Hair Art in Games: Aesthetics Difference between Eastern and Western -

Hair Art in Games: Aesthetics Difference between Eastern and Western

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In this 2022 Art Direction Summit talk, NetEase’s Hao Luo and Xiaoying Fu introduce the differences between Eastern and Western hairstyles in games, review the history of hair art and the evolution of hair-making technology in games, and summarize four key thoughts of hair art design in games.

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  1. Beautifully juxtaposes eastern beauty against western sensibilities. The latter recreates the mundane, tooth and nail, whereas the former revels in capturing that energy which undertows beneath material reality. All those lines and equations, and it’s the single brush stroke that skipped a beating heart.

  2. Finally a video for my passion of video game hair

  3. Sure this is nice, but ironically NetEase is the father mother fucker of copy 😶

  4. Yes! Thank you for sharing this one!

  5. The speaker covering dreads didn’t know what they were talking about, equating it to “streets” and “hip hop” which isn’t even a hundred years old when referring to the usage of it by folks of African ancestry is laughable as they’ve been using the hairstyle far longer.

  6. I remember the first time really noticing cool hair physics and art in Alice: Madness Returns. Sure, it looked pretty weird and buggy, but the roughness and grunginess actually fit the aesthetics of the game.

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