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Hitman, and the Art of Repetition

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You’ll probably suck at Hitman when you first play it. But that’s okay: the game makes deft use of repetition to turn you into a master player, and close the skill gap between you and protagonist Agent 47.

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Games shown in this episode (in order of appearance):

Hitman (iO Interactive, 2016)
Batman: Arkham Knight (Rocksteady Studios, 2015)
Mirror’s Edge (EA DICE, 2008)
Red Dead Redemption (Rockstar San Diego, 2010)
Dark Souls III (From Software, 2016)

Music used in this episode:

Thoughts Alive, animeistrash
Runaway, animeistrash
Syrup, animeistrash
Thoughts Alive, animeistrash
Syrup, animeistrash

animeistrash – Thoughts Alive

Other credits

TheKotti – “HITMAN – Sapienza Chain Explosion”

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  1. Funny how people play the same game differently: when I got in a new mission, my first objective was always the SASO challenge, save scumming my way to glory.

    My logic is that, if you can do the mission not getting caught and not needing disguises at all, you can EASILY do all the rest of the challenges.

  2. This kind of feels like the same concept of DMC. You can pass the game but get a shitty score, or you can practice a bunch to get that elusive S rank at the end of the missions

  3. Hitman is the best game to smoke a joint and play.

  4. wish they added certain blood money gameplay to the modern games.

    from being able to make money depending on how you played
    to not being able to hide anything in your pocket.

  5. I got this game fore free on the epic game store and played all the missions again and again just because of this video

  6. I'd rather endure repetition throughout an original videogame, than the repetition of having to play through it's derivative sequels. The Hitman series has been a nice play-through, can you stop making Hitman games now please ? Whilst you're still ahead.
    If original titles are a breath of fresh air, then franchises are the stranglehold of death.

  7. Completed both games to 100%. That means every single challenge. Never regretted or got bored. No game was able to do this to me.

  8. Repetition legitimizes
    Repetition legitimizes
    Repetition legitimizes

  9. Wow, this whole video was on one mission. I need to play it

  10. The devil is in the details or specificity is the soul of narrative. You can get entirely too specific and niche and it becomes inaccessible or intimidating, but the humanizing and personal element of having a unique experience can’t be undervalued. Pair accessibility with that and it’s a great formula. Accessibility works on all the senses a person is using in the game as well as in the mind and that’s where there are a few hiccups with the current Hitman games. I think if they had been able to use the engine the last iteration was on the result would have been much more visually accessible. The examples in the beginning are ways that people shortcut this by giving the player a god like status. If you get the feel right that doesn’t need to be there. Even in some of the given examples it’s not entirely necessary but just icing. The big difference is a personal focused experience or a casual unfocused one. They should really try to bring more cinematic flare back into the series, though.

  11. If you think NPCs are stupid and blind in hitman gamws, then always start game in last difficulty. It's pretty realistic then🔥💯 playing Hitman 2 these days on master difficulty, they really can spot you quick.

  12. It occurs to me that one of the unintuitive pieces of Celeste's design that makes failure feel as good as it does in that game is the fact that Madeline herself isn't confident in her abilities. She expresses trepidation and develops confidence largely in proportion to the amount the player does as they get better at the game over time. This limits the problem of the player feeling like they "should" be better than they are because of their perceptions about the character they're playing.


  14. Not so safe after all. Covid 19 got out 😉

  15. Here because Hitman 3.. awesome take on Hitman's design. Thanks!

  16. I didn't know you could poison that dude with the expired spaghetti sauce. I just used them to hit the guards with hilarious results .

  17. Yes, my first time through a mission is usually clumsy. That's why on the bank level I was able to get silent assassin without needing any guides or anything

  18. I don't mind repetition but when a game tells you to sit and wait for 5-10 minutes, or follow an NPC for 5 minutes, it's a huge turn away for me. These games desperately need a fast-forward button.

  19. Literally every game is different yet the same I love it

  20. This video never gets old; been going through the silent assassin suit only challenges in Hitman 3 and the repetition is still such a core fun gameplay loop!

  21. This game is awesome! It make you feel smart and creative even though the developers have likely thought of most of the possible take-downs. Challenges give you ideas of how you can approach the mission and it seems like there is lots of flexibility with the different difficulty options/settings etc. Can't wait to play through the whole series.

  22. I had never quite warmed up to the series – and I still prefer my stealth strategy games with all puzzle pieces on the table, like Mark of the Ninja or Desperados do – but this video nicely describes my two last evenings with this game. I think it finally clicked 🙂

  23. You described the hitman experience perfectly.

  24. Why does it say Silvo??? Wasn’t it Silvio?

  25. WOW….your comparison to Groundhog Day is brilliant! It's definitely the video game version of that movie mixed with a "perfect assassin" simulator LOL.

  26. I missed all the elusive targets :(.
    Wish they started a bit after buying it.

  27. I'm italian, a real italian would never die from expired spaghetti

  28. This is the opposite of repetition, you repeat the level but not the way you repeat it

  29. SAPIENZA was def one of the best maps of HITMAN

  30. Holy shit I didn’t know about the observatory

  31. “I had to destroy a virus” I’m starting to wish he didn’t fail that mission at first…

  32. You know what they say…
    Repetition legitimizes.

  33. I always thought the beat at the beginning of this video made you sound like you were rapping at one point:

    I did finish the mission/
    But without a pot to piss in/
    Financial penalties for killing cops with nitroglycerin

  34. Repetition ??? Aha. Yaa I play that first mission in Hitman 2 1000 times to get that damn handsome Silent kills and Just not listening to Diana and doing my own and going cinematic vision 😎😂

  35. I love this game (and 2 and 3) but I'm terrible at it and need all the help I can get. Still, each playthrough seems like a spoiler for the next playthrough. I feel like I'm cheating – in possession of the exam questions and answers in advance. If I was important enough to be listened to, I'd suggest not telling me to place the golf ball unless I had the golf ball; omitting the greyed-out text completely. Just my 2¢.

  36. Can’t believe how long ago this came out it feels like 1 – 2 years not 5 I was still a kid when hitman came out and now I’m not a kid but dang it was fun

  37. R e p e t i t i o n l e g i t i m i z e s

  38. I love the groundhog day genre. My favourite game, and one that I think anyone interested in game design should check out, is Sentient. Set on a space station with dozens of npcs going about their routines, you have to solve a murder mystery, stop the station from crashing into the sun, investigate a disease outbreak, pick a side in a war amongst the engineering, medical, and research faculties, and generally just figure out what the hell is going on in this ship. You play by wandering around the labyrinthine station and talking to the npcs with the innovative sentence construction mechanic. There is only so much time available before the station crashes into the sun, and there are several endings, so you have to play it many times to figure out which items and npcs are likely to be in which locations at any given time, who you can and can't trust etc. Each attempt is more like a fact finding mission so on your next attempt you might be able to complete a task quicker or delay the station's decaying orbit to buy more time to investigate further than last time. Also, the graphics are so charmingly janky (with faces made from photos stretched over polygonal models like in Goldeneye) they would look perfectly at home alongside any modern low-poly indie game.

  39. you say this as if you don’t know what stealth gamers are like

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