How people think digital art is made😩😩😩 -

How people think digital art is made😩😩😩

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  1. I love drawing both digital and traditional, however, since I'm more digital these days than traditional, I get frustrated when I cannot select resize and adjust my traditional sketch :'3 because sometimes my proportions are wacky, and "transform" is my best friend to re-adjust proportions in a sketch before I finalize them

  2. as a traditional artist (sometimes digital) i never heard this in my life ngl. Ppl mostly appreciate my art and compliment it!

  3. Ngl digital artist got it way easier, 3 words Undo Copy Layering

  4. I didn’t think that, it’s too hard for me

  5. Also 12 hours you have to spend trying to locate your tablet pen the second you put it down

  6. I think people thought digital art was ai art

  7. As someone that owns a digital drawing tablet I can confirm it does not magically make it easy. It Is abit easIER but definitely not easy

  8. My sister is one of those people that think I can just jet stuff out. Design two shirts and a banner and expect them overnight. Oh, she'll give me a copy of the shirts for several hundred dollars worth of work, is that cool?

  9. I believe people say so because many are not familiar with digital Art since it's quite a new form of arts compared to traditional art and also in YouTube shorts and tutorials its mostly shown so fast that it appears easy but obviously it's not in real life and quite difficult

  10. Is true digital art is hard work am still getting the hang of it 😅❤

  11. As a digital artist, I could confirm that I only click on the screen and a well-sketched, well-colored and well-shaded artwork appears on it.

  12. Im sorry but nobody thinks this way other than people with no art expierence on neither traditional or digital art so only a very few people do😐

  13. “lemme just use my instant-rendering brush!”

  14. Good app, although I primarily use it as a photoshop alternative for when I don’t have my computer

  15. If you have procreate (I have an Android💀💀💀) it is surely easier.

  16. I literally did an art piece as a gift for someone's birthday, and his response was "anyone can do art on a computer. You should practice without the crutch." Like I haven't been drawing my entire life with pencil and paper.

  17. I can draw both digital, and traditional. And I have to say, digital is harder than it looks.

  18. as a traditional artist, i think digital art is much harder than drawing on paper 💀

  19. I do on paper not bc im traditional its just bc


  20. Digital art is easier than traditional art tho especially with coloring bc it's blends easier, you can adjust the brush size, edit it, every color possible and you can undo mistakes plus it's easier to make things shiny, symmetrical, use shapes, etc…

  21. Why do people think digital art is so easy? It’s really hard 😭 I’m a digital artist using procreate and it’s hardddd

  22. I wish it was that easy but no 😭😭😭

  23. then they complain about why we charge so much when it comes to commissions then when they see the process they finally realize all the drama that goes on in the art community and then either support us or worship ai

  24. even though we have tools , a lot of them, but digital art is not easy, because creativity is involved ultimately

  25. What do u mean there isn't a brush to do everything for u🤨

  26. It hard but not hard (im a digital artist)

  27. It's not easy but it's not that hard like If u make it on paper it will take 7 hours on digits It's only 6 hours thirty minutes or only 6 because u can just add colour by just clicking and highlight with brush and erasing with such a button

  28. Fr everyone thinks it’s so much easier but it’s not

  29. I never even though digital art was real i thought people only drew in paper when i was 6 😂

  30. Dijital art is not that really easy and it's the same time with paper but not that really same because the fact about you adding to much efforts and takes to much time it's actually not easy :/

  31. I do digital art and traditional art. Depending on the artstyle I'm trying to archive, I think i'm doing well with both.. tho some of my best Artworks were on paper that I drew with a pen . People think "Damn u did that without messing up once??"

    Those 6 drawings I threw away cuz I slightly messed up:

  32. yeah,But it is 2x harder for us who don't have a pen.

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