How People Think Digital Art is Made... -

How People Think Digital Art is Made…

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Digital Art is easy, the computer does all the work. See, here’s a quick tutorial on how Digital Art is made.

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Title: “How People Think Digital Art is Made”


  1. "first grab your sketch brush"


  3. With NovelAI, Midjourney, DALL-E and the like – we are literally at this point of time. This is no longer satire. I've literally gone from a sketch to fully rendered images like this in 5 minutes.

  4. I came here for the funny "haha my grandparents think this is how I draw" .. Jesus Christ this comment section 😭

  5. Can someone help me fix my brushes, my render brush only adds colour without gradient or shading, and my Background brush is the same thing. Its like my app is trying to get me to manually learn how to shade and do lighting. lmao Developers cant get their apps right lmao

  6. Well, thinking that is what actually made me start trying digital art,,,,,,,so I guess it was kinda good for me…. 😅

  7. Ugh, you guys still use all of those tools? My software just magically makes the art for me without knowing what I want. Duh

  8. The funny thing is it's not to far off, on account you usually can finish a drawing 4 times faster Digital than if you did it Traditional.

  9. “Just take the background brush”🙃

  10. brooo that's what they always think even tho it's not like that ☠☠☠☠

  11. Literally nobody thinks that, you just want to boost your ego

  12. God help me I was looking at her behind for like the whole video.

  13. 😂😂would say I wish but, that'd take the fun out of it

  14. you could actually do this now with all the Stable Diffusion derivatives…. But instead it generates the whole image in one go….

  15. They don't even think like that they think it's already made finished and the computer drew it and not by hard work and many stages

  16. There are two major sins in this drawing. One, (assuming she is playing pro) she has a baseball instead of a softball. Baseball is for boys, and softball is for girls. Two, she isn't wearing cleats. Doesn't matter who you are, you always wear cleats in sports.

  17. Oh yeah wanna grab that hat 🤠 so pretty

  18. How to draw digital art?
    Them who thought this is how we make digital art: oh u just need to think of what u want the art to be like and just erase the layer and erase it again untill it finish and thats how.

  19. Man, if we thought this was an issue a year ago, now we have AI "artists" that actually do that! This is…not gonna get better.

  20. Wow that takes far too long. I just type a few words to make digital art

  21. It is weird that this will be possible in a few years (a basic version of it is in Nvidia Canvas, most likely will become complexer in the following years)

  22. bro have you studied in any school/university to do this stuff?

  23. actually no. just think all millions speedpaint videos on utube.

  24. If only






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