How Supergiant Games Create Music & Art - Developing Hell #03 -

How Supergiant Games Create Music & Art – Developing Hell #03

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We embed with the art and music teams at Supergiant Games to examine what it’s like creating the visuals and soundtrack for Hades, while the game is still in early access.

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Location Produced & Filmed by Jeremy Jayne
Additional Studio Footage by John-Paul Gabler
Series Produced & Edited by Danny O’Dwyer

Music Used:
Bastion OST – In Case of Trouble

Left Nutter

Hades OST – Wretched Shades

Hades OST – From Olympus

Delicate Machine

Hades OST – The King and the Bull


  1. this series and this game bring me so much joy. these people are just delightful. thank you so much for your hard work.

  2. Does Daren do the sound effects as well or nah?

  3. i'm just a corporate art director, but oh my god when Jen was talking about their schedule/pipeline and said "we do need real time to make good art" i wanted to cry. its not the perfect system, but knowing at least SOMEONE high enough up understands this is kinda huge.
    With so much discourse surrounding crunch, specifically directed towards developers (who also totally deserve the support and sympathy, too), the fact that the entire aesthetic of a game can hinge on how much time is left over for the art teams….it makes me sad, but also appreciate the hell out of them even more. I'm lucky that my job allows me to be at the beginning AND the end of projects, so it's not all left for the end, but game artists aren't really provided the same luxury.

    its obvious that the industry needs a change – i just hope these changes end up benefitting more than just devs.

    wah, ok, back to learning how one of my favorite games was made.

  4. The Good Living Project with Marta & Dan says:

    'a potato' in the credits!

  5. I have like a little over 100 hours in this game easily. It's my favorite game of all time.

  6. Such a fun, passion filled, polished game! I'm having a blast with it.

  7. Damn, the art in this game.

    I wish supergiantgames release an artbook, I would definitely buy it!

  8. I absolutely love the voice acting in this game. It really makes the game immersive.

  9. 22:04 onwards – the Exalted is top 3 songs on the whole Hades OST for me.

    Such melodic metal/rock, dayum

  10. Him playing the bassline on a guitar makes sense why playing it on an actual bass is all on one string XD

  11. UGHH i got the horns 3:40
    everybody when they max out megaera and do the sex thing

  12. Played the Game in summer last year.
    I'm kinda glad I waited with the documentary until now.

  13. So Darren Korb coughed in his elbow even before the pandemic started. Weird how you notice this kind of stuff now huh.
    Incredible work, love these guys and love you guys at Noclip. This documentary is awesome, I refrained from watching it until I had 100% finished Hades and now I can notice how every iteration of this process would have affected my experience.

  14. listening to zagreus talking is weirdly entertaining XD

  15. Holy shit. Just that last scene of everything coming together was absolutely amazing. As soon as the music track kicked in, I got chills. This made me wanna do redownload Hades.

  16. I need that head model Ms.Jen Zee has on her desk huhu

  17. I just wanted to say the the crisp in the voices, is something I have never ever heard in any game before
    This is outstanding

  18. 14:57 holy crap thats a huuuge stretch ! wow ! Also you just draw a concept and it just goes through ? wow, when I worked in there were bilions of concepts for one thing…

  19. Listening to Darren Korb explaining about his instrument mixing feels like listening to Zagreus chatting about the rock band he created and that is awesome.

  20. Jen elevates this title from one with simply great core gameplay to an all round great game thanks to unforgettable sex and charm in the character design.

  21. The only game i bought twice was Hades, on PC and steam, thanks a lot. This is a wonderful game

  22. This sound track is so good. I’ve been listening to it a lot lately.

  23. Random comment but can anyone tell me what is the name of the background of the house with thunder that Jen Zee is using as a background on her second screen. You can see it over her left shoulder at 18:37

  24. i want to give this entire team a hug and a letter about how much i appreciate their hearts that they have put into this game.

  25. Wait … are you telling me Darren composed the entire fucking Hades OST by himself ? Are you kidding me ? Just how talented is this guy ! Wow

  26. Darren is so talented I’d love to be able to play all those instruments! He seems a top guy too!

  27. The soundtrack of Transistor was perfect for that game it made the game even more memorable.

  28. i just got into Hades recently after missing out entirely on it during Early Access and not having a decent enough computer to run it but now i'm playing it and I can't stop. I would pay good money for a Hades artbook. I need it. Make it happen, Supergiant!

    I haven't played their other games but i really wanna play Transistor and Bastion (i'll skip on Pyre, sorry to any fans of Pyre)

  29. 21:03

    Spot the musician who holds his instrument closer than anything else.

  30. haha I thought Zagreus sounded a bit under the weather in some takes, poor guy still having to do the recordings! turned out great still

  31. I never expected to see bağlama in a video game soundtrack lol i love it

  32. Darren Korb has to be the most insane mf on the planet. This man basically is the game. He makes all of the music, voices the main character, sings, and voices another character.

  33. Not gonna lie, I have a huge crush on Jen Zee now lol

  34. With these documentaries I learn more then in my illustration/animation uni classes

  35. jen zee seems like a really great art director
    fell in love with her art already and fell in love with her communicating ability watching this documentary

  36. Its a beautiful looking thing and a game I have really enjoyed playing. It is is interesting seeing how it went from base ideas to finished product. Hope to see more excellent stuff from you guys in the future.

  37. Hey, every person who becomes a Noclip member on Patreon gets a custom thank you message from Danny that very same day (usually within an hour) so if you want to support our work and get spammed by an Irish guy head over to -In any case thanks for watching our latest episode!

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