Gymnastics - Artistic - Women's Team Final | London 2012 Olympic Games -

Gymnastics – Artistic – Women’s Team Final | London 2012 Olympic Games

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GA08 – Women – Team – Gymnastics Artistic – 31 July 2012 – London 2012 Olympic Games

Full replay of the Women’s Team Artistic Gymnastics Final from Day 4 of London 2012.

United States
Great Britain
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  1. Anybody else feeling old after hearing that Shannon was in the 1996 Olympics and like me watched it live.

  2. I wanna be a gymnastics to but I'm kinda good im getting signed up for it soon I know this vid old almost oldest video i seen

  3. It’s true GB did not win a medal. But around the world people saw what a great nation they were in the way they treated all the athletes. Their friendliness and sportsmanship shown like a light when they cheered for the excellence they saw in the hard won performances from youth representing the best from each country. I kept hoping GB would win a medal. Being the host country calls for a lot from a nation. It isn’t just their sports teams that have to keep smiling in the face of insurmountable odds. Everyone hopes for the best. When the dust settles you know the best won in that moment. The future always gives you another chance to try.

  4. 3:11
    Everyone on team China presents except for Yao Jinnan
    Yao: (In her head) Well, this is awkward, I’d better present now!
    Announcer: Sui Lu!
    Everyone from team China that presented before her used 2 hands
    Sui: Well, since I’m going to be original, I’m going to use 1 hand and wave at the audience.

  5. The enormous print universally improve because mattock generically guess barring a quick donkey. infamous, wry rhythm

  6. I want To see Recaps On Gabby Douglas. Recaps.

  7. 15.066 for the floor?, if you say so for Gabby's Floor tonight.

  8. Jordan Weaver yeaaaa, no doubt replay floor 15.000

  9. 1:37:18 ese camarógrafo estaba literalmente en la cara de Aliya Mustafina haciendo acercamientos innecesarios para grabarla llorando

  10. VAULT:
    Jordyn Wieber: 8:43 (USA 🇺🇸)
    McKayla Maroney: 11:29 (USA 🇺🇸)
    Aliya Mustafina: 21:53 (Russia 🇷🇺)
    Maria Paseka: 24:48 (Russia 🇷🇺)
    Gabrielle Douglas: 32:14 (USA 🇺🇸)
    Viktoria Komova: 32:41 (Russia 🇷🇺)
    Dominique Pegg: 35:25 (Canada 🇨🇦)
    Brittany Rogers: 37:05 (Canada 🇨🇦)
    Elsabeth Black: 38:32 (Canada 🇨🇦)
    Carlotta Ferlito: 47:48 (Italy 🇮🇹)
    Vanessa Ferrari: 49:39 (Italy 🇮🇹)
    Erika Fasana: 51:18 (Italy 🇮🇹)
    Imogen Cairns: 1:03:07 (GB 🇬🇧)
    Jennifer Pinches: 1:04:46 (GB 🇬🇧)
    Rebecca Tunney: 1:06:04 (GB 🇬🇧)
    Koko Tsurumi: 1:15:44 (Japan 🇯🇵)
    Asuka Teramoto: 1:19:09 (Japan 🇯🇵)
    Larisa Andreea Iordache: 1:30:30 (Romania 🇷🇴)
    Catalina Ponor: 1:32:52 (Romania 🇷🇴)
    Sandra Raluca Izbasa: 1:42:28 (Romania 🇷🇴)
    Deng Linlin: 1:44:13 (China 🇨🇳)
    Huang Quishuang: 1:46:54 (China 🇨🇳)
    Carlotta Ferlito: 9:15 (Italy 🇮🇹)
    Victoria Moors: 28:35 ( Canada 🇨🇦)
    Asuka Teramoto: 44:03 (Japan 🇯🇵)
    Elizabeth Tweddle: 55:30 (GB 🇬🇧)
    Sui Lu: 1:10:16 (China 🇨🇳)
    Diana Laura Bulimar: 1:16:03 (Romania 🇷🇴)
    Sandra Raluca Izbasa: 1:26:01 (Romania 🇷🇴)
    Aliya Mustafina: 1:30:58 (Russia 🇷🇺)
    Kseniia Afanaseva: 1:38:22 (Russia 🇷🇺)
    Gabrielle Douglas: 1:44:51 (USA 🇺🇸)
    Jordyn Wieber: 1:48:21 (USA 🇺🇸)
    Alexandra Raisman: 1:52:02 (USA 🇺🇸)
    He Kexin: 12:17 (China 🇨🇳)
    Yao Jinnan: 14:36 (China 🇨🇳)
    Diana Maria Chelaru: 25:25 (Romania 🇷🇴)
    Larisa Andreea Iordache : 27:19 (Romania 🇷🇴)
    Anastasia Grishina: 35:49 (Russia 🇷🇺)
    Victoria Komova: 40:46 (Russia 🇷🇺)
    Jordyn Wieber: 48:33 (USA 🇺🇸)
    Gabrielle Douglas: 54:09 (USA 🇺🇸)
    Erika Fasana: 1:03:48 (Italy 🇮🇹)
    Hannah Whelan: 17:00 (GB 🇬🇧)
    Yuko Shintake: 22:23 (Japan 🇯🇵)
    Catalina Ponor: 42:04 (Romania 🇷🇴)
    Sui Lu: 52:21 (China 🇨🇳)
    Huang Quishuang: 57:43 (China 🇨🇳)
    Larisa Andreea Iordache: 1:00:41 (Romania 🇷🇴)
    Gabrielle Douglas: 1:06:50 (USA 🇺🇸)
    Kyla Ross: 1:13:48 (USA 🇺🇸)
    Viktoria Komova: 1:19:51 (Russia 🇷🇺)
    Kseniia Afanaseva: 1:23:35 (Russia 🇷🇺)
    Dominique Pegg: 1:33:45 (Canada 🇨🇦)

