How I Created this Game Environment in UNREAL ENGINE - Environment Art Breakdown -

How I Created this Game Environment in UNREAL ENGINE – Environment Art Breakdown

Stylized Station
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  1. Please remake the banjo and Kazooie starting area for the n64. 😃

  2. bunch of shit… for whom it made? Pros knows it, beginers understand nothing!

  3. So kind of you to show us these. Even though I don't try making games anymore, it was amazing to watch

  4. she miss one tiny detail something in the water mill the wheel is turning on the opposite way is it turning forward or backward, also the paddles of the wheel is empty no water and where's the water flow?

  5. It makes sense to add blue lights in areas of shadow – as long as they don't cast shadows. To me, it basically replaced global illumination.

  6. Amazing work but… that tiny stream won't turn that huge waterwheel, theres a reason the reference image is in a river, im sorry it just irks me so bad seeing that.

  7. I was looking at this video presentation and her title on arstation – says junior. Yeah right. 😀 Does not look like a junior :D. Love your creativity the most.

  8. I would have sat back and retired from art at the 2 minute mark – This is insanely good!

  9. Wow… Such a breathtaking scene! The style is something I would love to walk around in just to look at everything. It's really doing something to my artist brain! Absolutely lovely

  10. I really liked this painterly stylized look. Thanks for sharing~

  11. This was a really beautifully made scene and I loved the video.
    I have 1 critique though, the water wasn't moving fast enough to make the size of the splash that we saw, and the mill was rotating too fast given the speed of the water.
    How can we give the water an appearance of a directional flow and change the velocity?

  12. Is it possible to get the same look from Genshin Impact in UE5?

  13. wow this is amazing! Makes me want to do another stylised project

  14. Would you recommend learning and getting better at art to do these concepts – or do you recommend just diving into the engine and your course and start creating worlds?

  15. I really like that. You should try to join Evil Mojo to work on Paladins. It fits their style perfectly

  16. Here I am with my 8 node water shader… I have a long ways to go 😭

  17. I love these kind of scenes but I don't know what the genre is called

  18. This is just incredible! Thank you so much for sharing this content with us!!

  19. I didnt understand the how he do to prevent stretching during scaling

  20. The graphics are amazing 😍I would love to play a game with such graphics. Well done 🏆

  21. Me who thought this is Genshin Impact Teapot decoration lmaoo.. nice video though

  22. I just have a question…What is the difference between doing this scene in Unreal engine and Blender. Is that more simple in UE. There is also a lot of options in blender and you did some objects of your scene in it to finally import them in Unreal.

  23. İ really like the way she explained everything step by step, she would be a greet tutor

  24. YO that's so cool!
    I like that.
    Keep up the good work!

  25. Can't listen far into the video because of the cringy vallygirl guy's voice and fake verbage, so grating 🤡😩

  26. "a few things at least that you could take away from it" lol amazing

  27. I' d like to ask if your ue for beginners course has subtitles. Since I am not a native English speaker, it is a bit difficult for me to learn without subtitles, English subtitles would be fine.

  28. I’ll be honest I don’t understand a word that you’re saying but I’m still in awe

  29. Is there any game similar like that graphics?
    Its beautiful

  30. damn! Melissa is absolutely incredible. i would watch 100 of these videos. and more in depth ones too, the presentation style, cadence of voice, clear knowledge of the engine and substance means this is an instant saved video from me, to refer back to while im learning all this stuff! truly excellent work

  31. Would you please do something no one has done to date. Which is showcase a video on how to make short films using animations you create inside Unreal Engine 5? Everything I find is always half completed, and lacking all the parts you'd need to actually make it functional. It drives me bonkers.

  32. How do I find people who can do stuff like this to work on a game with me? xD

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