How Indie Games Texture EVERYTHING -

How Indie Games Texture EVERYTHING

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Today we are looking at Pixel Art and why this one art style has started to appear in almost every game!

Here is the full node tree for the Pixel Art Setup👇

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  1. the problem with dead cells, in my opinion of course, is that it still looks far from a pixel perfect look. To me it still feels like "pixelized 3D" with all the randomness coming from a render. it definitely has a huge dev time advantage, but from a perfectly artistic point, it doesn't compare with the old painful method.

  2. Dead Cells is a neat technological achievement but it's no replacement for quality pixel art. Compare it to something like Owlboy and it just looks like a mess of poorly placed pixels imo

  3. It isn't even this complicated, you can do all of this in engine, at least in UE5.
    A simple post process material will make the entire game pixelated and you can then design levels and a camera system to emulate 2D (if you want that) or 3D pixel art.

  4. Rain World also use 3d pixel art. great game

  5. Some other notes: Pseudo pixel art 3D like dead cells isn’t the most common, in fact Dead Cells is one of the few games I can think of that do this. Fully drawn pixel art is still the standard when it comes to pixel art indie games, with recent hit Pizza Tower being an example of such, though in a lot of cases other old techniques are used

    Oddly enough, dyanamic lighting in Katana Zero uses a much simpler method, using a few sets of monochrome highlight sheets for a character which are coloured when a light shows up. This is often used for assets that can have their colour altered, with my first time seeing this being the portals in the Mario fan game Mari0

    Meanwhile undertale is hand drawn, but uses layers of individual segments to create its smooth battle animations. This method is particularly common in older games, with examples such as the Mecha Dragon from Mega Man 2 (where sprites make up moving parts of his sprite and all stationary parts are a static background which scrolls to make the illusion of it flying around), and most bosses in Super Metroid (with Ridley’s tale being an example of this at it’s finest). These save on resources immensely (since static elements of the animation don’t need to be animated with the rest of the sprite) but also allows for smoother motions that would be extremely costly if drawing every frame (again, see Ridley’s tail and how it’s pretty much just segmented circles). These are really fun techniques to work with and help speed up animating immensely

  6. I've did a lot of pixel art and it kinda bothers me how you're trying to provide a shortcut to doing pixel art. I guess y'all are just kinda lazy, pixel art is supposed to take time. You should be teaching people how to get good at it instead of getting the lazy ones to neglect the art form's inherent process. If you don't want to put in extra effort when doing indie dev then don't do it. It doesn't make money.

  7. I can’t with this video.

    Neither Dead Cells nor Rare invented this method, nor is it genius.

    Just stop.


    1) Make pixel art with low budget and in short period of time:

    -Model it in 3D workspace, then rendered out into spreadsheets (If want to make it more pixel-art like 5:09 in blender using nodes)

    2) Optimizing your game:

    -If the object is very far away from your perspective view, in 6:52 render a flat plane image of that object (Mostly used in 3D games)

    Great video btw👍

  9. Also: We already have free AI programs that can automatically interpolate dozens of frames between actual pixel sprites and spit out a full spritesheet with just a few sliders. If you can just make a few keyframes in real pixel art, you can turn it into a 30 fps animation with literally no effort at all.

  10. You took until half way through the video to tell us the useful stuff. Kinda annoying. When you did tell us the useful stuff however, it was delivered well. So overall it’s a good video.

    Hi I’m a guy in the comments.

  11. I did a character spritesheet for a mobile game once. Had I been better versed in 3D, I probably would have been able to do it more like this. Luckily, it was a very simple character that wouldn't change much and didn't have different light sources, so 3D could have very well been too much effort.

  12. can we use this technique for characters but also draw regular pixel art for other static things like walls, pillars and etc.. and use them in the engine together?
    great video btw👌

  13. There's another way I saw somewhere.
    Basically, the character is made out of a bunch of different parts and each parts have their own "UV" aka textures.
    Each limbs can be modified in shape or colors at will to create varieties without having to remake all the sprites.

    So all the devs have to do is to design the individual limbs and create textures akin to a 3D model.

  14. Please more information and less random stuff in your videos.

  15. I feel like its worth noting Dead Cells absolutely still looks like it was made on top of a 3D image, and doesn't truly encapsulate that pixel art bite something like Celeste has. There's usually some hand made imperfection within pixel art that is either deliberate compromise or happenstance choice by a person.

  16. can someone tell me what the song at 6:10 is?

    I've been wondering for days now

  17. TL;DW. Just convert mediocre 3D art then pixelize it then minimize the colours.

  18. Indie games are so cool and nice video dude :]

  19. At that point, isn't using models rendered at low resolutions and framerates in real time just easier?
    It's not like anything that uses pixelart styles has that much going on, right?

  20. What about pixelation like on t3ssel8r Videos? i would loooove a breakdown of that style

  21. Thanks for your tutorials, I have been watching your videos since morning ❤

    But sir can you send me your blender theme ? 🥺 I fell in love with it

  22. Soooo how do you render 2d planes with displation maps? Im a super newbie but this info would be very helpful, as well as how to populate/seed them as background assets for video enviroments.

  23. Dude your editing is fucking great and hilarious, i love you dude ❤😂

  24. Rotascopimg was first uaed in prince of persia. Doom rather famously used scanned clay models. Rare might have been the first to do it with CGI, but its an ancient technique.

  25. god, stop editing in those cringy gifs every 5 secods, this is unwatchable

  26. why is there no separate hsv and combine hsv, I can't find them. helppp

  27. This video was about 10 times longer than it needed to be.

  28. It is a lying, doing pseudo art is still very hard, hard to make it look like a real pixeal art, and after you will do fake pixel art, you will need to correct the images manually, and spend a lot of time. ANd it is the same process with drawing pixel by pixel, so, all described methods here, doesn't make the pixearting easier, it is just allow to make more quality pixelart. Also, AI is the tool number one to pixelart now!

  29. This was effectively an advert with 30 seconds of information in it.

  30. The video is well presented, informative and well edited, but I kind of disagree on the point being made.

    Rotoscoped or pixelized 3D model don't look like pixel art, especially in motion. Pixel art is more like 2D hand-drawn animation. And though I find Dead Cell super good looking and smooth, it's just not the same feel as a game handmade (not worst or better, just different), as in animated frame by frame. I think the reason it looks so good in Dead Cells is that, not only they mastered that technique but they almost only use that technique in the game's visuals. Except in a game that mix lots of different flavors of visual styles (like Paradise Killers for example) when you start making actual sprite pixel by pixel, you are kind of stuck with having to animate everything like that. Or you run the risk of having the visuals of Attack On Titans where in most seasons the 3D models of the titans don't really mesh with the rest of the visuals…

  31. Based use of Blinx music during the skillshare ad

  32. Hi Smeak, I really love your content, thank you ! I dont understand how to bake normal map from the 3D model and place it on a 2D image 😮

  33. The way you explained the lighting is super confusing. If I understand correctly, you're basically saying that they applied a normal map (from the original 3d image) to the sprite and factored in the normal map to calculate lighting.

  34. why you stretching the video out though. Just tell us.. Oh my god…

  35. Yes! Talking about workflow and the most efficient way to do something. THAT'S the sort of thing I'm looking for; I feel like I waste so much time trying to learn how to do everything and I need to speed up the process.

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