  11. Hmm, I remember watching this event and saw Mustafina and Grishina's funny faces during Komova's bar routine. They were SO relieved after her dismount. We can't see it in this version :

  12. هم فاتحين البث يوم كان عمري سنتين😂

  13. This is terrible coverage, where is all the GB stuff considering it was in London.

  14. No chance are USA better than the chinese ,that is wrong

  15. at 2:22:35 you can see Aly take her medal off and put it around the neck of her personal coach. SO SWEET!

  16. Who designed the USA warm up suit? It looks like prison issued garb. Gold level team, non qualifying designer.

  17. Komova having a collapse for getting silver medal will forever be iconic

  18. McKayla should've notched the gold in Vault Finals! 😩😩 still can't imagine what she's going through and with that fall in the finals

  19. Es triste ver que la mayoría de las gimnastas no disfrutan sus participación. Se les nota la presión, la amsiedad e incluso se percibe un ambiente bastante tenso y hostil entreblos equipos.
    No se ve empatía real, apenas se miran entre equipos; y a muchas de ellas se les nota el sufrimiento por alcanzar la "perfección".

  20. El equipo Russo tenía mejores gimnastas , más completas y rutinas mucho más difíciles el problema es que cometieron muchos errores

  21. Im ashamed that were at a BRITISH venue and all im watching is everyone who isn’t on team GB. You would’ve thought that they may have wanted to show more of team GB surely.

  22. I’m a huge komova fan but that beam execution score was way too high

  23. Aliya Mustafina is stunning, truly beautiful. But she has this face that always looks like she's about to cry.

  24. It's better when the events are all completed at once.

  25. There are a lot of people out there who have said that Jordyn and Kyla only have gold medal because they were part of the team- well guess what? That’s more than those folks will ever have! An Olympic gold is a gold, no matter how it’s achieved!

  26. Yao's pirouettes are just so beautiful to watch.

  27. how did romania end up in team finals? they havent qualified?

  28. Anastasia Grishina's career plummeted after that mishap, she's known as the girl who refused to do beam and mess up on floor. I am so upset we never got to see her full potential because Grishina in my opinion was one of the best gymnasts at these games. I remember watching her live and just crying for her, she deserved better </3 🙁

  29. Ponors beam routine is just perfect🥰

  30. As much as I love this Russian team, how did Romania not get silver? Did Romania just not have high enough start values or were there falls/errors that we just didn't see broadcasted.

    This is also my fav USA team ever.

  31. Everyone likes to nail Vika for being emotional, but this is the biggest it will ever get in a gymnast's career, and oftentimes it only comes once. It's her Olympics too.

    And kudos to Ksenia for being so mentally tough!

  32. someone tell me why these commentators r always so cruel

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