don’t think these terms matter too much, since you can make endless of stylistic decisions, there will also be an endless amount of ‘artstyles’ some stylistic choices will obviously have a larger impact on the ‘look’ such as voxels or low-poly, but I don’t think you should limit your idea of styles to such a restricted view.


  1. This is the most comprehensive video on game artstyle I've found on the net, that also doesnt over explain. Really great video!

  2. It's really nice! I didn't found needed video at my first language so started to look at en people. And you make that's so easy! Thank you 😺❤

  3. Im just starting to draw game arts, can you recommend some apps on tablets to draw game art and assets?

  4. Thanks for the reality checks. Lots of good stuff in this video. Thanks.

  5. I want so thank you! Your channel is a godsend. Truly helpful.

  6. I love your way to explain. It's very clear. Thanks. (I also love how quickly you say bye 😄)

  7. I am always very grateful for your uploads, these videos are very helpful for me and for my silly game im trying to make.
    ur game is looking very promising, i look foward to play it hehe

  8. Your channel is one of the few that actually tackles hand drawn art, most channels out there go for pixel art, and while I don't hate it, that's not my favorite style. Keep up man!

  9. Something I can definitely say I learned from you, or more, improved because of you is self analysis and reference analysis.
    It's one of those things that I think should be taught at school.

  10. I love how you explain everything professionally ❤. Thanks, and keep up the good work man❤. Do you teach or have course please 🥺.

  11. Your channel name is misleading, because everything you say makes sense.

  12. Thanks again. Your videos are very helpful. 🍻

  13. What is that more neon color palette called? I would like to use it

  14. We already made "net code" into "netcode". Do we really need to make "art style" into "artstyle" too? And "hand-drawn" into "handrawn"? What?

  15. This was posted one day before I needed it… that's perfect! I love when stuff like that happens

  16. Can you do a video explaining sprite sheets in a simplistic style like this? Or any other recourses as to how to achieve this kind of character sprites/movement?

  17. 6:507:10 . About that bit on the horror, there are some workarounds someone can use to pull it off regardless of the art style one has.
    Personally my art style is nowhere close to that of horror, but for the scary scens in the game I simply had to apply some of the techniques used in most horror games as well as techniques used in horror manga. Such as using sketchy and sharp outlines for creepy objects, as well as making use of the darkness to one's advantage. I think Hollow KNight used some of these techniques as well, especially in Deepnest.🙂

  18. Hey buddy how much 2d assets required inorder to create 1 hour gameplay

  19. Hi. First of all: wonderful videos, love your guides/explanations. Subscribed after the first one I saw.
    Regarding art style choices, I'd like to ask a question:
    I have been preparing myself to develop a game for quite some time, mostly by planning and organizing ideas and by learning code.
    However, my biggest struggle/problem, is what art style should my game be made of: pixel art or hand drawn art.
    I've grown up playing pixel-art games, like Stardew valley and Terraria, and many guides I have seen in the past few years strongly suggested to use pixel art, kinda like if it's easier to make or something.
    My game would be kinda similar to the camera/movement mechanics of stardew valley/Graveyard keeper, wich are pixel art games, and this too pushes me towards picking that art style.
    Do you have any suggestions? Im scared to pick and learn an art style that wouldnt be capable of rapresenting my ideas, and most importantly not being able to make the player feel the sensations/emotions I want my game to pass.
    I'm sorry for the gigantically long poem, after watching many of your videos I feel like you might be able to help me in this mess.. Have a great day.

  20. I just discovered ur channel, you're doing a great job with some cozy vibes which isn't boring at all. Great work and can't wait to see more of ur videos

  21. Out of curiosity, why did you avoid using pixel art like most devs? I admire your choice, it really makes you stand out.

  22. Watching this because I found myself stuck on some concepts. I like the list you laid out. It gave me a simple question I haven't asked in a few weeks: Why do I keep spending all my time on textures? I can smash out a reasonably good model (with good, but not perfect topology) in an hour and I can repeat that time and again and again. Then I spend a whole day, or sometimes even two, trying to paint/mask/program textures for it.
    On the other hand.. I can make procedural materials with a "clean, simplistic" style very quickly. Combined with my focus on silhouettes and topology, this IS an art style. One I keep trying to rear against, to reinvent, and yet one which I am very efficient at.
    I think I might just finally give in and make things the fast way. I am weak at texturing, I am strong at much of the rest. Some specific things I get stuck on (how much detail to include.) But I've noticed, it's because I'm modelling with an idea of how I will later texture these things. If I just continue on with base materials, focusing on expression via shape, profile and keeping the lighting good and clean.. I can use supporting assets, shaders and materials later on to fill in the lack of specifically painted textures.
    I'm starting to accept that I don't have a choice. I'll be here for years longer if I don't accept what I am good at and find ways to accentuate that, instead of continuing to try and conform to the things I am entirely too slow at.

  23. it's so criminal how few views your videos get, please keep making content, the numbers will come. best of luck in your future efforts. thank you

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