How I Got Hired as a Character Artist For Games -

How I Got Hired as a Character Artist For Games

J Hill
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Strategy can go a long way in creating a portfolio that gets you hired.
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00:00 Intro
01:09 My First Portfolio
07:20 Strategy
13:05 Be Open
19:26 Be Persistent


  1. Is it a must to have knowledge in multiple animation software or one software is good enough?

  2. You're a joke. Unless you know someone, you have to get SUPER lucky to get noticed. Especially in this day and age.

  3. Seriously. I don't care who I serve. I've recently discovered something that I've been learning about. But it seemed like there was too much pressure. I wasn't happy, and I kept doing it because it was really fun. Maybe I shouldn't work so hard for money. Instead, you need to change your thinking. I do things I want to do, even if there are some problems with the models. I learned very complex techniques, very complex. Don't just use zbrush. And maya, blender. Mainly for the gaming industry. This is actually possible in non-gaming industries as well. And I found that because I was unhappy, I was depressed. When I'm depressed, I'm not very productive. I should follow my heart. Make something I want to make. Even if it’s not a finished product at first. My ultimate goal still exists. I don't expect to be in any big company. I just need a contract. I have a very strong feeling that as long as I break through the current bottleneck. I can work with super efficiency. And get multiple times the money. Don't worry about too many things. Still need to be brave.

  4. And most importantly you are willing to sell out and change authentic characters for "modern" abominations.

  5. Here i am coming from a portfolio talk with industry professionals telling me NEVER to put zbrush sculpts in the portfolio sadge 🙁

  6. Is there any particular reason why you worked only on trash games?

  7. So, how can I get my own website porfolio like you? Learning coding or using an online platfrom? Please show me how, I am a "just graduated game art design school" student in 2023 form Asia!

  8. Bro, Im an Indian and we are always taught to respect our legacy and things which got you where you are. Throwing away your portfolio that got you your beginning would not have been what I would have done. But I respect your attitude since it's your life and you may choose to do what you want with it. And obviously this was no hate, I was just making an observation which struck alien to me. Anyway, thanks for all the tips for the portfolio. Im gonna take this approach. Iv entered this industry pretty late. Wish me luck. =]

  9. Would you still recommend that book stop staring still today?

  10. Thanks,Jason
    All this is really helpful

  11. i think character artistry is absolete now, as far as human jobs go

  12. I work for myself. I could work for a game company however, not interest too many red tapes. local work is better and steady hours. Artstation in not new there were many very good artist in the past. is that the internet did not exist. Beautiful art work !!!

  13. who tf wants to work with blizzard bro 💀

  14. Who decides the random unnecessary diversity in games today though

  15. Who decides the random unnecessary diversity in games today though

  16. Who decides the random unnecessary diversity in games today though

  17. Who decides the random unnecessary diversity in games today though

  18. Awesome video! Thank you! If someone knows other pages more than artstation or gamedevmap, please tell me!

  19. Awesome video! Thank you! If someone knows other pages more than artstation or gamedevmap, please tell me!

  20. Awesome video! Thank you! If someone knows other pages more than artstation or gamedevmap, please tell me!

  21. Awesome video! Thank you! If someone knows other pages more than artstation or gamedevmap, please tell me!

  22. He's right about the talent…. 3D art feels a bit congested. I'm at the point where I want to be a 3d artist; I'm not horrible but I'm not that good either. I feel unmotivated and a bit overwhelmed just looking at Artstation for instance.. The talent on there is next level, but most of them are working character artists in a big AAA studio. I feel like I just need to find the fun again. Actively trying to become a professional 3D artist isn't fun. I just feel like I'm trying a little too hard. But also I need to start finding something to supplement my income. I tried making money with 3D art, it definitely hasn't been working, not even remotely. And when I have to work full time again I won't have time to even become or practice at becoming a 3D artist….

  23. if this guy struggled… and his FIRST EVER models looked like that… yeah I think I'm just going to pick up drinking and smoking and try and die early

  24. it's kinda akward to see your first portfolio is better than anyone

  25. Your work looks good are you still interested in doing artwork for games? I am a ceo for my studio looking for a art director.

  26. I like doing multiple things that at once. I only can show one type of thing in my portfolio?

  27. Not to mention you'll also need free time and come from a cushy wealthy family that provided you with the tools to succeed.

  28. MAN! I gotta go to work, but I just see your first portafolio and I still thinking that even at the begging you are the master . You inspire me so much! My computer was stoled but I do my skins on the train on nomad.

    I prefer zbrush to start but it’s what I got..

    Best regatta bro I will see it later! 😂😂

  29. i will never show progression, my work at 2010 was just for fun, i did just ton of stupid concepts of stories i never did, but was all so unfinished, not wanna show dat honestly

  30. This video hasn't taught ME anything new, but it's contained a lot of information I've been told from various other sources. This is a very valuable video for artists I think, thank you for this.

  31. while looking for some videos on how to get a job as an artist i found an Evolve artist?
    i am pogging ((i love evolve, shame it died))

  32. To you, do these apply for environment game artist?

  33. Do you think at this point in time it's still important to feature works in your portfolio that show that you can sculpt realistic humans? I've never worked in the industry but I just suspect all studios already have their own stock human assets that they use to start new models for efficiency's sake, and nowadays with realism not really being a new or exciting thing anymore in gaming, I'm not sure some simple stock models would say much in my portfolio. Personally, I'd rather replace those with something more stylized, to show that I'm capable of coming up with other interesting styles if the project demands it, but since I've never applied for jobs like this I'm not sure if that would mean risking to lose a job offer because I don't have "the basics" in my portfolio. Any thoughts?

  34. This was an awesome video. I've just graduated from SCAD and the job hunt is really stressful. Do you have any recommendations for 2D character/concept artists trying to navigate a 3D world? I have so much respect and admiration for 3D artists, but I personally excel in and enjoy 2D Illustration/Concept Art for Games/Animation. It just seems like every job out there requires 3D experience and I'm trying to not be disheartened and stay true to what I love to do.

  35. Hi there ! I am 40 years old and when i was young we dont have some stuff in our country of Turkey. So i just start my journey about 3d artist and i am very excited for it. Just want to share. Thanks 😅

  36. I'm not a 3D artist but still this was really useful

  37. This is such massive help especially when you did a project not too long ago but you don't feel as confident yet to use certain software skills on the job but you just randomly add it to your portfolio. I feel like that doesn't help, including not having too many projects to show and showing up like a unicorn saying you have all these skills meanwhile you're not as strong in all of them. I think the idea of you saying to add bigger pieces to your portfolio of what type of work you desire on the job and adding smaller pieces really simplifies everything

  38. Never planned to apply for any job, but it´s interesting to see that side as well. Though when reading the comments, I feel pretty fine where I am rn, making a bit side money with my hobby. The amount of "I´m finishing my master in XYZ rn" is staggering. lol

  39. the chromatic aberration abuse hit me hard… lol

  40. Thank you for this really nice overview. I am a software developer who is transitioning into art full time and am in the process of creating a portfolio 🙂 Was encouraging!

  41. what 3d jobs are out there that aren't characters? Preferably for games

  42. 02:10 I have to say, I'm glad his advice stuck with you but whoever that artist was sounds like a real snob. I don't care how many people you've seen, how much time you have, or whatever your dumb position is. There's no need to be that dismissive of people. He could've at least shown you some respect. Sheesh.

  43. Hello from Paris! Love your artwork and advices.Inspiring 🙏🏻

  44. Thanks for the vid! been applying for internships for a while now… haven't got any yet

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